Microsoft quietly discontinues stock of Surface Pro 2 and a new Lumia tablet on the way?

Ever since the Surface Pro 3 announcement, the future of the Surface Pro 2 was in question. Would Microsoft continue to sell both or focus on their new redesigned Surface Pro 3, and what about Surface 2? The story is coming into focus a bit as it looks like Microsoft is putting the Surface Pro 2 out to pasture.

Windows Phone Central has learned through various Microsoft Stores that all or most stock of the Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 2 accessories are being sent back to Microsoft. A few stores are keeping units on hand for customer issues, should any arise, but many stores now have zero stock with no plans to carry it any longer. It is not clear if other retailers are following suit or if Microsoft is mandating this only for their own stores.

On Microsoft's (opens in new tab) website under 'Products', only the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 3 are in bold font, while the older Surface and Surface Pro 2 are pushed down with a ligther, less emphatic typeface. Customers can still buy the Surface Pro 2 direct from Microsoft. Nonetheless, it is clear that Surface 2 and Surface Pro 3 are what Microsoft are directing customers to these days.

Surface going forward and a new Lumia tablet

Recently I hazarded a guess on Twitter that the Windows RT is folding into the Lumia line, and Microsoft would retain the Surface name for their Pro series. That follows on the recent rumor from @evleaks, who made a more substantial claim of Lumia replacing Surface completely. I have no information if that is true or not, but it would be a massive shift (and step backwards, in my opinion).

On a similar note, I have overheard that there is a sequel coming to the Lumia 2520 tablet later this year. The tablet would be released around the same time as ' McLaren,' the new 3D Touch Windows Phone that Microsoft has been working on for some time. Whether or not this tablet runs RT, or full Windows 8.x unknown, likewise for the specifications. I think how they market that the device is crucial to understanding where Microsoft is taking these brands in 2015. I suspect it would be another RT tablet and called Lumia.

Personally, I like 'Lumia' for phones and tablets with 'Surface' for Microsoft's own pseudo-laptop line running full Windows. Such a distinction between devices and PCs is what Microsoft desperately needs, especially with the fumbling of the Surface RT/Surface Pro brands.

The Windows Phone and RT operating systems are expected to merge into one SKU next year with the arrival of 'Threshold', leaving just three categories: Windows Phone/RT, full Windows and Xbox One.

Best Buy Blue exclusive Type Cover ends in September

Finally, if you are looking to grab a Surface Pro 3 and want that exclusive Best Buy Blue Type Cover, you'll be able to pick them up direct from Microsoft starting mid-September as Best Buy's exclusivity in the US comes to an end.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Hmmm....
  • Keeping the "Surface" brand for PCs (Windows x86) and using "Lumia" for Windows ARM seems like the way to go. I hope Microsoft sees the logic in this. It might alleviate some of the confusion that surrounds Windows x86 vs Windows ARM.
  • Completely agreed. Hopefully they'll keep compatibility with the Type Cover 2 kind of connector so it's reusable. If that happens, I'd buy the next Lumia tablet in a heartbeat. If I have to buy the tablet AND a new Type Cover... I would be forced to find a cheap Surface 2 on eBay instead. Too bad for MS, they would get no money from me in a few years. There is really no reason to not use the same MagSafe connectors in the new Lumia tablet line, it'd ensure continuity from customers like me.
  • If I were MS, and were feeling bold, I'd can RT/WP altogether and go totally x64. That would not mean getting out of phones, but would rather mean running a full-on Windows even on phone devices. When disconnected from larger screens, the desktop would become very hard to access, but using USB3+ or wireless docking, the device would transform into a full-on PC.
    Most WP programs would run just fine, untouched on x86, and it would probably even be possible to run the native apps via emulation.
  • It would certainly set WP appart from all of the other OS's and actually give people a reason for using WP other than the pretty interface and the camera.   Intel has some decent mobile-ready processors out today, I think the change would be possible but do we really want to go through another archtecture change? This would be as big as the transition from WP7 to WP8, I don't think the brand could take yet another massive hit to its credibility (why should I buy or develop for WP if they change archtectures every 2 years?!)
  • An even better solution is to go with a totally new, modular OS.  Hopefully that's what threshold is.  It's all Windows but manufacturers can scale the OS to the environment.
  • Windows M: For phones, Internet of Things, wearables, thermostats, car dashboards, etc. 
    Windows: What you call Windows RT now. Would run on tablets and have NO DESKTOP.
    Windows Pro: What you call 'full windows' now. Would run on enterprise laptops, desktops, gaming PCs. Has desktop. Only for power users.  Unfortunately what MS and its power users fail to see is most people don't need a desktop anymore, aside from enterprise/power users. Windows Phone would be underpowered on a tablet, much like Android is. Phones and tablets are very different and used differently. Also, the name Windows Phone needs to go. Windows is Windows and should just be called Windows. 
  • Not a bad idea at all. Makes sense. MS's problem is they now have so many brands. Surface, Nokia, Lumia, etc
  • It sounds like a good idea for Microsoft to do that until you realize that they still fail to synergize with Marketing Department. Until they start to realize that tech has entered the age of "branding" being superior to the innovation, they will never succeed in toppling Google and Apple, and to a lesser extent Amazon.
  • +920! Pretty much where Nokia shot itself in the leg a few years back. Marketing and Market research! Listen to the customers for a change!
  • The "confusion" seems to be mostly limited to tech writers, but maybe this appeases them. I dont care what they call it, I hope they still make a high quality full-sized tablet in the sub $400 range that gets all day battery life. Personally, I preferred the style of the Surface over the Lumia, but whatever.
  • Why wouldn't they, it's the old model?. Duh
  • it wasn't clear because they could easily be positioned as two different, complimentary products
  • Is the sports news app on WP and Win8 live tile refreshing for u guys? Mine stopped since the last update.
  • Went to Best Buy today and all they had was the Surface Pro 3 and Surface 2. So no more Surface Pro 2 there either (still on when website right now though). I think making their RT tablets Lumia is a good idea, will vastly help with the confusion for regular consumers around the difference between the two OS's. I am a little worried though, that changing the name to Lumia would mean a change in industrial design. Hopefully that doesn't mean that they drop the beautiful VaporMg and design that they currently have and end up going to plastic like the 2520. Really looking forward to seeing what's in store for the future of RT with the combining of it and Windows Phone. They will hopefully make it a value-added OS, as currently it is a value minus (just like regular Windows, minus, legacy programs).
  • There are metal Lumias. They're not all plastic.
  • I'll take polycarbon over vapor mag any day.
  • Although the Lumia 2520 is much more pleasant to hold than any of the Surface models.
  • I totally agree...with brebo33.. he just spoke the truth I'm just saying..
  • Would love a new Lumia tablet!
  • They desperately need to sort out their naming scheme
  • That does make a lot of sense and would make things a hell of a lot easier upon thresholds release.
  • Agree totally.
  • Totally agree.
  • Microsoft's eBay store: firesale incoming
  • I've always wondered what's the deal with that phrase. Does it explicitly mean people are losing their jobs? Or is it a reference to the quality of the sale?
  • Fire sale means that a product is being sold well beneath the base price and most of the time its a liquidation of sorts
  • I had to axe
  • Fire sale refers to when a business has a fire and has to sell all of its merchandise.
  • Lol sold my sp2 256gb for $900 last week.
  • Lucky u
  • ebay gets about 10-15% cut from that.
  • I really want a SP3 for school, but Intel's next processor will put it to shame when it comes to thickness and battery. 
  • And the following generation of Intel chips will put this generation to shame as well. If you are trying to save some money, wait for the firesale of Surface Pro 2's in August. If you have money to burn, get a Surface Pro 3 now. -SAB
  • The SP3 does a fantastic job at thinness, heat, and power within this generation. However, Intel Broadwell will be much more significant comapred to Sandybridge to Ivybridge or Ivybridge to Haswell. The idea of full i-core PCs without a fan--even with better performance--is pretty huge.  It's likely that the SP4 will just be thinner, lighter, a bit more powerful and less hot. So I can deal with those tradeoffs. When comparing the SP3 to a MBA or a MBP w/Retina the SP3 is dominent. 
  • Just get a Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 in the interim (only $500) and wait for the SP4 next year. That's probably what I'm going to do.
  • Too thick, but it's a nice price.
  • What, no more Surface Pro 2 models at the Microsoft store after the Surface Pro 3 is released?!? Is the next article here going to be "Stores will stop selling 2014 calendars when 2015 arrives"?
  • Surface Pro 2 is only 8 months old and in many ways, a very different device from the Surface Pro 3. It was not a simple hardware swap, so yeah, it was not obvious if they'd sell them side by side or phase it out. Regardless, there was much more to this article than that news.
  • Sweet, I got a reply from DR. The 3 IS a much different device, but not necessarily a better device, IMO. I have a Surface Pro classic, and really like the form factor. I was looking forward to the 3, for an upgrade this fall. Not so sure I want to carry around a device that is larger, and requires another $120+ keyboard to be a true PC replacement device. I look forward to checking out a 3 in person soon, and more updates from your team here at WP Central. Keep up the WP love!!
  • Your current cover will work just fine with the Pro 3. And if you want to stick to the classic design, that's fine. But for most everyone, and the industry as a whole: The 3 is fast superior.
  • Thanks for the tip about the keyboard. -SAB
  • I like the color of the SP1 and 2 alot better....
  • Me too. I prefer the darker color.
  • I wasn't a fan of the scratching, yes I use a carry case but don't like my devices in cases otherwise. My fitbit came other the belt clip so that's a bit different
  • Think i will wait a while as i can 'feel' my SP2 will probably develop a fault close to the end of its warranty life :P
  • This! Is how I came upon owning a surface pro 2. So yes, I, like you will be waiting a bit longer (2 warranty transactions max).
  • I also hope that MS will not completely drop the Surface name.
    Also, remember why did MS keep Cortana name? So let's make it happen (Lumia for phones/RT, Surface for Pro line).
  • So does this mean that the price of the surface pro 2 would come down? I'm looking to buy one but its not available in India. :(
  • EBay had some but they are priced way too high.
  • That's the problem. I'm willing to spend up to INR 50,000. But all of the listings on eBay are for INR 65,000 and above. I still don't understand why Microsoft doesn't release its surface line in India.
  • If they do Rt=Lumia line, and x64 as surface, that would be smart. If they toss surface all together, thatd be really dumb.
  • No surface pro 2 in Malaysia.. Sp 3 coming soon
  • No Surface Pro 2 in Singapore too.
  • So my 1600 dollar SP2 which is half a year old is now officially obsolete. Lesson learned. Not jumping on the SP3 until I see some consistency going forward. If the SP4 is an improved SP3 I'll look into Surface again...
  • Ding ding. You get it. Don't forget the additional cost of a key board to make it a real desktop/laptop replacement (another feat of planned obsolence MS?). Currently I expect to wait out the 3 line, and hope the 4 comes back to a tablet size, that can function as well as a laptop, like the Pro classic and 2 did. -SAB sent from my Microsoft Surface Pro classic.
  • You're logic is a little flawed, if Microsoft continues to make the SP2 or not, it has no relevancy on the functionality of your SP2. It's still the same computer you bought 8 months ago.
  • Well what it does me there will not be accessories for it since they'll no longer be selling it. It could also mean no more or very few firmware patches.  
  • Would this not make the second hand price of the SP2 rise?
  • I've never understood this kind of complaint. The fact that the Surface line is changing in NO way makes your SP2 any less functional or supported. It will keep the exact same value proposition as the day you bought it and it will keep being supported and upgradeable. What is the big problem? The non-release of future products affects you in no way. You buy a product for what it is, not for what it may be or what ecosystem it may have in the future.
  • No, but the change in form factor means there will likely be no more accessories - anything new and cool will be SP3 only.
  • Does it do less today than it did yesterday? No, so shut up. If all you care about is having the latest and greatest (as opposed to something which fits your needs) you're pitifully shallow.
  • I invested in this device as a professional. I excpect to get a device for my money that not only runs on its current specs for 3-4 years, but also gets full support as a platform. Now how many accessories will I be seeing for a device that will no longer be sold? How much will MSFT pour into improvments and fixes for this tablet? We are not talking about a cheap Android tablet here and yes, the fact that I spent my money on a platform which is potentially dead after less than a year pisses me off.
  • The Surface Pro 1 was the same form factor too. So, MS has been supporting that design for 2 generations already. The Pro 2 wasn't a substantial enough upgrade for me to upgrade from the Pro 1, but the 3 is. The timing seemed right for the most part. As for accessories, its a PC; you can buy anything that's compatible with Windows.
  • Smart.  That's what I keep telling people.  Just wait 4-6 months and get the SP3 for 1/2 off. 
  • i hope they make a bigger surface 3, actually the pro 3 is overall the best tablet for me, but the problem is that x86 cpu i dont need in a device like that its just a hassle, imagine how long would it take to get an empty battery warning on a surface 3 with arm cpu, no heat no fans and even thinner design, thats the perfect laptop
  • Who cares ???
  • Why they send them back ? They could give them for free via various contests....
  • I want a new, flagship/high-end Lumia PHONE!
  • It's coming, eventually. McLaren is on the way. For now, I plan to be there on day one (plans may change depending on what other WinPhone 8.1 devices come out). -SAB
  • I wonder if they will keep using NVIDIA like in Surface (maybe k1???) or they'll use Qualcomm like in the Lumia 2520. Also I would like to see a bigger screen and pen support in case they are willing to continue with RT (which I actually use).
    About the branding I don't really care if it's named Surface or Lumia or Whatever, I just care about having a nice product at a reasonable price tag.
  • My country doesn't sells neither the very first Surface tablet. :(
  • They adapted a new form factor with the Surface Pro 3 and uses all new accessories so it is difficult to continue both. They will likely release a Surface Pro 4 (or whatever they decided to call it) soon with the Broadwell processor. Maybe then they will sell Surface Pro 3 at a discount. I agree, Daniel, in regards to it being a big mistake if they were to change the name of the Surface Pro series to Lumia. I don't even understand why they would even consider this. The Surface Pro 3 seems to be well received. I don't think the Surface name has a bad reputation; it only hasn't sold in large quantities due to the price and more successful advertising from Apple. Let Surface be the premium model running Windows Pro and Lumia run Windows Phone/RT. And yes, there is no sense in continuing both the Surface RT models and the Lumia 2520 models as they are too similar to differenciate.
  • I think for Broadwell they'll just quietly update the line; they did that once with the Surface Pro 2, but we'll see.
  • You may be right on that one. If there is nothing else they can really improve upon, this might be the easier strategy. It could be a Surface Pro 3 v2 that possibly offers slightly better battery life and the fan kicking on less often, assuming Broadwell runs cooler.
  • I agree. They need to keep both the Lumia and Surface brands. They both have good name recognition now and mostly positive. It would also allow for good distinction between RT based tablets and full Windows, if that's how they choose to do it. I hope MS get the Windows branding right this time... They need a 'Windows lite' and 'Windows Pro'; something like that anyway, so ppl know what they're buying.
  • Sigh. Good thing I didn't spend a $1000 on SP2. Oh wait. I did. So if my SP2 "breaks" will MS Complete package I bought give me a SP3 instead?
  • Would love to see a Nokia or Lumia tablet. I have never seen one period. I ended up buying a Surface on the cheap in January because no Att or best buy in my city ever had the Nokia tablet.
  • Hmm, I love the Surface line, so I'd have a hard time going with a "Lumia" tablet. Especially if it followed the 2520 design rather than the Surface 2 style. But I can understand their need/desire to simplify and clarify their product naming. That being said... Surface Phone
    Surface Pro Is not a bad naming lineup.
  • Lumia for a tablet doesn't sound nearly as good as Surface. What is Microsoft thinking (again)?
  • Hell yeah, time to buy surface 2
  • Surface Pro 3 or Surface 2 (RT) would be great to own.
  • I'm right now watching Argentina playing Belgium on the original Surface RT, great quality, so yeah, Surface Pro 3 or Surface 2 would be,great to own ❤
  • I'm hoping this means SP2's will be on massive sale. As far as completely replacing surface with Lumia, that's an awful idea.
  • That totally makes sense. I said the other month that Microsoft need to use the Lumia tablet -- rt -- as a consumer product. And the Surface -- pro -- needed to be for business users. Finally, it seems Microsoft are getting their act together -- nice one :-)
  • Totally agree. Similar to Volkswagen (low-mid range) and Audi (high end)
  • ZuneEtunes -- that is a perfect analogy mate, and we both know how successful those two are ;-)
  • Again. No thanks on the Lumia brand. And, no thanks on the type cover. I got the Microsoft red exclusive.
  • Big juicy article, not bad!
  • They should've ditched Nokia and Lumia and rebranded everything Surface. Seriously. I hate the word Lumia. I'm glad that word isn't anywhere on my phone.
  • I'm cool with the RT products being renamed as Lumia and of course the phones. It would make perfect sense with the two OS merging soon. Keep the PRO naming for the premium productivity products,and retain Surface period. With the regular size and mini sizes being just Surface 10.1,and Surface Mini. In other words the thing that identifies them being there screen size.
  • well said @Daniel agreed, But I am again not able to digest what the hack are doing right now, are they aware about the market and competitors!
  • the plot thickens
  • While I'll overall agree with Lumia = Windows Phone and RT, Surface for full Windows, I do think it'd be mildly confusing when they advertised Touch and Type Convers as compatible with Surface and specific Lumia models.
  • To get rid of the Surface brand would be one of the dumbest moves ever. They already spent a crap load of loot to advertise the Surface Pro 3.
    No rebranding necessary. Lumia line , Surface and Surface Pro line.
    They can't brand the RT or pro as Lumia because they both have a kickstand, and they look totally different.
  • A few things ...  First, I'm always amazed at how international the readers of wpcentral tend to be.  It makes sense, but it's easy for me to forget that people around the world have very different experiences with microsoft products. Secondly, I also find it interesting that many of you are also considering holding out for the release of Broadwell before you buy a new surface tablet.  Whether or not it will be worth the wait is yet to be determined, but it's nice to know that I'm not alone in thinking it mades sense to be patient. Lastly, I have been windows phone user since it was first released and have enjoyed being a part of this operating systems ongoing development.  However, with the upcoming release of larger iphones I am more open to making the switch to ios, mostly due to the availability of apps.  A lot will depend on what ios8 looks like when it's finally released.  Anyone else considering making a switch?
  • Hell no! I'm riding this pony until the wheels fall off. iOS 8 most likely will look the same as 7. Where you at btw? I'm in Toronto Canada. Been with WP since jump in 2010 and b4 it was zune in 2006. And yes I still have a brown zune :)
  • I'm in the US and had windows mobile on a Dell Axiom back in the day - and use my 920 and surface tablet for everything. I use office extensively and that was a lot of my motivation to go with windows phone. However, all my family and friends are on iPhones and it's getting much easier to use office with Apple products .... so...
  • No, Lumia 930 will be my next WINDOWS PHONE. Don't care much for apps I will never use. I am fine with Microsoft.
  • Yes, after having a Note 3 then my Lumia 1320 I find it impossible to imagine going back to such small screen I had on previous iPhones but the 5.5"+ screen on the rumoured next iPhone has me excited and will almost definitely be getting one.
  • Combining Windows Phone and RT into one only makes sense for the company. Google did the same thing with Honeycomb and Gingerbread, combining it into Jelly Bean with Android 4.0. It alleviates confusion, adds opportunity for more apps, and unifies the platforms. Go Microsoft with threshold!!
  • Waiting on delivery of my Pro 2 256gb any day now. Got a discount through work but nothing substantial. Seeing the Pro 3 makes me a little jealous tbh but I knew it was coming before I made the decision to order and if I'm honest I'm not a power user or business user so most probably wouldn't have paid full price for either and just took advantage of the deal to get an awesome tablet/ultrabook
  • I agree with Dan-the-man that it needs to be resolved and a clearly defined distinction between products established ASAP. I'm slowly brainwashing my colleagues into making us a MS shop and selling them on the newly evolving ecosystem (you're welcome, Satya) and I was shocked at the confusion in the IT department of a 500+ employee firm as to which non-iPad does/has what. One brand for pure tablets, one for phones, one for PCs (ehem iPhone/iPad/Macbook). People will be more apt to purchase your product if they have some idea of what they'd be looking for when they walk into the store. Ambiguity and needing a top to bottom explanation of what they're buying is going to scare people off (to the Apple store, because their friend Bob has an iPad, and they know that the iPad is what you buy if you want to read/check email and surf the Innanets). You'll all be happy to know that in the end I used some epic Jedi Mind Tricks to sway the CIO and Network Admin into buying SP3's for the execs instead of iPads. Mahahaha     
  • I think Evleaks meant what he said, Lumia is for tablets like he said, he's just saying that Surfaces are 2-in-1 so they're not 'tablets'. Maybe this would mean that there'll be type covers with every surface? ;) Just saying that you're both correct.
  • I just bought a new Surface Pro 1 128gb for 333€ on MediaMarkt. I was willing to wait for the Surface Pro 3 but the price drop is way too high to make up for the possible loss I'd experience one year from now. Very happy with the deal I got (but I'd be mad if I had bought it last year).
  • How is this article or question even a thing? Of course its getting canned.
  • There were people on this very site arguing to the teeth about how the sp3 would have no effect on the identity of the sp2 and how they'd have no issue coexisting. I believe it started when someone made a thread about how MS should offer a step-up program from sp2 to sp3. So yeah there are plenty who thought the sp2 wasn't going anywhere. I wasn't one of them though and August 1st can't come fast enough.  
  • They should do the same thing with the phones mid to low end Lumia, high end and niche phones surface.
  • So the dark blue is a Bestbuy exclusive? (Or was), its been on the Microsoft Online store for a while now... Along with the Red Color.
  • It's not the same color. Can be hard to tell in pictures even when the correct ones are used
  • This looks EXACTLY like the one shown in this thread... Here is the one I'm talking about on the store:
  • Windows weekly talked about this weeks ago.
  • Fascinating.
  • Maybe the new Lumia tablet is the Surface Mini rebranded?
  • Surface 3 RT at a lower price point I hope!!
  • I love the Surface 2 and Surface PRO 3 design, don't care for Nokia tablet design.
  • Surface should be definitely for their pcs and tablets and Lumia for their phones and wearables
  • i like the idea of the surface rt being replaced by lumia, why make 2 diff rt devices since MS owns the devices from Nokia. replace the surface rt with lumia tablet but make 2 versions one wifi only and one lte like Apple. im tired of ppl saying its confusing when it really isnt, just simply ask and you find out the diff but for those who want to make an excuse than use lumia. as for the pro the surface pro definately has its place but would it be too much a hassel to gave both sizes? or could this be away for the surface mini to come out an 8" pro tab & then a 12" pro tab, assuming a 10" & 12" are too close in size maybe? there are other OMEs making different sizes as well so we shall see.
  • I think the Surface name sounds confusing to most consumers who would want to use a portable computer type tablet for heavy computing needs because the Surface name sounds like it is an iPad competitor and not a true pc/laptop replacement.
    So Microsoft should use Lumia for their Windows tablet line-up meant for media consumption and come up with a new name for their Intel based tablets so they can properly convey about the tablet's true capabilities, like Microsoft Work Tab.
  • For what its worth, Nokiapoweruser:
  • I want a surface 3 with everything the SP3 has minus the pen input,ntrig.
  • I'm torn with this. Truly. Because I have the first Gen RT and still love it. But the only reason I never jumped to the surface 2 was because they changed the coloring scheme up. And there would not match other tech stuff. (yes I like to keep my items matching.) Anyways the HUGE factor for me buying the surface in the first place was its MS's. The kickstand is great. I use it all the time. The USB is a life savor in its own right. I use the micro HDMI out alot to my tv. Point is RT is what I want/need in a tablet. The Surface is the design I desire most. With there keyboards and all. I have the type cover. Even my lady has the 64gb RT with touch cover as well. She's in love with hers. It is strongly possible that this may be my last tablet if the RT vanishes or the design changes into the Lumia line. Not because of name but because of hardware design itself. I don't have any use for the pro surface models at all. Therefore I will not spend that much money on a device I don't need or want. People may think I'm crazy, but I guess you could say that I'm just another customer/supporter of MS and there orig products because I like there ideas and then get left in the dark. To me this is saddening news. Unless they change the physical hardware of the Lumia line up with RT in it.
  • Who said the Lumia would not look like a Surface but come in diffrent colors like a Lumia?
  • No one said. I was merely stating if it ends up relatively the same as the current Lumia tablet and that's all there is for RT then I can't see myself going for a new table. I prefer the metal (vapormag) over plastic though. And for me I would want black or another similar shade. So multi colors for me wouldn't matter as Long as I have a dark shade to choose. And the metal type casing with a kick stand and slim attachable keyboard.
  • I discounted my SP2 as well 2 weeks ago when I sold it on Ebay.   :) Tried the SP3 in BB today and it's too dense for me.  I know its lighter, but I still don’t like the weight distribution.    
  • Don't think we'll see these go as low as the Surface Pro 1 did. I wouldn't be surprised if some were kept for warranty stock. The accessories I don't see why they would pull back because they still work in the Surface 2 which is still being sold.
  • So hopefully when I take my surface pro 2 in to the Microsoft Store for warranty issues they will swap it out for a surface pro 3.
  • paparatman -- I don't know where you are in the world, but here in the UK they have to replace products like for like or better. Therefore, this suggests that you would get the Surface Pro 3 (if you are in the UK, that is) ;-)
    Having said that, this may be the reason why they have stopped selling them so soon. Stockpile them for up to two years -- just incase -- so they don't have to replace them with Pro 3's.
  • Well they did the same with the original Surface Pro and yet they're STILL selling it. I don't think the SP2 will be discontinued that quickly.
    The RT though, will very likely be replaced by the Lumia tablets. In that aspect I agree and think it's the logical thing to do. Lumia for Windows Mobile tablets (they should consider bringing that name back...) and Surface for Windows tablets.
  • That is a lovely shade of blue... =P
  • If they kill off the surface brand that would be a huge mistake, as they will not only lose a great brand but they will create a further confusion amongst consumers and enterprise costumers as they just launched the surface pro 3. This hybrid is being taken up by a variety of organisations such as hospitals, schools etc.
  • From the sounds if this article, it looks like MSFT is rebranding their tablet strategy. I say great! Stop trying to be another iPad, they can't win here. Instead market their tablet line on their own merits, and they have many. Sometimes a name change is necessary, especially after the negative feedback of the initial Surface RT.
  • That's the best curse of action, indeed: Lumia for RT tablets and phones; Surface for full Windows experience, as well as superior hardware/build quality, like a premium brand; and the Xbox One.
  • Using the same name for both RT and full Windows tablets has confused consumers and tech journalists alike resulting in the Surface Pro 3 getting compared to an iPad. Splitting the lines into two different brands is necessary to fix that problem and the Lumia brand fits perfectly for ARM based phones and tablets while the Surface can be used for the Intel line
  • What Microsoft needs to focus on in the hardware range is this: Lumia brand for devices less than 8 inches Surface Pro brand for tablets measuring 12 inches Surface XPro - a 16 inch 3:2 aspect ratio 4K laptop with 16+ GB RAM for extreme professionals (those who spend more than 8 hours working on their laptops and need lot of horsepower in their machine)
  • This great move because windows 8.1 tablets are popular now.. Wherever i go there are many people talking about touch screen pc or removable keyboards.
  • Wow. And the Surface Pro 2 isn't even on the market for very long. Glad I snatched one. Very happy with it and will be holding on to this super device for the coming years!
  • The new lumia tablet may be the rumoured 8-inch "Illusionist"
    And this may as well be the reason for ditching surface mini (Although I still believe that we will see it with Windows 9 and modern office) Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Maybe someone with some MS connection can look into this: If I trade my 8 month old surface pro 2 in under warranty a year from now, is MS holding a strategic stockpile for warranty to replace the device, or are they just going to offer me something towards a Pro 3 or 4 or whatever? It's now an issue, since the keyboard is inadaquately compatible, and the dock is completely incompatable. Between the two they represent an extra $250 buy into the ecosystem that I'd hate to find out was a wash. 
  • Can I trade in my Surface RT, and get money off a Surface 2? Is there anywhere (in the UK) that does that? I would love a Surface 2... the RT has a few issues.
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  • The Nokia 2520 has to be one of my favorite devices, also absolutly love the fact that it looks identical to my Nokia 1020. I use it more like a ChromeBook then anything else and would like to know if Google has any plans in releasing an ARM version of their Chrome browser. IE is just okay, use it because I have too, would be nice if I had a choice.