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Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL launch in India, pre-orders now live

The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are here! Microsoft has officially launched its latest flagship Lumia devices in India.

The bigger variant of the two, the Lumia 950 XL, is priced at ₹49,399 ($740), and packs in a 5.7-inch quad HD display and is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC. The smaller variant, the Lumia 950, is priced at ₹43,699 ($654), and packs in a 5.2-inch display and is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 SoC.

Lumia 950 XL Specifications

CategoryLumia 950 XL
Display5.7 inches (1440x2560)
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 810
Primary Camera20MP f/1.9 with Triple LED flash | Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
Front Camera5MP
ConnectorType C
Storage32GB, expandable up to 2TB with a microSD card
ChargingQi wireless, USB Type-C, Quick Charge
Dimensions8.1 x 151.9 x 78.4 mm
Weight165 grams

Lumia 950 Specifications

CategoryLumia 950
Screen Size5.2 inches | 1440x2560
Processor1.8GHz Snapdragon 808 64-bit hexa-core
Storage32GB, expandable up to 2TB with a microSD card
Primary Camera20MP f/1.9 with Triple LED flash | Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
Front Camera5MP
Dimensions145mm x 73.2mm x 8.2mm
Weight150 grams

Essentially, the two phones differ in two departments – display and processor. The Lumia 950 XL also packs in liquid cooling technology that complements the Snapdragon 810 SoC to avoid overheating. Both phones support Qi wireless charging, Quick Charge, and USB Type-C. In terms of software, all hardware-dependent features like Windows Hello, Hey Cortana, Glance, et al are supported by both of these devices. Both devices are dual SIM devices, and support 4G LTE.

At the launch, Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft India, said:

With the launch of Windows 10, we have ushered in an era of more personal computingwhich is all about interacting more easily, more naturally and more securely in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Now, with Windows 10 on Lumia we take innovation to the next level and build upon the unique experiences of Windows 10 for phone users. Designed for Windows fans and mobile professionals who desire a premium phone that takes full advantage of Windows 10, the new flagship devices are powerful, performance-driven, unique and innovative.

Microsoft Display Dock

The company also announced the launch of Microsoft Display Dock, the accessory that allows your phone to work like a PC when connected to an external display via the dock and using a keyboard and a mouse. Continuum is one of the marquee features of the Windows 10 Mobile operating system, and the reason of Microsoft's enterprise push with these devices.

The Microsoft Display Dock will be sold separately at a price of ₹5,999. However, till stocks last, as an introductory offer, both the devices will come with a free dock.

What's in the box

Both Lumia devices pack in the same accessories in the box. There's a 3A fast wall charger (3-pin, with foldable prong), a spare USB-C sync cable, and a headset.


The Lumia 950 and the 950 XL go on pre-orders today on Microsoft Priority Reseller stores, retail chains of Croma, Reliance, and Sangeetha, and online on Airtel consumers can double their data for free on purchasing their Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL.The phones will be available for sale on the shelves starting December 11.

What do you think of the pricing, and if you're buying one, which one of the two will you pick? Tell us in the comments!

Pre-order Lumia 950, 950 XL at Amazon India (opens in new tab)

  • Now you know "wen in India" :)
  • A lilll expensive...but free display dock makes the 950 around still makes sense
  • Hey every1 had a communique with the microsoft seller .! He said actual prices (the best price at which the store will sell) will be given shortly which will be less than the released prices by company .! He said In a while it will be out to them !! Fingers crossed it comes at 38K 950 :P
  • Are you really expecting them to reduce the price by ₹5699 for the best buy offer? What kind of plant did you smoke man?
  • Hahahahhahahha XD
  • LOL..! Really, tired of such "kowstlee" comments...
  • I don't see why I need a dock when I have a good enough Windows PC..
  • Someone must sack whoever is in charge of MS pricing strategies.
    How can you get it soooo wrong. It's been like that for years. Very poor.
  • Then what should you do with the nexus pricing stratigies? IPhone? I think a flagship with features and capabilities like this should have been priced more. This pricing is perfect.
  • Overpriced
  • Exactly. M pro windows phone but with such a price tag m going to wait a couple of months for the price to drop. With the number of limitations in the WP ecosystem 50K is just too high.
  • I second this
  • Yes. Just wait for some days. Flipkart will helpout.
  • All those years without a true flagship I thought you were saving money for this, can't you be like Apple customers and buy without complaining. The initial price is not usually for the ordinary the price will eventually come down by June 2016
  • can't you be like Apple customers and buy without complaining
    That's the whole difference between windows community and apple community. We are realistic folks. When microsoft does bad, we criticize them for it, not turn a blind eye and buy it anyway like the apple customers! India is tagged as a price sensitive market. Given that the Galaxy S6 sells for 13k (~$195) cheaper than this phone, while sharing MOST attributes of this phone, it is really a bad initial price! Also, most of the young folks in India get a takeaway salary of ~20k per month. This is the reason that Chinese manufacturers are flooding the Indian market, selling similar config at half the price! By the time prices come down in June 2016, you already will have flagships by other companies at the same price with higher spec! The need of the hour for windows mobile platform is to increase the userbase, not shoo away even the folks who stuck on so long.
  • True..
  • ^ The Whole Truth, MS needs to specify whether they are expecting only Fanboys to buy the phones or Fans are in their considerations too.
  • Well said... Couldn't have said it better.
  • Please give the link where you can buy the S6 for 13K Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • He said 13k cheaper... Means 13k less... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well said bro...
  • With that pricing do u think android or iphone users will switch to WP.. No.. People will not as they have a lot of crap on their mind abt WP that it is not worth it.. People will prefer a low end or mid range bt that much money on a WP flagship will mostly never be in the list of android or iphone user.. If it thise were below competitors price then it would've been nice
  • You bloody dumbfuck. You had to bring apple into this. Wasn't it already bad enough? If we were like apple customers, we would have rather gone with an Iphone itself.
    June 2016, JUNE 20FUCKING16? People have been waiting for so long for a good Microsoft device and now you want them to wait till June 2016.
    Can you please just shut up and get lost while you're at it?
  • and here you knock-off that fat-ass :P :P  
  • The price is perfect in the US. An iPhone all like 800-950 dollars
  • All those people crying about price, wait a little while for release of 850/750. This is flagship class phone it is going to cost more. Nobody, let me tell you nobody gives the features this phone gives for this price
  • We people know that this is way better than all the crappy phones.. But people using android and iphones still have that mindset that WP is a bad phone.. With that kind of pricing those people wont try risking so much of money(more than android phones) for a new OS.. It is definetely worth buying over 5x/6p bt those people dont think so
  • Cant it be a marketing strategy.. Microsoft releases the phone with initial price tag of 50k and then flipkart sells the same for 38k... People will go for the flipkart one definately because they are getting a 50k phone for 38k and then they will boast abt it.. I might be wrong but I see some clever strategy
  • Nah i don't think so.. And from 50k to 38k is a big fall which wont happen.. It will fall down 3-4k at the frst..
  • But 640 sells for 8k and it was priced at 12k as their official price.. Nt sure abt the time but it will at least the 950 will
  • The latest iphone was also overpriced in India. So this is happening because of the taxes and rupee fluctuation/ devaluation thing. Don't blame MS for this.
  • I am in UK, I want 950xl dual sim. I was waiting to see prices in India, but after this, I am better off getting from somewhere in Europe. Geez MS, how come these phones are more expensive in India than Europe :(
  • I hope they don't over price the Surface Pro 4
  • Well, there goes nothing, ducked up the pricing yet again. Try again next time!!!
  • Just realised, my SP3 is cheaper than this, 64GB edition that is, wow!!
  • Very good point. Thank sfor pointintg this out
  • The price is like a rude joke!
  • Bad Pricing. Very high.. 
  • Overpriced! Waiting for the Acer Jade Primo! Hoping it lands Soon™
  • Wen in Nigeria
  • Lol. Are you willing to pay around N150k?
  • Yes. But I have a feeling the price won't be up to that.
  • Certainly over priced. I was expecting 950 XL to be around 43K. Too costly for customers, who can get Galaxy S6 for tthe same price. Bettr specification or not MS is still not a brand that can sell at 50K with W 10 on it. Too arrogant on part of MS.
  • Exactly.why will d guyz on high end android or iphone take risks?microsoft is never been like nokia atleast in india!in terms of popularity
  • Wow, I was expecting the 950 to be around 35-38k. Dreams shattered :\ I also enquired about EMI options, and Samsung, iPhones have better deals than MS phones. Although stores are well informed about these phones.
  • Shocked me with the price. I was planning to pick it up in India, now waiting for something to be announced in UAE (my current residence). 
  • What the hell !! Overpriced by almost 8000 & 11th December . Too far. What do u think guys, can we expect price drop like other countries?
  • Price will definitely drop, but we'll not get the continuum dock for free.
  • Read it properly. We will get a free dock to the stocks last
  • I meant, dock won't be free by the time price falls.
  • dock will be like 3000 then dont worry
  • I'll better wait for the Surface Phone.... This thing is overpriced
  • Surface Phone to be launched Soon™..... Good Luck!
  • Yeah, coming soon©
  • Like the Surface Phone would be any cheaper? It be like 65000 as the Surface brand alone commands a premium ;-)
  • I was about to write something like this. Thanks.
  • Exactly..
  • Surface phone will be US only
  • The unreasonable price explains lack of enthusiasm by the presenters :/
  • overpriced
  • confused right now.. buy the lumia 950xl at the insider event and get the dock free or wait for the prices to fall and get both of them at lower or similar prices
  • I think it will be in same ballpark whenever you buy the phones.
  • Very overpriced
  • 43699/- are you kidding me! Its way to expensive. I am having 920 from three years now and as a loyal fan of windows phone wanted to switch to 950. I was waiting for this moment and now after seeing prices, second thoughts started in my mind, I may switch to something else.
  • Bro u getting dock free...soo 43-6=37...
    Even in u.s prices are around 580$ with taxes....and there dock is free only with the XL...thou iam flying to u.s tom...will decide buy from there or come back and buy
  • 950xl unavailable on Amazon...
  • Amazon has some kind of Lumia buy back deal which might bring your price down a bit. Check it out maybe it will be worth your while as you have waited this long. On the other hand this hardware is already outdated if you know what I mean better specs already there like S6 so you can also wait for the new hardware guy Pinoy to bring out some real "flagship" devices for which one wouldnt mind paying as the HW is current  
  • Overpriced like anything. Ms is acting like Nokia again with the prices.
  • It's actually not that bad, the Galaxy S6 is more expensive in Mexico than the Lumia 950 XL in India (compared in US Dollar).
  • Given that the S6 costs 38k ($569) makes the pricing very bad actually!
  • You should compare it with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ 4G 32GB Rs 53,900 (on flipkart). But should been priced at least 10K cheaper than this. They just blew it.
  • This is not the launch price of S6. So, wait for a couple of months. The prices will fall down. Just like S6 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Doesn't have app limitations, inbuilt app limitations and forever delay in updates
  • Android doesn't? Most phones doesn't get a single update in years... Get real please.
  • Seems like MS doesn't want to sell these phones in India. They are at least $100 overpriced then US
  • Are the taxes in the country very high that we are seeing such an increase in the pricing? More than 100 USD increase, well they better bundle it with an Xbox or something.
  • Not much high than can affect pricing upto 100 USD.the pricing should be 80-90 USD lower than actual
  • Yeah.. That will be real deal. At least Microsoft should bundle some good headphone as extras from Sennheiser or JBL
  • Well, if they assemble it in India price will be lower. 
  • But all phones are manufactured in Vietnam and then they export all over the world
  • As far as I remember, they sold their Chennai plant. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • nope sorry, I'll get it from US. or wait for the prices to drop like shit, because it will. by the next year the prices are going to be some where around 35-38k for the 950XL.
    and look at those headsets, wow, don't bundle one, but please don't humiliate us with that little piece of shit. this is plain insulting.
    Look at this comment feed Microsoft, look at it. it's a standing failure in your face. SAD.
  • Lol .. Exactly
  • Seriously, amen to that, they bundling the same headset on every Lumia we find since the Lumia 730
  • What? They're not giving the bud earphones with 950/950XL? :o
  • I'm disappointed. Extremely.
    GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER MS Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • lol..felt exactly the same about the headphones..they are the same that i got with my 1320..they are a huge joke..dont even have a button to disconnect..
  • Looks like the same that I got with my 520. But my 930 packed a better one, WH-308, I think.
  • 930 comes with the similar ones
  • Extremely over priced!i think microsoft failed to judge competetion in india!
  • Price is too high.. Decided not to buy
  • So disappointed with the pricing...
  • So disappointed with the prices....... And still no Microsoft Band 2!!!
  • If MS wants to throw this earphone at us, why not cut more cost by combining Data Cable and charging cable like my mid range 720.
  • I think the charger is fast charger, so different cables for charging and data.
  • Bad Move Microsoft!!! Pretty Bad Move!!!
  • Plz ota windows 10 for mobile soon
  • Guys prices are not that high if u compare to u.s prices..Lumia 950 is around 580$ in u.s after taxes..but here un India if u pre book u get dock free...and in u.s u get free dock only with the XL
    Soo 43-6=37k. u can buy the phone and if u don't need the dock sell it...simple...infact iam flying to new York tom...will decide buy from there or come back and buy
  • Once the stocks of Continuum dock are finished, the price of Lumia 950 will be plain just 43k. So bad comparison, I guess.
  • Lol. Who's gonna buy the dock? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So 6000 INR is free according to you.. interesting where its free at all.. you are paying that price is it not?
  • Overpriced waiting. Till next one
  • Woah
  • MS is taking preorders with inflated price that compensates the free dock give away. And not every preorder is going to get the dock, as it mentioned "as long as stock lasts".
    So i really don't see any incentive to buy any of these 2 phones at this price.
  • What are doing Microsoft
    You phone is Good but 950 Price very high
  • What is the circular matter for launching, shipping, taxes rate's for an country....... Really both phones are very expensive and overpriced. I like to buy 950xl.......but............not sure now.
  • India version coming with headphones?
  • those headphones are shitty really shitty..  low end andoird phones come with this kind of headphones..some even have better
  • In India, all the phones comes with headphones. Even with the dumb phones, head phones are given.
  • You got to be kidding me. So your strategy is to increase the price of the device by more than 10% in a price sensitive market like India? While it's true that 950XL offers PC like features through Continuum, still you can get a complete PC in India for about half that price! For instance, Dell venue 8 Pro tablet, which is a complete PC, sells for 300 dollars. Just use your common sense people.
  • Cannot agree with you more. Havent seen such meaningless acts in years.
  • If you think about it, this whole "Continuum for emerging markets" concept is a bit overrated, impractical and so hypothetical . I mean seriously? If you can afford to buy a phone fo Rs.50000, you can invest it in a real laptop / PC. Android is becoming ubiquitous. Even on Cheap smart tvs. I have seen people use their android Smart TV with Bluetooth (Tiny USB Dongle plugged in TV) Keyboard and Mouse (Rs.500 or more). They access all the Google Play Store Apps, Movies. Who has a spare HDMI display waiting to be used with Continuum anyway? People would rather buy Lenovo Computestick if they want such a functionality! Or Chromecast for that media consumption purposes.   MS!! WAKE UP!!!
  • Cannot agree more. 
  • Exactly, I dont see much utility of continuum until a phone is able to run native X86 applications, till then it remains an overrated feature with no practical utility.
  • 950 - 43K INR & 950 XL - 50K INR. WHAT A JOKE!!! Even a fool wouldn't buy this!!
  • They need to include a better headset :(
  • They had one chance. One chance to get back in the game but nope, they blew it away themselves. Microsoft never learns. I guess I'm not supporting windows 10 anymore. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was in India , Bombay and GOA(hehe) . Isn't that little too expensive for the people there? I understand middleclass is rising and all but that's not affordable for most.
    They should make it cheaper there not more expensive lol
  • Pricing is too high, price should be 30k for 950 and 35 k for 950 xl
  • Seriously dissapointed after seeing the prices. Lesson learnt again- EXPECTATIONS HURT.
  • This is rather disappointing. This actually makes me sad. Such pathetic pricing strategy. And on the top of that, those disgusting earphones. Nothing, and i mean nothing would have made me shift from Microsoft but this will do the trick.
  • Very very and toooooooooooo expensive regarding price
  • Thanks for this information 
  • its overpriced
  • Good luck with that MS, you really need now.
  • hahahahaha "who desire a premium phone"
  • Microsoft should not sell its smartphones for this high prices at least in this phase of time, where it needs more users to join it's ecosystem
  • I will buy LG G4 :) Time to retire 2 years old Lumia 1020
  • Flex 2 :P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Have fun man.! With androido
  • Last time i was stunned with the price of lumia 830. Which was around 29k. And that was under power phone according to price. And now again they made them overpriced. I mean look at the competition and your market Microsoft.
  • L830 was so overpriced. Period. Microsoft should price their product competitively, just because we, the fans will buy doesn't mean they have to fleece us.
  • Good luck
  • The phone on the display dock package is so cute, which one is it. I think it has physical capacitive buttons and thin bezels so it's not 950/950xl
  • It is 950!!! -.-
  • Thank you Microsoft... For doing this to your fans.
    But please make sure that we are not fool enough to be your fan anymore.
  • Too high... Won't buy
  • Way too expensive...
  • So disappointing.. For 950 xl they can charge max 42-45 and specially in India they can't charge 50k because of low brand image.
  • not such expensive i think , as 950-dock=westren prices ******THEY'RE MADE FOR WINDOWS PHONE LOVERS,
  • Exactly! Not cheap penny pinchers
  • Indeed. I'm not Indian, but I'm in India, and I'm preordering a better device for much less than I had to pay for my first