Ever since the Surface Pro 3 announcement, the future of the Surface Pro 2 was in question. Would Microsoft continue to sell both or focus on their new redesigned Surface Pro 3, and what about Surface 2? The story is coming into focus a bit as it looks like Microsoft is putting the Surface Pro 2 out to pasture.

Windows Phone Central has learned through various Microsoft Stores that all or most stock of the Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 2 accessories are being sent back to Microsoft. A few stores are keeping units on hand for customer issues, should any arise, but many stores now have zero stock with no plans to carry it any longer. It is not clear if other retailers are following suit or if Microsoft is mandating this only for their own stores.

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On Microsoft's Surface.com website under 'Products', only the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 3 are in bold font, while the older Surface and Surface Pro 2 are pushed down with a ligther, less emphatic typeface. Customers can still buy the Surface Pro 2 direct from Microsoft. Nonetheless, it is clear that Surface 2 and Surface Pro 3 are what Microsoft are directing customers to these days.

Surface going forward and a new Lumia tablet

Recently I hazarded a guess on Twitter that the Windows RT is folding into the Lumia line, and Microsoft would retain the Surface name for their Pro series. That follows on the recent rumor from @evleaks, who made a more substantial claim of Lumia replacing Surface completely. I have no information if that is true or not, but it would be a massive shift (and step backwards, in my opinion).

On a similar note, I have overheard that there is a sequel coming to the Lumia 2520 tablet later this year. The tablet would be released around the same time as ' McLaren,' the new 3D Touch Windows Phone that Microsoft has been working on for some time. Whether or not this tablet runs RT, or full Windows 8.x unknown, likewise for the specifications. I think how they market that the device is crucial to understanding where Microsoft is taking these brands in 2015. I suspect it would be another RT tablet and called Lumia.

Personally, I like 'Lumia' for phones and tablets with 'Surface' for Microsoft's own pseudo-laptop line running full Windows. Such a distinction between devices and PCs is what Microsoft desperately needs, especially with the fumbling of the Surface RT/Surface Pro brands.

The Windows Phone and RT operating systems are expected to merge into one SKU next year with the arrival of 'Threshold', leaving just three categories: Windows Phone/RT, full Windows and Xbox One.

Best Buy Blue exclusive Type Cover ends in September

Finally, if you are looking to grab a Surface Pro 3 and want that exclusive Best Buy Blue Type Cover, you'll be able to pick them up direct from Microsoft starting mid-September as Best Buy's exclusivity in the US comes to an end.

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