Today, Square Enix released the bonus "Farewell" episode of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. This episode welcomes back the original voice actors Ashly Burch and Hannah Telle who resume their roles as Chloe and Max in an emotional and nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Jon Brooke, the Vice President of Brands at Square Enix, issued the following statement alongside the release of the final episode. He also teased the next game in the franchise.

After following their journeys for the last few years, it's time to fondly wave farewell to Max and Chloe. The torch is being passed back to Michel Koch and Raoul Barbet's team at Dontnod Entertainment, the creators of the original game who've been solely dedicated to creating the next Life Is Strange for the past two years. We look forward to sharing an exciting new story and characters in the coming months.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm takes place in Arcadia Bay, three years before the events of the first game. Players take on the role of a rebellious teenager named Chloe Price who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber, a beautiful and popular girl destined for success. When Rachel's world is turned upside down by a family secret, it takes this newfound alliance to give each other the strength to overcome their demons. It's quite a touching story so be sure to check it out if you like dramatic experiences.

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