Microsoft begins selling clever charging stand for the Band 2

Back when the first Microsoft Band came out, some crafty people created 3D-printed charging stands for the wearable to be used at your desk or when in the shower. This time, however, it looks like Microsoft is taking things into their hands as they now have their own charging stand for sale to be used exclusively with the new Microsoft Band 2.

The diminutive stand sells for $19.99 and can be ordered directly from Microsoft who describe the product like this:

"Keep your Microsoft Band 2 on display as it charges with this uniquely designed charging stand that also doubles as a snazzy table clock… This stylishly designed charging stand helps with cable management and doubles as a beautiful table clock. It features magnetized adhesion which makes it easy to remove and re-attach the charging cable. When in use, the charging cable tucks away from view tangle-free. And the weight and rubberized base keeps everything nice and stable as your Band recharges in lavish comfort."

Indeed, one of the issues with the 3D-printed fan versions of the Band 1 stands were their lightness. The stand would shift around easily on the table, so although it looked good, it could have been better. This new stand from Microsoft looks to fix that by adding some weight to it.

So far, there is only one review posted, but it does say:

"The charging stand is very well designed and looked gorgeous! It is also very sturdy and functional. There are no charging stands in the market that look like this!"

Order the Microsoft Band 2 Charging Stand for $19.99 from Microsoft

Update: You can find some actual photos and a brief review of this accessory in our forums.

We've ordered up one to do a quick hands-on video review for this coming week, so if you are hesitant to order, we'll take one for the team. Stay tuned for that or just order yours above.

Thanks, Curt W., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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