Listen to Mumford and Sons on Xbox Music and watch American Sniper on Xbox Video this weekend

Every week, new stuff drops on Xbox Music and Xbox Video that it becomes hard to keep up. Well, that's where we come in. Every weekend we'll highlight some of the hottest albums and singles on Xbox Music. We'll also let you know what movies and television shows just dropped on Xbox Video for your viewing pleasure. It's the weekend, and we'll help entertain you.

Xbox Music

Mumford and Sons - Wilder Mind

This week Mumford and Sons released their fourth studio album entitled Wilder Mind that consists of 12 tracks. This is the first album that marks a shift in the band's sound since they have moved away from the banjo and have instead opted for the electric guitar.

Two of my favorite tracks from the album after giving it a quick listen are Just Smoke and Cold Arms. Give the album a listen and let us know what songs you like in the comments below.

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Avicii - Feeling Good

Feeling Good has been a standard in the music industry for ages. Ranging from covers to it being sampled on hundreds of songs. Avicii takes it upon himself to give the song a modern electric feel while keeping it classy. And I must say, he does a good job at it. Take a listen for yourself using the link below.

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Xbox Video

America Sniper

American Sniper follows the story of US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle as he becomes the most deadly sniper is US Military history. But this doesn't come without a price. The movie not only shows what he is celebrated for, but it also shows the dark side of war when a soldier returns home to his family.

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Still Alice

Still Alice takes you through the journey of a linguistics professor who begins to forget words of her own. After consulting a doctor, she is diagnosed with the Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease. The disease begins to affect all aspects of her life, but Alice isn't one to give up.

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Do you have plans to watch or listen to something else this weekend? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if you have any suggestions for next week's post you can always hit me up on twitter @JonDollison. Cheers to the weekend!

Jonathan Dollison
  • Really loving the new Mumford & Sons album. The music has as much soul to it as their previous albums, just with some different instrumentation. My favourites are Snake Eyes and Ditmas.
  • Mumford & Sons is definitely good, but music wise its much different. Early albums have zero electric guitar, and the latest is driven by tube distortion. My favorite is the first track, Topkins Square Park.
  • Very different indeed, but they don't lose their poetic songwriting and vibes so I'm very much enjoying this album.
  • Thompson square park :)
  • Have you ever heard the band Wintersleep? The new M&S album sounds EXACTLY like them. So if you are digging the new album, you should check out Wintersleep.
  • I haven't; I'll check them out. Thanks!
  • Snake eyes
  • Would be nice to rent American sniper instead of buy.
  • American sniper was great.
  • That movie was hard to watch. The part with the little boy and the drill was heart breaking. War is hell.
  • We had to respond to a beheaded body in the middle of a field in Afghanistan. He was beheaded because he kissed his brothers bride on her wedding day. War sucks. Got shot in the leg myself. Kyle is god amongst servicemen. We all were devastated. And we believe he was assassinated. To each his own. Great movie, great representation.
  • Not talking down on the person the movie depicted.  Just saying we live in our on little worlds thousands of miles away from the savages that would do things like that.  It was difficult to watch in a movie.  I can't imagine having to actually live it.  I have the utmost respect for the men and women who do live it.
  • In fact the part with the little boy was just a Hollywood representation. It never happened in fact. In the book written by Chris Kyle himself he shot a woman who had a granade in her hand and who was approaching to the US Marines. The whole movie is mostly very far away from the real story written in the book. And that really bothers me with the movies. The filmakers completely change the whole story. It was the same withe the Lone survivor. The book was a lot better than the movie.
  • Need separate login to be able to mix work and play accounts
  • Mumford and
  • LOL, nope.
  • Listen to Mumford and Sons and then kill yourself for being an idiot.
  • Dont tell me how to live my life
  • the don't read the article....
  • I didnt. I read the title. Dont tell me how to live my life.. Lol
  • Lol is the best way of pissing people off
  • Two of my favorite tracks from the album after giving it a quick listen are Just Smoke and Cold Arms. Give the album a listen and let us know what songs you like in the comments below.
    you can leave out Ditmas... thats an awesome track too!!!
  • Not to sound ungrateful, but the title made it sound like it would be a weekend deal to listen or watch free...
  • Right, except that it never had the word "free" in it...
  • He's right though, WC must be low on news if they're just announcing the latest music & video releases.
  • That's exactly what I mean. If not free then why is this news worthy??
  • WC always reports the new releases in the Xbox Music and Video stores on the weekend, it's nothing new around here.
  • Only free is newsworthy? Ugh. New content is news. People use their devices for entertainment, so new entertainment options are in topic and if you don't like it, scroll on by it.
  • Well, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can listen to the new Mumford and Sons album for free.
  • Or if you had Xbox music in general.
  • Music Pass, that is.
  • $99 a year for music...PASS
  • Yes, where simply downloading 100 songs annually is all it takes to be worth it. Anything else is icing on the cake. Not bad at all.
  • That's the old Zune deal, not XBM
  • How so? I use Music Pass... I'm not referring to /keeping/ the music, but as in, as long as you find and enjoy 100 news songs a year, it's worth it.
  • How gawdawful to actually PAY for something.
  • LOL. "If you pay, you can listen for free."
  • Or Spotify
  • Why can't you rent American sniper, rather annoying
  • New movies are buy only. Rent becomes available after a month or so.
  • I seriously hope the windows 10 music app has a recent additions feature similar to Zune. My only remaining gripe with Xbox music is that I add a bunch of albums and forget about them because s sometimes it'll be days before I listen.
  • American Sniper us the U.S version of Stolz der Nation (Nation's Pride) in the movie Inglorious Bastards. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. People killing others for any reason is not something to praise/be patriotic about IMO. Death is death.
  • Ps, I'm American.
  • I can't find it on my xbox video. Is there a time dealy between regions?
  • I wonder why not the last Riddick movie is still not available, like oa collectors edition? Annoys the crap out of me since I got the other 2 on this XV
  • Your weather app is showing sunny spells with a chance of dinosaurs.
  • Nope I'm good..
  • Not gonna lie, this sounds awful