Micromax launches Canvas Lapbook with Windows 10 in India for Rs.13,999

Micromax continues to add to its lineup of Windows-based tablets and notebooks. The India-based company has announced the Micromax Canvas Lapbook with Windows 10 installed, and it will officially go on sale Friday in India via Snapdeal for Rs.13,999.

The budget-price notebook has an 11.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1366x768. Inside, there's an Intel quad-core Atom processor, with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. The 5000mAh battery will allow the Canvas Lapbook to last up to 11 hours.

Micromax previously launched a Windows 10 version of its 10.1-inch Canvas LapTab 2-in-1 tablet in September.

Get the Micromax Canvas Lapbook for Rs. 13,999

  • Whoa!
  • Hope it woks.. Will surely buy one..
  • It looks beautiful, good to see more and more OEM joining hand with Microsoft 
  • Nice name LapBook :P
  • This seems so quaint after seeing the surface book announcement. But, those little netbooks serve a role too. And that configuration is actually pretty good, performance wise.
  • Looks nice. It's good for students. Would buy for the kids :)
  • Correct... After seeing Surface Book, this is blurred.
  • Nice to see more OEMs bringing windows devices. But I would rather ASUS X205 for just Rs1500 more from flipkart.
    Its much reliable and reviews on flipkar are also good.
  • 32 GB storage buuh
  • Better than a droid tablet actually. But yeah 32gb is less it should be 64
  • I wonder how much windows 10 takes ...
  • Windows 10 Home takes around 10 GB on a fresh install without any apps.
  • Nice devices!
  • For $215?  seems like a good price.  Probably works as good as my Surface3
  • ...but.....but....but...wen in India ;) /s
  • Wen in Canada!?
  • Intel Atom, no thanks  i would rather get the lenovo yoga 300 with pentium quad core 
  • It is very hard to buy any device of micromax don't even know if they will run for a year
  • Are you aware that not only Indians are reading these articles? It would be nice to have the price also in dollars or euros. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The article is about the release of it in India... Doesn't mention it being released anywhere else.
  • At the current rates, it will be USD215
  • When will we see Dell Hp and other quality and cheap tablets and products rather than all these bull crap. Just look at the one year old Dell Venue 8 pro on youtube and u will bite ur teeth. India needs to upgrade. We need quality rather than quantity. :(