Make $100 by buying T-Mo Radar?

What could be better than a free WP7 phone?  How about making $100 on the deal?!  T-Mobile is running a promo on their WMDeals site where you can pick up a 4G HTC Radar for free (after rebate) with a 2-year agreement.  The phone comes with free 2-day shipping and no activation fee.

While this is reason enough to grab one, we are catching word that if you go through their trade-in page and enter the promo code "MSMango" you will receive a guaranteed $100 for any phone that you trade in, even something as simple as an old flip phone, as long as it is in working condition.  According to reports, the $100 comes in the form of a check that is mailed out after the phone is received. 

If you are looking to upgrade, or get into the WP7 game, the HTC Radar is a solid phone, especially for this price.  We have not confirmed any of this, so by all means, let us know if it works.

Source: T-Mobile; Via: TMoNews (Thanks for the tip, Jon!)

Seth Brodeur