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Microsoft To Do now works with IFTTT, allowing it to sync with Alexa, iOS Calendar, and more

Microsoft To Do Ios Widgets
Microsoft To Do Ios Widgets (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft To Do now works with IFTTT.
  • The integration allows Microsoft To Do to sync with several other services, such as Google Tasks.
  • People will likely create new applets over time, expanding the capabilities of IFTTT and Microsoft To Do working together.

Microsoft To Do can now work with the automation tool IFTTT. By integrating with IFTTT, Microsoft To do is able to connect with several other popular services, such as Slack, iOS Calendar, and Google Tasks. IFTTT works as a middleman, connecting services to each other. People can create applets to automate functionality.

Microsoft's Vishnu Nath shared the news on Twitter. Nath also linked to a page of applets for Microsoft To Do. This should grow over time as people find new ways to integrate Microsoft To Do with other services.

Here are a few options that are already available:

  • When an event that matches your search is added to your iOS Calendar, a new task will be added to your Microsoft To Do list.
  • Whenever a Microsoft To Do task in your specified list is completed, send a message in a Slack channel.
  • When a new item is added to iOS Reminders, this task will add it as a new item in Microsoft To Do.
  • When a new task is added to your Amazon Alexa list, this Applet will add a new item to your Microsoft To Do list.

It's possible to create custom applets, so you may be able to come up with unique combinations. For example, you could probably set up your smart lights to flash when you complete a task, though we still have to test this for ourselves.

Sean Endicott
Sean Endicott

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  • Ah, finally! I've been using a 3rd party app to sync tasks from Alexa but it's very unreliable. Looking forward to trying this out.
  • Kind of frustrating though that they would add this, but not allow creating a task in Microsoft To Do to be a trigger--like every other to do app does.
  • Too bad that personal Microsoft accounts with Outlook don't work with IFTTT.