Microsoft commits to a Windows 10 'flagship smartphone' for 2015

While Windows 10 in its phone form only got a partial look – expect to see more at MWC at the beginning of March – ahead of the highly anticipated preview builds pushing out, we did at least get a little snippet of information many Windows Phone users have been wanting to hear. Microsoft is committed to building a Windows 10 flagship smartphone later this year.

Of course, with Windows 10 not due for a while, there's no telling whether that means a new device that will launch with Windows 10, or whether it means a device that will launch before and be the poster child for Windows 10.

But a lot of people have been concerned about the lack of a high-end option, and this at least should put those concerns to rest. We might not like waiting, but at least we know for sure there's something to wait for.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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