Logitech's M170 wireless mouse is down to its lowest price for $8

The Logitech M170 3-button wireless optical mouse is down to $7.99 on Amazon. This mouse was selling as high as $14 at the beginning of the year. Only in the last few days has it dropped down to this $8 price, and it has never gone this low before. It hasn't ever even gone below $12 before. So you're saving a nice chunk of change on a reliable mouse.

Logitech M170 3-button wireless optical mouse

Logitech M170 3-button wireless optical mouse

Uses an optical sensor and nano USB receiver. Has two buttons plus a scroll wheel. The Wi-Fi connection works at 2.4 GHz. Symmetrical and ambidextrous ergonomic fit. Weighs only 2.49 ounces. Great backup or portable mouse for travel.

Chances are if you're really into gaming or something advanced like editing, this simple mouse isn't going to be your primary tool. However, if you're looking for something super lightweight that could serve as a backup, the M170 can't hurt. It'd be a great mouse to keep in your backpack and paired with a laptop or other portable device. Maybe your main mouse breaks or gets lost somehow? Bust this one out while waiting for a replacement.

The M170 uses a wireless radio frequency to connect to its nano USB receiver, so you get super low latency movement without the wires. It has two buttons plus a scroll wheel for faster navigation, and it uses an optical sensor for precise tracking of your movements. The mouse is also symmetrical, which means it's ambidextrous and can be used by anyone. Users give it 4.7 stars out of 5 based on 532 reviews.

John Levite
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