Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services is now generally available

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services entered general availability on November 1, 2021.
  • It offers tools and means of combatting financial crime, managing data, and boosting employee productivity.
  • The cloud add-on runs for $20,000 per tenant, per month.

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services hits general availability today, November 1, 2021, meaning interested organizations can sign on for the price of $20,000 a month per tenant.

As to what the cloud add-on does for businesses, it provides a blend of data management capabilities, financial insights, and means of using data to create solutions that boost employee productivity and solve customer needs. It offers all of that alongside security options and tools to combat financial cybercrime.

The Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services is generally available in English and is deployable within the United States and the United Kingdom. Microsoft has a blog post discussing the partner opportunities the add-on allows for.

This is one of the many services Microsoft offers as part of its ever-expanding cloud portfolio. It also has its Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, which is not exclusive to financial services. The sustainability-focused package helps companies track carbon emissions and keep an eye on how their activities are impacting the planet.

As for Microsoft's cloud initiatives outside of those with other businesses, don't forget its recurring efforts to stay in the U.S. government's pantheon of preferred cloud service providers. Look no further than Microsoft's recent protest against Amazon's NSA-linked cloud contract as an example of the tech giant's efforts to stay in the game wherever it can.

When more information about the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services becomes available, such as when it's set to offer other languages in general availability, our coverage will be updated.

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