Lumia 900 on its way to Norwegian retailer Elkjøp?

The Lumia 900 is yet to be officially announced in Norway and nothing's detailed on the Lumia Momentum Map, but we've just been sent in a photo of a retailer terminal displaying an order for Lumia Windows Phones. As one can see in the photo, the Norwegian retailer Elkjøp is set to stock a handful of all three variants of the Lumia 900, including the glossy white version.

The expected delivery date of the ordered handsets, which we presume are simply demo units, is May 2nd, according to the employee. We could well be on the edge of an upcoming Nokia push in Norway with the flagship Lumia Windows Phone. We'll keep you all updated as this story develops and more information is officially released.

The Lumia 900 launch in the U.S. on AT&T is suffering from major sellouts due to simply not enough handsets being available on shelves. This could be due to not many being in stock to begin with, but with the device being featured as a "hero smartphone", we still like to believe that the sales have been strong.

Thanks tipster for sending in the photo!

Rich Edmonds
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  • I'll keep you guys updated as soon as the divices come in to the store. Then I'll know for sure if its Demo phones or not. We usually dont get more than 1 demophone.  Anyhow, ill keep you updated. :)
  • update please! Will come and buy from you if you're in Oslo
  • Sorry mate, This info comes from Bergen - Norway. :) But I guess Oslo will get the phones at the same time. I'll update you guys tomorrow to clearify if its Demo phones  or not. Cant really belive the we have ordered 6 demo phones. 
  • Thanx!
  • according to a message from Nokia Colombia on facebook, apparently the phone is also comming to Colombia, dont know the carrier, but might be Comcel & Movistar (both have the 800 and 710 Lumias)
    Nokia Colombia 
  • Elklop sounds like elop lol
  • Elkjøp is not a carrier, but a chain of electronic stores. Like BestBuy.
  • My mistake, thanks for pointing it out :-)
  • Ayes, that is correct. Just me not paying attention to the little error there. Thanks for that :)
  • Little more info about this: The phones are listed as NOKLUMIA900"color"ND Thus meening the phone are not tied to one carrier. "ND" simply means not branded in norway. If the phones where branded , it should have looke like this: NOKLUMIA900"color"TN or NOKLUMIA900"color"NC Wich is the most popular carriers in norway. (Telenor/TN and NetCom/NC)
    EDIT:  I'll try to get a better pic tomorrow to. Its missing some info. 
  • futtawuh, any new info on when its coming to Norway?
  • I hope its coming soon!