Microsoft webcam will reportedly be announced alongside Surface Laptop 4 this spring

Surface Hub 4k cam
Surface Hub 4k cam (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft will reportedly announce a new webcam this spring.
  • According to the report, the webcam will support HDR and have a privacy cover but won't support 4K.
  • Microsoft will also reportedly announce several Surface devices this spring.

Microsoft will announce a new webcam this spring alongside the Surface Laptop 4 and other devices, according to a recent report. Petri's Brad Sams reports that Microsoft will announce a new webcam alongside a new Surface Laptop and other peripherals.

The webcam appears to be aimed at business and everyday use. It reportedly supports HDR video and has a privacy shutter. According to Sams' sources, the new webcam will not support 4K, though he does not specify what resolution it will support.

Webcams don't have to support 4K to deliver good video quality. In fact, many of the best webcams only support up to 1080p.

Even if we had the specs of the webcam, it wouldn't paint the full picture in terms of image quality. There are good and bad 1080p webcams, and the age and quality of the sensor makes a large difference. We'll have to see what Microsoft shares this spring and then get our hands on the device to see how it stacks up.

The most recent reports state that Microsoft will also announce the Surface Laptop 4 this spring. The alleged specs of the Surface Laptop 4 recently leaked online. There are a few specs that seem to be off, but they give us a clearer picture of the upcoming laptop.

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We don't have an exact date for the upcoming announcements, but they will likely be sometime in April.

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  • Me, this time last year: Is a webcam really news? Me today, after a year of poor quality videocalls: YES!!!! NEW WEBCAMS!!! Mostly because the IT staff at my job have nice quality webcams, but everyone else has the cheapest the company could find on amazon....
  • Windows Hello as well? I really want a windows hello web cam that doesn't cost over $120.
  • Yes please to windows hello! I miss it
  • If it's a Microsoft product it'll either be a budget device with matching specs or a premium device with a premium price tag. I'm guessing it'll be at least $150.
  • Windows Hello or GTFO
  • Expect camera to be cancelled and add to your Microsoft paperweight collection 9 months after release.
    (Sorry the death of my Invoke this week has me really hating Microsoft right now)
  • "Webcams don't have to support 4K to deliver good video quality. In fact, many of the best webcams only support up to 1080p."
    But also there's no really good webcam, the video quality does not compare even to mid-end smartphones.