Marvel Heroes Omega DLC Guide: What each pack contains and what they're really worth

Marvel Heroes Omega is a free to play MMO that recently launched on Xbox One. Although you can play the whole game for free, several characters are available to buy in DLC bundles. This guide describes the contents of each DLC and exactly how much their components are worth!

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Marvel Heroes Omega DLC Daredevil

All Marvel Heroes Omega players receive enough free Eternity Shards at the end of the tutorial to buy one starter character. But you can get Daredevil for free too by picking him up from the Xbox Store.

Daredevil doesn't include any special bonuses or come with extra costumes, but you'll still be able to take him all the way up to level 60 and make twenty percent progress towards the Super Team Achievement for leveling give heroes to 60.

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War Machine Pack

Marvel Heroes Omega DLC War Machine

The cheapest premium character is Iron Man's sidekick James Rhodes, also known as War Machine. This pack includes:

  • War Machine character: Exclusive to the War Machine Pack.
  • Civil War Movie Costume for War Machine.
  • 1 XP Boost: A $1 value.
  • 500G premium currency: A $5 value.

Because War Machine can't be bought any other way, the main appeal of this pack is the exclusiveness of the character. But you get an extra costume (that looks better than the default one, in my opinion) and five dollars worth of currency that you can turn around and spend on another character or inventory upgrades.

The War Machine Pack does not contribute towards the Iron Fist and Symbiote Spider-Man bonuses, but that should only matter if you were planning on spending a ton of money to qualify for the bonuses anyway.

The War Machine Pack costs $16.99, making it a slightly better value than the Deadpool and Spider-Man packs.

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Deadpool Founder's Pack

Marvel Heroes Omega DLC Deadpool

Most of the Founder's Packs value a single character and items bundle at $20. That applies to the Deadpool Founder's Pack, which contains:

  • Deadpool character: A $13.50 value if bought with premium G currency through the in-game store.
  • Zen Costume for Deadpool: AKA Zenpool, this costume debuted in Deadpool Vol 3 #38 when an inversion spell caused Deadpool's pacifistic side to take over his body.
  • 1 XP Boost: A $1 value.
  • 500G premium currency: A $5 value.

If you factor in the cost of the character and 500G of currency, you're basically getting an extra costume and XP boost for $1.50 extra. Considering the popularity of the character and his surprisingly good movie, many players will find this pack worth the price of admission.

The Deadpool Founder's Pack costs $19.99.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Founder's Pack

Marvel Heroes Omega DLC Spider-Man

Like the Deadpool Founder's Pack, you get one character with this pack. The bonuses are different, though, and arguably more compelling.

  • Spider-Man character: A $13.50 value.
  • Homecoming Suit for Spider-Man: Wear Spidey's Stark-upgraded suit from the (awesome) movie.
  • Homemade Suit: Wear Spidey's homemade suit from Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • 2 Spidey Loot Boxes: A $5 value.
  • 2 XP Boosts: A $2 value.
  • 500G premium currency: A $5 value.

Instead of 500G currency, the Spider-Man Founder's pack gives you two loot boxes worth 500G. Sure, you don't get to spend some Gs on whatever you want, but you might get something cool from those boxes. Besides, the extra costume is a sweet incentive, because costumes don't grow on trees in this game.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming Founder's Pack costs $19.99.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Founder's Pack

Marvel Heroes Omega DLC Guardians of the Galaxy

This pack contains two characters (three if you count Rocket and Groot as two) and bonuses that represent the same basic value as the Deadpool and Spider-Man packs.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Founder's Pack contains:

  • Star-Lord character: A $9 value.
  • Rocket Raccoon character: A $13.50 value.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Costume for Star-Lord.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Enhanced Costume for Rocket Raccoon.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Movie Enhanced Costume for Rocket Raccoon.
  • 5 XP Boosts: A $4.50 value.
  • 1000G premium currency: A $10 value.

A slightly better deal than the Deadpool pack, the Guardians pack includes one extra costume and three extra XP boosts compared to that pack. For $40, you're getting two great characters (plus Groot helps Rocket with several of his moves), three bonus costumes, and enough currency to buy one or two extra characters. Maybe you could grab Angela, who is a Guardian in the comics.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Founder's Pack costs $39.99.

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X-Men Founder's Pack

Marvel Heroes Omega DLC X-Men

Here's where things really get expensive. Both the X-Men and Avengers packs cost sixty bucks, but they include so much stuff that they end up being a pretty good deal.

The X-Men Founder's Pack includes:

  • Beast character: A $9 value.
  • Iceman character: A $9 value.
  • Jean Grey character: A $13.50 value.
  • Psylocke character: A $9 value.
  • Storm character: A $9 value.
  • Wolverine character: A $13.50 value.
  • Astonishing Beast Costume: Debuted in Joss Whedon's excellent Astonishing X-Men (opens in new tab) series.
  • All-New X-Men Costume for Iceman: Debuted in All-New X-Men (opens in new tab) by Brian Michael Bendis.
  • New X-Men Costume for Jean Grey: Debuted in New X-Men (opens in new tab) by Grant Morrison.
  • Lady Mandarin Costume for Psylocke: Debuted in Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #256, in which Psylocke was brainwashed into becoming a villain for a short time.
  • Astonishing Storm Costume: Also debuted in Astonishing X-Men.
  • Classic Brown Costume for Wolverine: Debuted in X-Men Vol. 1 #140.
  • 10 Combination Boosts: A $25 value.
  • 2000G premium currency: A $20 value.

Marvel Heroes Omega DLC X-Men

So that's six characters, six bonus costumes, $20 of currency, and ten high-value boosts for sixty bucks. The characters alone would be $63 if purchased separately. It's still a lot to spend, but with all these mutants, you might as well think of it like you're buying an X-Men game that happens to include other Marvel characters. You could even put that currency towards a fellow X-Man or two such as Cyclops, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, and Magik, who aren't included in the pack.

The X-Men Founder's Pack costs $59.99.

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Avengers Founder's Pack

Marvel Heroes Omega DLC Avengers

At the same price as the X-Men pack, the Avengers Founder's Pack includes:

  • Black Widow character: A $4.50 value.
  • Captain America character: A $9 value.
  • Hawkeye character: A $4.50 value.
  • Hulk character: A $4.50 value.
  • Iron Man character: A $ value.
  • Thor character: A $9 value.
  • Age of Ultron Movie Costume for Black Widow.
  • Age of Ultron Movie Costume for Captain America.
  • Age of Ultron Movie Costume for Hawkeye.
  • Age of Ultron Movie Costume for Hulk.
  • Age of Ultron Mark-43 Costume for Iron Man.
  • Age of Ultron Mark-43 Costume for Thor.
  • 10 Combination Boosts: A $25 value.
  • 2000G premium currency: A $20 value.

Marvel Heroes Omega DLC Avengers

This pack gets you six Avengers, their Age of Ultron movie costumes, $20 of currency, and ten high-value boosts for sixty bucks. The only thing that makes the Avengers pack a bit of a worse deal than the X-Men pack is several of these characters cost less than the X-Men characters when bought separately. Still, for sixty bucks, it's basically like buying an Avengers game – and you still have $20 worth of currency for extra characters or inventory slots.

The Avengers Founder's Pack costs $59.99.

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Iron Fist and Symbiote Spider-Man

Marvel Heroes Omega DLC Iron Fist Symbiote Spider-Man

As the store descriptions put it, committed, hardcore players who buy all five Founder's Packs get a dedicated fan bonus that includes:

  • Iron Fist character.
  • Symbiote Spider-Man Costume.

Both rewards are timed exclusives, meaning you'll be able to buy Iron Fist separately and win the Symbiote costume at some point in the future. Iron Fist is a great character (despite what the Netflix show would have you believe), but he doesn't come with his green costume, and his moves are a little buggy at present on Xbox One. Don't feel too disadvantaged just because you can't afford $200 worth of Founder's Packs!

True believers assemble!

Marvel Heroes Omega Xbox One

Out of the Marvel Heroes Omega DLC packs available at launch, it's the War Machine, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and X-Men packs that offer the most bang for your buck. But you should really just buy the pack(s) that contain your favorite characters. Most of us can't afford to grab every single character, but remember: Marvel Heroes is an MMO. How many characters will you really spend time playing?

Assuming you fall in love with the game as I did while preparing our review, buying a DLC pack is a great way to support the continued development of the game. If Marvel Heroes Omega thrives on Xbox One, we're sure to see more characters, costumes, and missions in the future. Since the base game is free, what have you got to lose?

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  • Can't really call it an X-Men pack without the leader, Cyclops. Apart from that, enjoying the game WITH Cyke, Thor and Nova so far.
  • A character for $20 isn't a bit expensive? What do characters go for in similar games? I mean, this is why I don't like F2P games, they can be an endless money sink.
    Besides, IIRC, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 was around 10-14 bucks in the last Steam sale. Of course your mileage may vary, but personally I'd rather get a full game for that money. And yeah, you do get local co-op for up to four players on PC with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 ;)
  • Well character packs are usually for players who wants to play as the hero, they will have to pay for it then. For me I don't favor any just loves under dog character in all games, if I could out perform better than the other heroes that satisfy me more lol.
  • I was going to sit down and do this myself, but you saved me the trouble. Thanks, Paul. Question about the Spider-Man pack: You say that it contains 2 loot boxes in lieu of the 500G currency, but still listed the currency. Guess that's more of a correction than a question :)
  • My son and I have been playing this... I can't say that I think much of the game. Everything just feels... primitive. I would far prefer an actual game that is polished and doesn't nickel and dime you to death. The characters are really expensive, and of you want to earn them in game you have to spend a LOT of time for them. I wish there was a game like Ultimate Alliance but with much better graphics. This pay to play stuff is really annoying.
  • I've been playing on PC for a while. Characters are only worth buying on BOGO or 50% off sales. You will accumulate a fair number without grinding too much. I assume the console version let's you buy a random character token for 175 shards. This is a very economical way until you get about 40-50% of the roster unlocked. I capped Winter Soldier in prestige in large part because of a special event that made 1-60 about 30-45 minutes for Civil War characters for 1-5 prestige. 1-60 on the last prestige almost made me quit. Not worth the yellow name. They made a lot of changes recently to make the game more console friendly. I had stopped playing much at that point, but probably spent $50 or so on G to unlock characters. A lot of the little things like costumes and boosts are a total waste - they have regular events and get large bonuses, there isn't much point. For the most part, end game is a bit different than a normal MMO (thinking of WoW) so you typically prestige or level a new char. You can get random costumes by turning in your base character costume tokens. You don't play zoomed in enough nor a character long enough to really need a unique costume. I would estimate I have characters I leveled to 60 and promptly never played again. I prestiged largely the ones that were easy to level, not that ai necessarily enjoyed - Wolverine was a pain to level, but one of my favorite characters. I don't care for Winter Soldier and yet I maxed his prestige.
  • Interesting details about the PC game! No option to buy a random character (for cheap or otherwise) on console, unfortunately.
  • I appreciate the breakdown.  I plan to get into this soon, so it's good to have this all laid out.  Seems way too expensive for all the characters, but now I can plan out what to pick.  There is no need for all of them.