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Mass Effect 2 and 3 available for digital purchase for the first time

Even though the latest entry in the series may have turned out to be less than stellar, the Mass Effect trilogy turned out to be one of the biggest franchises of the last console generation. However, while the first Mass Effect was available both digitally and physically, anyone who may have missed out on the series and was looking to catch up would have to hunt down physical copies of the disc-only Mass Effect 2 and 3. That's now changed, however, as the latter two entries in the trilogy are now available to purchase digitally (opens in new tab) from the Xbox 360 Marketplace for the first time (via Reddit).

Remarkably, this comes more than seven years after the 2010 release of Mass Effect 2, and more than five since the release of Mass Effect 3. More importantly for Xbox One gamers, however, is that this comes a year after the full trilogy landed on the backward compatible list. That means you can now catch up on all three titles without the need for a physical copies.

The Mass Effect trilogy is a science fiction role-playing epic that has been largely praised for its narrative depth, bolstered by its branching conversation system. If you're looking to dive back into the series, you can pick up each entry now for $19.99 a pop on the Xbox 360 Marketplace.

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  • Very good news. ME3 of the interesting game and especially final of the story. Offtop: I hope eventually microsoft add batman arkham origin to Xbox store
  • Not exactly news. All the ME games have been available digitally on Origin for quite some time. This is only the Xbox version going digital distro. The article title is incorrect.
  • If I wanted to try one out of the three, which is the most rewarding/worth it? Or is it critical to play it episodically? It is just that time does not permit me to game much lately....thnx for any feedback.
  • ME2 is the best of the series IMHO. It improves on ME1 mechanics and inventory management and has a nice plot. BUT, ME1-3 are 3 volumes of the same story, and are very interconnected. It's a great story worth consuming completely if you're into scifi.
  • Despite its flaws, I actually like ME1 the best. 2 and 3 felt more like shooters with dialog choices.
  • I love sci-fi, but truly don't wish to get sucked in weeks of gameplay ;). Well, the middle road it is then. Will start with ME 2 and perhaps backtrack or complete it later should it be truly as epic. Thanks gents.
  • It will be far more than weeks once you get sucked in my friend. When I played the first one I did 4 or 5 play throughs for the achievements and felt like I could have done another, I loved it that much.
  • Mass Effect is quite possibly the greatest triogy in all of gaming. It has a fully fleshed out world and sucks you into it's lore.
  • On a most certainly unrelated note, because this NEVER happens...  Mass Effect 2 has just been announced as January's games with gold!!  Nah, but for real though, this is probably what will happen (not that I'm complaining though, great game!).
  • Click bait title lol was sitting here and was like wtf I got it on my pc digitally.
  • It's not click bait. 2 and 3 have never been available for purchase digitally for Xbox. True Xbox fans know exactly what it meant.