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Lumia 1020 on Phones4U with free camera pack; 64 GB version headed to Brazil in October

It’s been a busy day for the Nokia Lumia 1020 as that device’s global rollout is now kicking off. Earlier today, Nokia announced the device’s availability for the UK at the end of September and now the third party retailers are climbing over each other to offer the best deal.

Phones4U joins Clove UK in bringing the 32 GB version of the 41 MP Lumia 1020 to the UK this month. The Phones4U deal though is especially enticing as the device will be free on some limited contracts for EE, Vodafone and Orange. In addition, when you preorder from Phones4U, you will get £295 worth of “bonus” features including a camera accessory pack, a 6 months Netflix subscription, and a free wireless speaker. The phone ships on September 25.

Our UK team is on assignment but that sounds like a really good deal to us. What’s in the camera accessory pack, you ask?

  • Wireless Charging Pad (Nokia DT-900)
  • Wireless charging cover (CC-3066)
  • Camera Grip (PD-95G)
  • Tripod (KVRM90)

People who preorder will also get a free wireless speaker if you order on a 4G plan. That camera pack is no joke as those are all official Nokia accessories, including the coveted camera grip and wireless charging gear.

64 GB for Brazil in October

Following the UK announcement, Brazil also got in on the action as the 64GB version of the Lumia 1020 for the carrier Vivo (part of Telefónica group in Brazil) was teased today as well. Windows Phone Central first reported on Telefónica’s exclusive rights to the 64GB version of the Lumia 1020 back in July for all of their sub-carriers in Europe and Latin America.

Vivo is expected to get the device in October though the exact date and pricing were not announced.

Source: Phones4U, Tecnologia Terra; Thanks, Fernando, for the Brazil tip

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Someone needs to ban the hashtags.
  • 'Phoens4u'
    This is becoming more irresistible every hour.
  • Sounds like an interesting deal and while it's certainly a busy day for the 1020, hardly anyone in any shop in the UK knows when they're getting the phone in or even what the release day is, according to the forums. Great job at a launch!
  • Sounds like the 920 release. Few knew anything.
  • Just pre-ordered mine from Three, comes with the camera pack free as well, great as i was planning on getting the wireless charging shell and camera grip
  • Plz help me.. how can i get this 64gb unlock version in india,
  • It says on their website that it has wireless charging built in. That's a typo right? 
    Do I get this or hold off for the 1520???
  • Typo. Because the L1020 is a variation on the L920, they probably copied the specs of the L920 and altered them. That one missed. Depends. Do you prefer to take really really big and good photos or do you prefer a really really big screen but photos will less quality?
  • My father own a 1020 and I a 920.
    I charger my phone on DT-900, but when I try to do the same with 1020, it doesn't work.
    Does someone know why?
    The 1020 was pre-order on Microsoft store with AT&T, but now is unlocked.
  • No wireless charging. Need a charging cover for it I believe.
  • Yeah think you're right there. I have a 920 already so not sure it's a good idea spending an extra £300 to get the 1020 as the camera and extra 1gb of ram is only difference but I lose wireless charging. The 1520 apparently has a 20mp shooter so still going to produce cracking photos but we might not have it in UK till Dec/Jan time :-/
  • @Admin HI,When the Lumia 1020 launch in India?????
  • Having 64GB restricted to certain carriers is profoundly annoying.
  • I want a camera pack. : (
  • Heck, I just wish I could afford one : (
  • 1020 is coming before the 925?? I haven't read any news about the arrival of the 925, so far. I mean, not that I care. I already got my 925 =)
    I would change it for a 32GB version, though
  • I am typing this message from a L925 that I bought at Phones4u (Edinburgh) about 3 weeks ago.
  • Cool!
  • Grrrrr... at&t should have got 64GB model ;(
  • Não vejo a hora de ter o meu! ^^
  • I really wonder about the price in Brazil i may get one, cuz i moving from "Oi" to "Vivo" in the near future hope it is worth it!