Logitech's $18 K400 Plus wireless keyboard adds convenience to your living room setup

These days just about everyone has a smart TV or something smart connected to their TV, like an Xbox One, Kodi, Android TV, or similar. Navigating the interfaces and trying to type in things as simple as a URL can quickly become a pain if you don't have a keyboard to do it.

Logitech's K400 Plus wireless keyboard is a great way to solve this problem, and right now you can pick one up for just $17.98. This is the lowest price that the keyboard has ever hit, and it provides quite a bit of functionality for the price. This is part of a larger Logitech sale at Amazon which has additional Logitech keyboards and mice discounted to all-time low prices. Today's deal saves you $9 off the keyboard's usual price at Amazon.

Considering we have shared deals on the older model, the K400, for $17, this is a great price. The two models are nearly identical, but the K400 Plus is a lot nicer to type on with quieter, more responsive keys, and a better keyboard layout.

Whether you've got your computer hooked up to your living room TV or you just want to be able to type in an email address without using your gaming controller, the K400 Plus is a great wireless keyboard for the non-traditional screens in your home that might benefit from having one. Two AA batteries are included with its purchase to power it up, though you may want to add some extra batteries to your order. On Amazon, the keyboard has 4.1 stars based on over 3,600 reviews

At $18 you can totally justify having one of these around the house for the random times that you may need it. Even if it isn't something that you use daily, the times when you do go to use it you'll quickly realize it was worth the purchase!

Adam Oram

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