Microsoft To-Do adding list sharing to its repertoire in June

Microsoft To Do on Android
Microsoft To Do on Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft To-Do launched in 2017 as a cross-platform app meant to eventually replace Wunderlist, which has also fallen under Microsoft's purview since it was acquired in 2015. Despite adding some solid features since launch, some technical issues have seemingly slowed the migration from Wunderlist to To-Do. However, Microsoft is getting ready to check another pretty important one off the proverbial to-do list: sharing.

Microsoft has announced (opens in new tab) that list sharing is coming to To-do in June (via OnMSFT). The feature will not only allow users to easily create sharing links from within the app, but will also allow for quick collaboration with others on the same list. Microsoft explains:

With our share link, we make it easy to coordinate and collaborate in small teams and one-on-one. Just generate the link and share with your team, family and friends via email, SMS or app of your choice. Once you've accomplished your project together, you're free to stop sharing and turn off the share link, remaining in control of your list.

Microsoft To-Do List Sharing

According to Microsoft, list sharing is expected to roll out across To-Do for iOS, Android, Windows 10 and the web in "early June." Most To-Do users are expected to have the update by mid-June.

List sharing will follow the recent addition of subtasks, another notable feature that lets you easily divide tasks into individual steps. The app still has a ways to go before it'll replace Wunderlist for most, but it's making strides. Going forward, Microsoft is also planning to add Cortana integration. A MacOS app is also in the works, which is clearly at least in testing, judging by the list sharing screenshot shown off by Microsoft.

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  • Okay cool. List sharing, sub tasks, Cortana integration. Seems like somebody’s woken up from a deep slumber! Worthy of celebration. 👌😊😉. Good job To-Do team! Bring her on home!
  • Just saying, Belfiore oversees this project now and Marcus Ash (Cortana) is now one of the leads on it; there's been a leadership change in the last few weeks and we're starting to see that now. Finally.
  • Finally. I mean, there is no reason to leave wunderlist because it just works fine (i just use it private for shared shopping lists). What kept me from switching is Cortana integration. My old surface 3 (non pro) sits in the kitchen, listening to add something to my list while it take it out of the cooler / fridge or cupboard.
  • I don't like being the party pooper, but it's a bit too little and much too late. Cortana is getting more and more redundant, they now should think of integrating it with Alexa/GA. I love To-Do's interface and use it occasionally, but they are really dropping the ball in term of growth.
  • I've said it before, Cortana is not going anywhere. Alexa and Google simply don't have the potential depth that Cortana has for being an actual assistant with email, calendar, OS, Office, LinkedIn, To-Do etc.
  • Seems fair.
  • No amount of depth can compensate the lukewarm reception. Windows Phone 8.1 was superior mobile OS, and yet it lost purely because it failed to gain traction. And it's happening again - Microsoft has a superior product, which fails to gain traction, and so even Microsoft starts to neglect it. All the meanwhile, Alexa and GA are literally everywhere, brute-forced by Amazon and Google. And suddenly, from the superior product, Cortana becomes so niche that no one really uses it (not as a daily driver anyway)
  • Cortana does integrate with Alexa. A quick Google search or searching this website should give you more details. It's a loose integration, but it's there.
  • Awesome! Now how about Office and SharePoint integration? The stock Outlook and SharePoint tasks are garbage. I know that Outlook integration is on their timeline, and hopefully we get it by the end of summer.
  • Luv it. Keep it going Belfiore. Next big step: make to-do the standard tool in Outlook, O365, Teams, Cortana, Planner and get rid of redodant Wunderlist and Outlook tasks
  • Then they should integrate the backend into exchange. Most companies still run their own exchange and are not happy with giving any data to MS (or Amazon, Google).
  • I have been both a Wunderlist user and an Office 365 Exchange user for quite some time. I used to use the todo function of Exchange which really needed Outlook Desktop to be useful, particularly if you use the David Allen GTD system which recommends using categories to group todos. So I moved to Wunderlist which used a different logic but was functionally richer. So Todo seemed a step backwards, but now I have realised that it works with my todos in Exchange, I can use the todo app or Outlook desktop on the same todo database. This is an improvement on what I have had for the last few years, so I am hoping that they now get going with enriching the todo functionality. Belatedly, we may now be getting somewhere.
  • It's been great to see To-Do finally getting some attention. Be nice to see it eventually integrated into Microsoft Launcher and pick up a dark theme to spare our eyes at night.
  • If there is a seperate app thats ok. The launcher is as terrible as most Android Launchers. Squarehome and Launcher 10 are the ones that keep the "show all relevant information on one screen"-advantage Win10(m) and BBOS have over Crapdroid and iOS.
  • Yes, Launcher support please. And integration with cortana reminders
  • I know To-Do would be good if I can integrate it with Outlook on Android as I can do with Wunderlist.
    I am not always on my phone as kids are this days. I am mostly spending my day on a computer and when the time comes, I would like to see a notification on my computer saying you need to do this and this in 15 minutes. It is a basic stuff that is really needed.
  • Next on the list: Wear OS integration... please?!!