Add one of these discounted LED Bias light strips to your TV to ease the strain on your eyes

Watching TV in the dark with some backlighting is a much nicer experience than dealing with the harsh contrast between a bright screen and darkness surrounding it. Thankfully, Luminoodle USB Powered LED Bias Light Strips (opens in new tab) are on sale at Woot today with prices starting as low as $7.99 so you can enhance any TV that's lacking one already. Several models are on sale today in varying sizes, so be sure to choose the one that's the right size for your TV.

Woot regularly charges $6 per order for shipping, though Amazon Prime members who log in with their Prime account before checking out score free shipping on every order. You can start a free 30-day trial (opens in new tab) to skip the shipping charge, too.

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Luminoodle Bias Lighting (opens in new tab)

There are a variety of lengths available here starting at just over three feet and going up to 13 feet, with white or multi-color options. They are super easy to install, are powered by the USB port on the TV, and come with a full one-year warranty.

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Luminoodle Click Light Strip

Luminoodle Click Light Strip

$16.99 $19.99 Save $3

One strip drops to $17 with the code, or you can grab a three-pack for only $34.

Luminoodle Professional Bias Lighting

Luminoodle Professional Bias Lighting

20% off

Two different sized options feature high-quality, true white 6500K LEDs which can be switched to one of 15 other colors via the included remote control.

Installing these lights behind your TV or computer monitor is easy with the included adhesive on the back. They plug into your TV or computer's USB port to power on so you won't have any annoying wires dangling from your screen. These light strips feature high-quality, true white 6500K LEDs and come in several different lengths. The smallest option is best suited for TVs up to 24 inches wide, while the Medium option is designed for TVs between 24 and 29 inches. There's also the Large version which is a fit for screens up to 40 inches and the X-Large version which works well with screens up to 75 inches.

Woot includes a one-year warranty with today's purchase as well. Close to 275 Amazon customers reviewed these light strip kits resulting in a collective 4.4 out of 5 stars (opens in new tab).

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