Microsoft Edge downloads

When it comes to mobile browsing, there are some who want no limits, including the background downloading of files. Although for many this option is of minimal concern, for others it is a highly requested feature. Therefore, questions about what Microsoft next-gen browser – Microsoft Edge – will and will not support is of vital interest.

Back in April, the Microsoft Edge team (known previously as Project Spartan), answered that background downloading was "not currently planned" for Windows 10 Mobile, but they were interested in feedback on the matter.

Today, that answer appears to have shifted to background downloading is in the works. However, you should not expect this feature immediately.

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Microsoft Edge Program Manager Ade Bateman answered the question on Twitter, noting:

"We're working on it but we're not sure when it will be ready. Probably won't be in the first release."

Much like browser extensions it sounds like background downloading is in the cards, but it will not be out with the initial release (whenever that is). Of course, the bigger news here is that the feature is a 'go' making the actual release date a moot point.

Like many aspects of the new OS, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 make the Edge browser just an app. As a result, users should expect Microsoft to update the browser directly through the Store on a frequent basis when new features or revisions are made. This ability contrasts with the current system of needing a full OS update to improve the browser, and it should make Microsoft much more nimble in the browser wars going forward.

The latest Insider release of Windows 10 Mobile (build 10136) saw the addition of a new area where users could see their download history. Presumably, this section could be expanded upon for background downloads as well.

Will you use background downloading on Windows Phone? Let us know in comments.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Mayur P., for the tip!