Microsoft's forthcoming 'Cache' is a visual bookmarking tool to simplify your life

Back in 2015 an internal app from Microsoft called OneClip leaked to the public. The app was simple but brilliant as it let you cut, copy, and paste things to a universal clipboard. However, instead of being a local cache of clippings, it went to the cloud, which meant you could share the digital goodies across devices including Mobile.

OneClip was pulled and never heard from again. Recently, we reported that a form of OneClip was destined for Redstone 2 and now it appears in a new leaked .exe file called 'Cache' (reported by Windows Blog Italia).

Cache appears to be the new brand name as well as inferred from the polished intro video. The app can be installed, but unless you are on the private beta list your email will likely be rejected, not letting you run it.

Nonetheless, Rafael Rivera was able to get into the app and even posted the intro video that highlights some of the real-world uses for the sharing app.

5 ways to simplify and centralize your content with Cache— Rafael Rivera (@WithinRafael) October 19, 2016

Those five tips include:

  • Curate your Reading List
  • Organize your school projects
  • Manage your shopping list
  • Keep important docs handy
  • Keep everything you copy

Cache appears to have much more focus on specific tasks instead of a generic copy/paste repository, which is a good move by Microsoft. There is also a consumer angle here (school, shopping, etc.) rather than just Office productivity for enterprise.

There's no word on a mobile version of Cache although knowing Microsoft these days there should be companion apps for Windows 10 Mobile, Android, and iOS.

Microsoft could detail Cache next week in New York City or the following week for their Office event.

While not a huge announcement Cache seems like one of those little utilities that once you use you won't be able to give up.