LG's latest Gram laptops pack impressive battery life into a thin frame

LG has introduced a refresh for its insanely thin Gram series of laptops at CES 2017, bringing along new processors and some potentially impressive battery life. In all, the new Gram line serves up 3 models, with screen sizes coming in at 13.3", 14" and 15.6". Perhaps more impressively, all three weigh in at around just 2 pounds.

The biggest change for the Gram refresh is the addition of Intel's latest 7th-generation Kaby Lake processors — something that's become a bit of a theme for laptop manufacturers at CES. Aside from the new processors, you'll have the option of adding up to 512GB of SSD storage and 16GB of memory. LG also managed to pack in a 60Wh battery, meaning you should be able to get some excellent battery life out of each Gram. In fact, LG is claiming you'll get up to 24 hours depending on which model you're using.

Availability and pricing are a mystery at the moment, but you'll likely be able to get your hands on the 2017 LG Gram within the coming months.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Hopefully the models are customizable. According to the specs table in that Google Translate link, the 13.3" models have an i3-7100U, the 14" models have an i5-7200U, and the 15.6" models have an i7-7500U. It doesn't look like they're 2-in-1's? Ah, found the deal-breaker for me: microSD card slot...
  • Availability availability availability. Hope Microsoft and its OEM partners realize that there is a world outside of US.
    Even brands like Samsung and Huawei which have a huge local (official) presence in smartphone category never launched Samsung Notebook 9 series (2016 version) or Samsung TabPro S. Same for Huawei with Huawei Matebook. And this makes me sad. Because I feel we are getting some stellar PCs post windows 10.
  • LG is in South Korea. They are visiting an American electronics conference and so, obviously, the information they release will be limited to American audiences.
  • Wow sweet insert full house Joey Cut it out
  • 24 hours battery life ? Would love to see proof of that. If it's true on a 15" display, that would be impressive.