Lenovo ThinkVision M14 is an affordable – and portable – USB-C display

MWC 2019

Lenovo is rounding out its Mobile World Congress 2019 lineup with a mobile display that may just catch the attention of the road warriors out there. Called the ThinkVision M14, the display packs a 14-inch panel and weighs under 1.3 pounds, making it a viable option to tote around between work sites or meetings.

The 14-inch IPS display on the ThinkVision M14 packs a 1080p resolution and can reach brightness levels up to 300 nits. Around back, the base allows the display to be tilted between 10 and 90 degrees, for getting the positioning just right. It can also be mounted to a wall for more permanent setups.

Lenovo ThinkVision M14

Other than its portable bonafides, the ThinkVision can be powered via USB-C. The display has two USB-C ports, one on either side, which can be used to support power and video delivery through a single port.

The Lenovo ThinkVision M14 is set to launch for $250 in the U.S., but availability has yet to be determined. For EMEA territories, the display is expected to launch for €230 starting in June.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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