Microsoft adds Sway integration into the Windows 10 Photos app

Users of the Windows 10 Photo app will now be able to create a narrative story with those images. Microsoft has announced it has updated the app by integrating features from its Sway multimedia presentation tool.

Microsoft said:

"Just click the "Tell your story with Sway" button in Microsoft Photos, and your album immediately becomes an interactive, web-based experience. Then use Sway to add section headers, text narration, captions, and other details to enhance the flow of your narrative and create your own story. And you can add in all kinds of other web-based interactive media, too, including tweets, Vines, maps, charts, and even Living Images (which capture additional pre-photo footage and breathe additional life into your narrative). Tell the tale of your recent vacation, make an instructional video or even create a blog style recipe of the delicious food you cooked last night. "

Photos users who have never used Sway will have an account created for them the first time they use this integrated feature.

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Source: Microsoft

John Callaham