Watson Lumia 2520

Rocking a Nokia Lumia 2520? It’s a killer tablet with an amazing display. And unlike the Surface 2, it’s truly mobile by incorporating LTE in the device. Add the Nokia Power Keyboard and you’ve got yourself a nice little mobile station for being productive. You might want to check out the Watson Wallet Folio from Incipio if you don’t plan on typing much on the Lumia 2520 and are still looking for a good case.

 Watson Wallet Folio

The Watson Wallet Folio offers up not only a protective case for your Lumia 2520, but a place to keep your cards, cash, and ID. You’ll find interior slots on the cover to store the contents you’d normally keep in your wallet. Don’t feel like carrying the whole sleeve around? You can remove the Lumia 2520, but retain a protective hard shell around the back of the device. It snaps on and off, so the choice is yours.

From the looks of it, the Watson Wallet Folio is probably pretty awesome. We’ll have our hands on one shortly and give you a mini review and first look at it once we get it. Anyone interested in this for their Lumia 2520? It goes for $49.99 and can be picked up at Incipio's website. 

Source: Incipio