Life Trends for Windows Phone 8, predicting your life forecast and personality

Life Trends is an odd little app for your Windows Phone 8 device. It was developed to evaluate your personality and diagram your life activity and trends.

The foundation is based on a group of experts in the field of mathematical prediction, numerology and astrology. It's a horoscope app of sorts but instead of giving you a daily prediction, it tackles your entire life span in one try. One could say it's a tool to give your life a little balance.

The interface with Life Trends is somewhat simple and for what the app claims to present, maybe too simple. The main page has entry fields for your date of birth and time of birth. With that information you can view your individual profile or a diagram of your life activity.

The individual profile is an analysis that reflects your character traits that have been represented since birth. The profile lists your strengths and less distinguished traces of character. A description of these traits are only listed for your strengths. For example, under "purpose" you will find,

"You will not compromise on anything for the intended purpose; you have a practical view of the world."

The diagram of activity will chart your activity as you grow in age. A horizontal line will reflect your performance expectations. When your activity reading passes the performance expectation line, you are seen as fully feeling the taste of life. If you see the your reading fall below the bar in the future, you can begin to prepare and minimize the impact.

You also have the option to add a partner's activity graph to see how the two of you connect. At the bottom of the chart's page are three control buttons; Help, Home and Add Partner. Just tap the Add Partner button, enter your partners' date of birth and their activity reading will be added. One theory is that as your life activity is on the down slope and your partner's is on the up swing, they will help you through these times.

I can't really say the science behind Life Trends is accurate or with foundation but the app itself ran smoothly. It would have been nice to have the ability to save your profile and add others but as is, the app only lets you view one personality profile and activity diagram (except when you add a partner) at a time.

The biggest downside to Life Trends is that there isn't a trial version. Another feature this app needs so those with curiosity about mathematical predictions on life trends can take a peak and decide if it's worth the cost.

As is, Life Trends will run you $1.49 and the Windows Phone 8 app is available here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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