Logitech G920 vs. G29: Which Driving Force racing wheel is right for you?

If you're using an Xbox One, then the Logitech G920 should be your choice since it's actually the only option available for Xbox One from Logitech. However, if you play on PlayStation 4 or PC, then the Logitech G29 is the better choice.

Logitech G920 vs. G29: Compatibility against quality

This match-up is a tale of compatibility versus quality. If the Logitech G29 worked with the Xbox One, it would be the better option without a doubt. However, it's only compatible with the PlayStation 4 and PC, leaving Xbox players with the G920 as their only option from Logitech. However, that isn't to say the Logitech G920 is a bad wheel — in fact, when it comes to standard functionality, the two wheels are identically fantastic.

They're identical in a lot of ways as well. They're both made out of the same materials and have a hand-stitched leather steering wheel with excellent 900-degree rotation. They're both around the same size and are both durable and comfortable to use. It's also possible on both to add accessories like foot pedals if you want to spruce up your setup.

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SpecLogitech G920Logitech G29
CompatibilityXbox One, PCPlayStation 4, PC
MaterialsSteel, aluminum, leather, nylon, thermoplasticSteel, aluminum, leather, nylon, thermoplastic
Rotation900 degrees900 degrees
FeaturesDual-motor force feedback, hall-effect steering sensor, overheat safeguardDual-motor force feedback, hall-effect steering sensor, overheat safeguard, RPM lights, adjustment buttons, and knob

However, the G920 starts to lose this battle in the smaller details. The G29 wheel has a handful of features that the G920 lacks. This list includes revolutions-per-minute (RPM) lights that indicate when the player should shift into a new gear. You'll also get plus/minus buttons and a control knob that help the player make small internal adjustments to their vehicle. When you pair that with the fact that the G29 is significantly less expensive, it's easy to see why it's the better wheel.

Then there's the outward appearance. We don't think that the bright red and blue accents of the G29 look great, but that might be appealing to you. The G920 is just sleeker and more minimalist, which makes it look cleaner overall, but are the G920's better aesthetics worth losing features and paying more? Unless you use Xbox One, the appearance is the only reason you'd want a G920 over its higher quality cousin.

Logitech G920 vs. G29: Which should you buy?

Buttons on the G920.

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Honestly, if you use a PlayStation 4 or a PC, then the Logitech G29 is easily the wheel you should buy. Aside from looks, it's objectively better than the G920.

However, don't feel too bad if you're on an Xbox One. Despite lacking some features, the Logitech G920 is still a fantastic racing wheel controller that won't let you down. It just doesn't have a lot of features that avid racing game fans might appreciate.

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