Lenovo and Razer team up to create new Windows 10 gaming PCs

Lenovo is getting into bed with PC gaming hardware company Razer, in a new partnership that will result in a lineup of special "Razer Edition" models of Lenovo's Y series of Windows 10 gaming PCs.

Details about those new gaming PCs are scarse at the moment, but Lenovo's press release says:

Lenovo will employ its system design and engineering expertise, while Razer will enhance the immersive experience for gamers. All forthcoming Lenovo Razer Edition products will be co-branded and reflect the edgy Lenovo Y series look and feel with iconic Razer elements like customizable Chroma lighting effects.

Lenovo added it will also team up with Razer to help develop "new technologies, including gaming experience enhancements." The first PCs from this partnership will officially launch in early 2016 during the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Razer already sells its own lineup of high-end gaming PC laptops.

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John Callaham
  • The case looks very nice, would be cool if you could buy it standalone... But why I think this aint gonna happen
  • There are plenty of cases out there you can buy which look very similar. I have a custom rig I built with a Thermaltake case. I have blue LED lighting all over and inside
  • The industrial design of the Bitfenix Prodigy will NEVER be beaten!
  • Ha, going to build a hackintosh in a prodigy m atomic orange window case for someone for Christmas. Hope it turns out well.
  • Lenovo ?
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  • Do we really have to use the expression "getting into bed"? I'd really prefer you not use sexual innuendo in your reporting. This is not the first time. It's not necessary. I feel WC is a little above that. At the VERY least, the expression is normally used with a negative or somewhat critical connotation, which I don't think your expressing.
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  • Social network, every opinion is valuable!
  • Thank you, Fahmi! :)
  • That is a VERY dangerous assumption! ISIL for example recruits on social networks.
  • I'm sorry you feel that way. I nonetheless hope that people can be allowed to voice a sensible opinion without being responded to with anger. I hope you have/are having a great weekend, Hutzi.
    It would certainly be logical to assume that Windows Central staff might be interested in using language that is both somewhat grammatically accurate and less offensive to readers. I'm not demanding anything. Just asking politely.
  • What would be the incentive of the WC staff to not differ in their expressions and phrases. If you can't handle a diverse culture of sayings and phrases go read a dictionary! Thanks for asking politely though.
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  • I'm not asking for censorship. I'm just asking that WC consider their language. If not, ok.
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  • After the two recent security incidents that Lenovo has had, I really don't think it's a good idea for any company to partner with them for anything.
  • Dude get over it every company does this bs clean install and move on. Actually im looking forward to what 2016 and Lenovo have to offer the gaming world.. Y series will get better and hopefully cheaper
  • Just because they all do it doesn't mean we shouldn't call them out on it. For the record, I understand why Razer's doing this but I think they could've picked a better OEM given Lenovo's recent fails (Dell isn't any better in that regard recently either).
  • Literally everyone does this because the bloatware helps reduce the cost and they've always had security issues with this crap. I find it funny that just now people are starting to complain, like why hasn't any said anything before? I'll say it again, peoples vote for good is seen by their wallet, if you keep buying their crap they will keep adding this crap into their products. I do hope one day we will see this stop, but don't just attack one company attack them all that do this. On the other note, I know Razer doesn't put bloatware or any crap in their laptop line and preach about it, I hope they did get Lenovo to agree with doing this too.
  • I think it's partly due to the Snowden leaks and partly because the OEMs have started to go too far with their bloatware. At least people are starting to complain about it though (better late than never right?).
  • Why i would buy one when i can simply build one easily with good amount of cash
  • I look at it the same way. plus more flexibility to replace/upgrade the components you installed. perhaps not everyone is as savvy. Maybe they just don't have the time
  • Building a PC is easier than changing oil on a car. And the price difference is also pretty large. An oil change is what 20-50$ in cost? Savings on custom building a 1k pc is 500$.
  • LENONO....