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Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 Mobile to get background downloading in later release

When it comes to mobile browsing, there are some who want no limits, including the background downloading of files. Although for many this option is of minimal concern, for others it is a highly requested feature. Therefore, questions about what Microsoft next-gen browser – Microsoft Edge – will and will not support is of vital interest.

Back in April, the Microsoft Edge team (known previously as Project Spartan), answered that background downloading was "not currently planned" for Windows 10 Mobile, but they were interested in feedback on the matter.

Today, that answer appears to have shifted to background downloading is in the works. However, you should not expect this feature immediately.

Microsoft Edge Program Manager Ade Bateman answered the question on Twitter, noting:

"We're working on it but we're not sure when it will be ready. Probably won't be in the first release."

Much like browser extensions it sounds like background downloading is in the cards, but it will not be out with the initial release (whenever that is). Of course, the bigger news here is that the feature is a 'go' making the actual release date a moot point.

Like many aspects of the new OS, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 make the Edge browser just an app. As a result, users should expect Microsoft to update the browser directly through the Store on a frequent basis when new features or revisions are made. This ability contrasts with the current system of needing a full OS update to improve the browser, and it should make Microsoft much more nimble in the browser wars going forward.

The latest Insider release of Windows 10 Mobile (build 10136) saw the addition of a new area where users could see their download history. Presumably, this section could be expanded upon for background downloads as well.

Will you use background downloading on Windows Phone? Let us know in comments.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Mayur P., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • The whole article is good except your last question you asked to the readers Daniel. It's so childish. Will we use?! Of course we will. Who doesn't want background downloading?
  • I couldn't care less about it. So, no, not childish. Also, lighten up. My guess is this: In developed economies, this is not a big deal since many of us have tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. Why do I need to download a file on my phone when I can bust out my X1 Carbon with LTE? (And as mentioned below, faster internet speeds all affect the need for this feature). This is a bigger deal in emerging markets where such luxuries are not as common, making the phone their primary computing device ergo people "really need" this feature. That's fine, but it is not correct to assume that everyone cares about this addition. This is pretty much reflected here in comments.
  • Well..wouldn't you just like to start a download, continue whatever activity you were doing and see the download completed next time you look at your phone again?
  • That's kind of the whole point. What on Earth would you be wanting to download onto your phone from a website anyway? I mean, I'm glad we will have feature parity -- I know that's important from a marketing standpoint, but I just don't see myself ever using it. Any file of any material size that I want on my phone is going to come via an app, like podcasts or the app store.
  • Well if you use your phone for music (if you download music illegally) you can just download albums straight from a website.
    Some people like to download videos on their phones as well (Illegally downloading movies). Stuff like that. But, yeah, that's just some people.
  • E.g. Downloading a bigger PDF file or files to study.
    Over the cellular network this download could take some time, especially if you're in a train.
  • For me, music. I do album pledges a lot and get digital downloads of said albums. It's easier if I can download it direct to my phone without having to sit there with the browser open the whole time.
  • Exactly. Emerging economy or not... +Daniel Rubino... I switch away from Windows Phone for the lack of multitasking; one of the biggest issues for me was that: Downloading / uploading in the background. I wanted to share images with friends, and I selected 10 pictures to upload via an app. I clicked upload, it canceled / paused the upload every time the screen turned off... Let alone changing screens!   If their phone is going to be their main means of internet, then OF COURSE they'd care! I'm mostly in front of a PC during the day and always have access, and this is an important feature for me......
  • Uhh..I want to start a video download and then out the phone away in my pocket or move to a different app rather than keep Edge in the forefront? That's hardly a trivial feature and Android at least has had that feature for years. That was one if the things I really missed when I switched.
  • "That's hardly a trivial feature "
    No one is calling it trivial, just not something universally needed or desired.
  • Universally even a smart phone is not needed nor desired but feature rich is always better. There's a possibility that anybody in any part of the world at some point would want to able to download in the background and at the point if it is not there it would be a bit annoying. Arguing blue is better than green is stupid but for some blue IS better.
  • Agreed.
  • Because of the Universal capability of these apps background operations should be built in as a normal function of W10 in general.
  • Could it end up being the case that once one uses it a few times, its absence would be sorely missed, sort of like the back button after having come from iOS? That's about how I envision sentiment about it developing.
  • Just that anyone who has used an Android device and then does start downloading something on WP, only to realize that the download stops as soon as it loses focus, will likely get annoyed at the absence of this basic functionality. Why are you downplaying this? This is just another of the unnecessary oversights that causes people to say Android is better and does more. The absence is annoying, just like the absence of a pivot on the W10M hamburger menu is annoying. I see you downplaying that problem also, even though that and all the related moving things to the top and upper left admittedly received the most negative feedback.
  • Most people don't download a video from a browser. They usually stream it now. If they do download it, it is usually from an app that sells videos. People who pirate movies still download from a browser.
  • People who pirate movies download them from torrents. Overall I think they should add the feature but download only the files we choose so it won't slow it down
  • I have all the devices you mentioned but I still want background downloading. Being able to use another device is beside the point. I've noticed you always downplay the unavailability of a feature on windows phone with, "I and the developed world don't need it". Quite silly.
  • No, quite opinion, not silly. These are all opinions, nothing more, nothing less. Arguing about it is like saying blue is better than green. I've noticed you always downplay people's opinions by calling them "silly" (and using 'quite' before it does not change the tone). And yes, I do believe this is a bigger deal in emerging markets for the reasons I stated and the one noted below (slower internet speeds, making the download take longer).
  • What do you classify as an emerging market?
  • I agree. Background downloading in the browser is not something I've ever missed either. However, a more generalized solution to this background downloading problem, like a centralized download manager that is used by all apps (not just Edge) is something I've seen people call for over and over again in our forums, and I've since been convinced that's absolutely necessary (people downloading their four dozen podcasts they've subscribed to, in preperation for their morning commute, is the most typical example). That would be a very sought after feature! I don't get why MS is making this specific to Edge rather than a general OS concept. W10M's big brother has supported something like this ever since W7 and then improved upon it in W8: It's a mystery to me why MS can't bring this down to the smartphone, which would likely be a view that is accessible via the action centre which lists: all files which are queued for downloading icon of the app which queud the file their size ETA status (paused, failed, etc) This would be so much cleaner and more consistent than every app doing that for themselves, or in WP's case, more likely not supporting background downloading at all. :-( *sigh*
  • I totally agree with that comment
  • Agreed ! I am from an emerging market and have my phone as the only device , so yes its hell of a requirement for me and most of the indians but you just cant deny the fact the above sammyD97 mentioned....and its not only you ...we all windows phone users sound like this and we try to explain why we don't need it . Why cant we just have it all and leave the users decide what to use and what to not..for eg: What on earth is a podcast? I've never used it ( and don't seem to be using it in. Near future) but doesn't means we don't need them because we can find alternatives.... We just want them because not having them is not an option. Just like background downloads....just because you don't care .....
  • Actually! Its not only about developed or developing or under developed economies.... Its all about the size of file being downloaded and internet speed.... So people facing low speed connectivity issues or those downloading a large enough file while they have only their phone/s in hand.... Background downloading is really helpful.... What you are saying if true then there is no need of continuum in phones as everybody would have a tab laptop along with his/her smartphone on the go......
  • True.
  • Yes, you're right on some account. Here in India, we don't get blazing fast internet speed everywhere so we tend to stay till download completes then exit.
  • It's okay to be bully headed sometimes but you were little cocky there, and your comment shows that you look down upon people from emerging market. I just have one thing to say "Get well soon bro"..
  • I don't agree with his comment. But where exactly does he "look down" on developing economies? He said in the developing economies people are likely to have less devices per person and are facing lower speeds. How is that looking down? You should get well soon and not overdramatize something that has been said
  • Maybe just MAYBE most of us only have a phone and desktop and we would like to download stuff in the background instead of waiting to get home. Not everyone is able to have a "X1 Carbon with LTE" but whatever.
  • ^this. Yes.
  • The thing is you live in USA and you have a good downloading speed. Not all countries have that privilege so in order to download large files we want background downloading very badly on our phones.
  • "Why do I need to download a file on my phone when I can bust out my X1 Carbon with LTE?" Serious?!! Why wouldn't I download a file if my quota allows it???? Stop defending Windows Phone man.... Why a background download so difficult for MS to implement till date??? Whether the user want to use it or not, is all up to the user. Why MS must enforce it?? If the user is so dumb to busted his quota for the month, that's his fault and blame for his own foolishness! You know what makes windows phone not able to pick its market share?? Is all these lame excuses like yours.
  • With continuum, we might get to a point where less devices are necessary, and for that people would want to download stuff on their phones.
  • But due to no background downloading in apps,browsers.i cant recommend window mobile to is must having feature in every app if MS want to succeed in india.m also very surprised by ur question.
  • I understand that this feature is not a requirement for your personal needs, however as you have already stated this feature is requested by many and it is available on other platforms. Microsoft needs to stop playing catch-up and release an OS with feature parity and then some. They need to stop releasing features in piecemeal and more importantly announce something to arrive way way later. This is beyond one persons needs or even the needs of a group. This is about being competitive and getting to a stage where everything from marketing to features is executed properly.
  • Lol on the developed economy.
  • Yes, I have a Dell Inspiron 5548 which is where I download from the Internet, but many folks where I live don't have enough money to purchase a laptop, their old PC desktops use Windows Vista or XP and delay 5 minutes to boot, thats unnaceptable but they cannot afford a new PC or a laptop, that's why they should go with a phone like the Lumia 435 on a pre-paid plan. For these people, a smartphone is a much better experience that substitutes their old PC desktop with Vista which is now abandoned since it wastes too much electricity and increases energy bills.
  • Pretty much that summarizes all, I live in an emerging market and there are 120 million people, from which 105 million have a cellphone (in average, also consider kids younger than 15 can or cannot have a cellphone depending on its parents permission).
    It is calculated that 56% of those 105 million have a smartphone. This means 46.2 million people still use feature phones (dumb phones). Microsoft still has a lot of opportunity in Mexico (where I live) to promote Windows Phone growth on these people which don't have a mobile data plan, they have prepaid plan and deposit about $US 7.00 ($MX 100 pesos) for their cell phone credit each month on convenience stores called Oxxo.
  • Yes we do!!
  • Your question to solicitation of feedback by Daniel used poor wording or was just rude. Childish? Why bother with such a comment?
  • Daniel can ask whatever they want. and I don't care about background downloading because I rarely download anything on my phone especially if it will take minutes to be a background task.
  • Thats what they said about Mein Fuhrer !!!
  • I never download any files on my phone except for maybe a pdf. So no, it's not a must have feature for a lot of people. Maybe it's time to consider there's more world beyond your own POV.
  • Like him, even you or your thoughts don't comprise of everyone's.
  • How about a game of size lets say 700mb-1gb?(don't argue, there are many) You put download and the very next moment you get some important text/whatsapp/call/whatever. What do you do?
    Background downloading is a must and necessary feature in a bloody modern era browser which boasts to beat other leading browsers. SMH.
  • As Daniel already mentioned, such downloads on WP are typically handled by dedicated apps such as the Store in the case of games you have cited. Those have supported background downloads and installation forever.
    I'm also not really into background downloads on phones, nice to have but it'll probably never get any use from me. Most 'serious' work that demands huge downloads and real multitasking is still a desktop and laptop affair for me.
  • That was an example for a very big file size. :/ As someone above suggested, background download should be an OS thing and not app to app.
  • Seriously ? Just think its actually an addition of feature required by the rest of the world other than "there's more world beyond your own POV". Since MS is selling a big chunk of its phones,which are mostly low-ends to mid-range, in emerging market too, It must take care of background downloading. Yep , we actually like to download stuff on the go . 
  • Childish? Do you realize how juvenile that sounds?
  • Huh? I thought juvenile meant childish?
  • Not childish at all. I, for one, will turn off the feature if I can. Cell data is not an unlimited resource, nor is a phone's battery, etc. Beyond that, I generally use a mobile browser in a different way than the one on my tablet and my workstation: single page with the info I wanted, then off to a totally different one for something else--IOW, the kind of browsing background loading is useless for.
  • Just bring it...
  • Rofl..... Who need the features of a smart phone??? I have a LAPTOP. I can use it for facebook, twitter, dropbox, Microsoft Office, play hd games, check my email, skype etc etc. Only thing that my LAPTOP can't do is make calls.
    Can my windows phone make calls? Oh yes!!! This is the best os ever.
    Who needs the above mentioned features on a phone!!! Duh!!! Only the unlucky, poor peoples..... who can't afford a LAPTOP.
  • You my friend , have won it all ...:)
  • Fuck you microsoft. Without background windows is a java. I regret to buy windows that have not even background support. I want this feature.
  • Java is Android.
  • Not in first realease? Then when?
  • Probably later.
  • Ok. Thank you. Hope it will available in final build.
  • Probably not if they're now working on it, I'd expect in maybe a "GDR 1" (or what ever they call it) release.
  • There will likely not be a need for 'GDR1' as Edge can be updated directly through the Store as an app update.
  • Well this is great news. Edge can get updates from store.
  • Daniel, your comments are always entertaining.
  • Agreed! I frankly look forward to them.
  • Yeah, condescending belittling of people is really entertaining, isn't it! ;)
  • @_@
  • Everybody wants this! None of the browsers available on wp supports this. Even uc cannot do this properly.
  • Have you tried enabling the background option in battery saver?
  • UC does it very fine, even opera mini handles downloads good.
  • Hey pallav.... I tried uc background downloading.... And it is nice and working fine for me....
  • 8 GB files done without any hiccups. Wrong there bro.
  • when you switch into other tabs, then yes, but what if you switch to another app, especially those which use RAMs most?
  • 8 GB ? What the hell were you downloading ? :D
  • Thanks
  • Yes!
  • I haven tried the preview, yet. Can someone tell me if the browsing experience is finally comparable to iOS and Android in Edge?
  • The latest version of Edge is really getting good imo. It will be faster than other browsers, I am fairly confident in that. It's just a very light and quick app now.
  • I've reset my AT&T several times just to try to upgrade to win10. Damn, no luck so far. Stuck at the gears for a while and kept restarting on and on and on. Now back to 8.1... Maybe wait for the next build. Who knows how to solve error code 80070057?
  • Don't do that now.. Makes phone really really slow.. I had to revert my 520 back to 8.1.. Not even a day
  • It's a hard drive error in the desktop version. Bing for more info on the phone version.
  • How does it do with rendering pages correctly? When MSFT changed to the iOS user agent string web pages got a lit worse for me on WP.
  • ^THIS is what I really wanted to know!
  • rendering is good , the main thing i actually like about spartan it doesn't flickers like ie11 on wp.
  • What about scroll delay? IE11 doesn't scroll instantly; it waits half a second and then jumps, as if there is some sort of touch detection delay. IE is the only app that I've seen do that. Does Edge fix this?
  • Yeah that stuttering you talk about, on PC at least it still happens but i read that it has to do with certain sites and the types of advertisements they use. Some Ads delay the pointer. Thats with a mouse however, when i use my touch screen laptop i can scroll right away. Btw i was able to confirm it was Ads because when i enabled EasyList to remove ads IE11 is blazing fast and i can scroll right away even if the page is still loading
  • Yup exact same experience as you. Tried adblock and ghostery first, performance plumeted. Then just went with lists, and there's no going back
  • Scroll and zoom is a lot better in this build. Even on low-end devices don't have lag anymore.
  • even on a lower specs on the computer, loading Edge is noticeably faster than FF or Chrome or even IE its own brother.
  • Yeah Edge is blazing fast now. Sites like the verge that had major IE problems load fine for me with edge.
  • The verge site sucks. Its slow on ie and other browsers too.
  • Really, is VERY fast
  • UCBrowser has all these. Hmm official channel is always slow. EDGE was supposed to include best of all browsers as its grounds up design...
  • "EDGE was supposed to include best of all browsers as its grounds up design..."
    No, this is your projection of a history that did not happen. Edge is a browser platform that they can build upon, starting from scratch. The notion that in one release Microsoft could build a browser with all the features (and more!) than the competition undermines the very notion of the complexity involved in building web browsers to begin with. If you were under the impression that building a browser from scratch would see it excel in niche functions for mobile on its first release, then that is on you for having crazy expectations of software development.
  • Preach.
  • Am fine with the delay as long as it comes with all those best features that made other browsers popular. App design will surely help in periodic delivery of goodness. Yes, I agree that its tough to deliver all in v1.0 being a dev myself. But sometimes I feel/hope Microsoft does some magic. :)
  • And as a normal person, as long as Edge just shows web pages, I don't care for all the bolt ons the whiners want. Soccer mom does not want plugins. And most the people who want plugins, want an ad-blocker, the ads that pay for you to read sites like this for free. Will they then go on to moan they have to pay for news or wpcentral dissappear (yes is the answer BTW).    
  • I think for a 1.0 release, Edge is a huge leap forward. Even more, since it is an app and using the latest standards, Microsoft can quickly iterate and update devices with a newer version. Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox are all built on legacy software now, years of stacking on features making them more bulky.
  • Wil it be a store universal app ? If yes, can you see edge in store beta ?
  • I know you're taking about the mobile version, but Microsoft seriously can't hope to win over chrome if they can't improve edge on the PC. No one is going to use it if it can't render YouTube as fast as chrome, and if it keeps crashing so much. I hope the final build of edge is much more stable than the one in the preview builds, otherwise edge will be a failure. A member on the edge team here confirmed that background audio is in the works for edge, so it's good to know they're listening.
  • Great news
  • It's a MUST feature if not better don't release or figure it out how to merge with google chrome.
  • ???
  • Google Edge?
  • Chromedge?
  • Chredge!
  • Yea, wtf? Lol... 3rd grader is in the house. Everyone... Watch your language around this one.
  • WTF?????
  • Forgive the kid.
  • Option to download in the background is what I most need!
  • Why? I'm not trying to be snarky, just trying to see the use case.
  • Did you read the initial comments..?
  • I want to be able to download in the background too. Sometimes I'm hanging with family and they live in rural areas. They don't have wifi because they can't get it in the area, and I only get like 1 or 2 bars of signal there. So sometimes I want to download a song or video there, because it's better to have it downloaded and have to wait maybe 10 minutes (slow signal) than to stream it and have it buffering like crazy. Of course, if it's going to take 10 minutes to download, I'd like to be able to do something else, not sit there with the browser open the entire time.  So yes, background downloading is a MUST feature.
  • Bye 3rd party browsers. ❤ Edge looks gorgeous in black theme on phone as well as on PC.
  • MIght help MS, but the biggest thing MS have to fix is that most people have Google as their homepage. Then Goggle pump msgs at you to download Chrome. I use IE now for the majority of my browsing anyway, its OK- but Edge on 10 is nice. Loving 10 so far.
  • MS needs to focus on Bing search engine after launching Windows 10.
  • Need to hire good marketing and developing person for bing. Anyone frm twitter or frm Facebook maybe.
  • This is the most important feature. Can't believe it never came to IE. Hopefully they still manage to push it out on the first release still.
  • Ade Batman! Lol
  • And the batman is always right. ;)
  • so Batman isn't a myth anymoure?
  • I am having my doubts about Windows 10 for phones. I feel like they might be repeating history. When Windows Phone 8.0 came out, it felt somewhat unfinished, with what most would describe as "essential" features missing. I'd rather they delay the launch and release it with a flagship.
  • There is no launch date quite yet, so nothing to delay. Once Windows 10 desktop releases in July, much of that team jumps to Mobile. If you see how much desktop has improved in the last few releases, especially the latest leaked one, you should have confidence. Judging the current state of an OS based on what is essentially alpha/beta testing without knowledge of the roadmap/goals is quite premature.
  • Agreed Daniel. I'm amazed how MS have taken a relatively shonky beta on 10, to an almost production ready 10 in a matter of months. I've never seen MS move this quickly, and I hope this is the new "one Microsoft" and divisions being given back to the techies like Scott Gu and Myerson, and out of the hands of career politicians and the awful stack ranking that went on at MS. Things are looking good the mob in Seattle. E3 was totally owned by Xbox this year. Good for them. And good for us!
  • I am a member of both the desktop and mobile previews and I agree, the speed of improvements is impressive, but that's not really what I'm commenting on. Ade Bateman says it probably won't make the first release. By first I assume he means the first release on the first W10 phones sold, or is that incorrect?
    I remember the launches of WP7 and 8 with their respective flagships. The phones themselves were pretty much universally praised, but many reviewers felt the OS seemed incomplete. I think that was a fair assessment. Not something that dissuaded some of us mind you.
    I just hope that they don't repeat such a move a third time. I appreciate there is no release date, but I feel they'd be far better off ensuring the OS isn't half baked before that day comes. Perhaps then adoption of the platform will be higher.
  • First release of the Edge app, AFAIK.
  • Yes.
  • Simple things that should've existed millenniums' ago. Lol
  • Maybe. I have not see any numbers about how many people actually (and routinely) download files in the background on their smartphone. My guess is, once again, this is a niche feature that power users want. Since they are so vocal, they over shout the majority of users who really could care less about this addition (do people on iOS ever talk about this?).
  • I sometimes use my phone to download files via torrent or otherwise because its easier and then transfer them to my laptop using a OTG pen drive. For now, I use my OnePlus but would surely like to have it on my windows phone. It sucks that torrent downloads stop on turning of the screen.
  • Come to India u will know what is the value of background downloading. My brother don't wants to buy a Lumia just because it doesn't have background downloading. Internet is very slow in India. People spend more time in smartphone rather than any else. And who will not want to play game or do other task while downloading a file.
  • and your brother means everyone in India?... did you even read what Daniel said? "this is a niche feature that power users want" I don't agree with "power users" but most people don't care about this, now they are developing Edge from scratch and as a universal app they can add all these features easier and faster, but that doesn't change how these features are something few users want. Again your brother isn't whole India or the world. it's just One person among million of Windows Phone users who don't even download files besides apps on store.
  • Ok, so this is the second time you have defended Daniel because You and Daniel supposedly can whip your other devices and get your work done. But for the people who are one the go or people who use mobile as a primary device or people who love surfing over mobiles, this is god send. My PC is my Go-To device for browsing, surfing, reading and downloading. But there are some stuff which I want want with me all the time. Some songs and videos that I want to watch anytime I want, so if I am on the same Wi-Fi network, why should I download that stuff on my PC then hook my cell to it and transfer when I can simply download it on my phone? UCBrowser does gangbuster job on this end, have downloded GBs of data on my phone. So does my cousin and plus another 7 friends who house Windows Phone. But, it doesn't let you switch apps or lock screen. Also, how do you call a feature "niche for power user" when someone even haven't used it? Because he hasn't seen routinely seen someone downloding files on phone? I have seen like 100+ people routinely downloading files on their phone, so can beat the drum and call it massively used feature? What if it's lauched and Millions of Windows Phone users use it, will it be still niche? And how do you know most people don't care about this? How many people do you know around you who have WPs and don't care. Because I know some 50 peoples from extended friend circle, who have WPs and would certainly care about this. Looking at the Market stats where market share dip in the US where as it still growing in Developing Countries; I think Developed Countries are "niche" here, not the other way around. The amount of people I have seen doing background downloading on their Android phone is staggering, so nope it's not niche. If he or his brother's aren't the whole world, same applies to you. Get off that high horse.
  • Yea right. These people..... They buy glorified feature phones (lumias) and expect it to work like a real smart phone. They don't realise that the world doesn't need the smart phone features..... all they need is a feature phones.
  • Daniel, most of the times your comments are apt, funny and precise. But in this case, your guess is plain wrong. At least I know plenty of WP users who are wating for this feature, both no so tech savvy to tech savvy. Also you forgot that Low End is driving force behind WP, which means for most of the WP users might not have a second device. Thus, people can't whip out a laptop and do downloding on it, they are stuck with a Phone. So majority of WP user base is directly benefiting by this very feature. Redering your "niche feature for power user" wrong. WP is a blip on a radar in Developed countries, while it's doing well in developing countries, so saying that Developed countries doesn't need this so it's a niche feature is oblivious. And regarding iOS, iPhone is a premium device. Here in India, you can buy 5-7 Lumia 640 for a single iPhone. Hell, you can even get a new shiny bike forking out lesser bucks. So anyone who can afford iPhone, aleady has a PC or MAC. Plus, iOS users are darn loyal. Most of them haven't used anything else for that matter. Most of the time they snub any useful feature in Android and WP but will hail Apple when it's included in iOS later. While WP is a middle ground of Android and iOS, it has to be temptative enough to make at least Android guys jump paltforms.
  • I would surely use it. Thumbs up
  • Daniel, I've sent you news tip about HTC 8X getting an Windows 10 preview update, any confirmation on that?
  • That dark theme looks good :D
  • All I want is a Forward button.  Why is that too much to ask?
  • All I want is to be able set a home page...
  • Exactly this. Or even in the notion of mainstreaming the phone OS, a home page with pinned/favorite websites wouldbe much appreciated !
  • I'll be very happy for all those users who finally get this feature they want so badly. But honestly I've probably needed this only three or four times in the last three years. I just don't seem to do much downloading from the browser on mobile.
  • all I want is to be the same parity between the Edge desktop and the Edge for mobile. and, yes, being able to set a homepage is useful.
  • Oh yes, this is a must if you went a true mobile experience.
  • Such a basic feature should have been present on WP8, hell even wp7.5
  • They weren't planning for it?? Seriously??
  • Great that many more things to look forward to are coming.
  • One of the areas where android is ahead. Not just on the browser, other apps like torrent apps especially should also be able to do background downloading like in android.
  • +525 +730
  • Only background download make me feel bad abt windows phone
  • Better late than never. Like others have already said, it really is a basic feature. Can't imagine what on earth a mobile internet browser without having a download manager would have it's fate today. Unless everyone has a 50MBPS internet connection, it becomes absolutely important to have a dedicated download manager in background while you do your own stuff on the web.
  • Ya. Exactly. The 10000 people on America and the 100ms employe doesn't need it because they have high speed intenet. LoL
  • 100ms? even those who have 100ms ping don't have a high internet speed, like in my country.
  • The only reason I switched to UC Browser is because IE didn't have a "Forward" button.  (Of course now UC Browser doesn't reload cached pages when I go "Back" on my L830). This is silly.  O_o  Why do they not include a basic, essential browser function?  So frustrating.  >_<
  • IE has supported swiping forward since WP 8.1.
  • You can swipe forward in IE even now.
  • +legacy620
  • I don't care about that... All I want to support extensions for Edge... Although I like its performance and is very smooth at such an early stage but it requires the features which are already present in other browsers... Then it will surely goodbye the google!!!
  • You're telling me extensions are more universally useful than a FORWARD function?
  • i see lots of people complaining about lack of forward button. You know you can go back and forward by swiping left/ right on ie right?
  • But for now (build 10136), you can't do the same in project spartan! On the op question, yes, extensions are more useful, Adblock alone outnumbers the ''forward button'' requests. 
  • It is not many people, the same person has posted three comments, almost everyone knows about swiping back and forward gestures in IE.
  • Swipe left and right?
    Noob :P
  • ...or make it an option: if you prefer to use swiping to back/forward one page, then the buttons are hidden, and vice versa, if you prefer the buttons, then the swiping is inactive. making it as an option in the Edge's settings can be helpful.
  • Finally they started to learn something, but still its not enough. This feature is a must if MS wants to compete in emerging markets. Windows Phone should be fully functional even though it's not connected to LTE or gigabit WiFi. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • A preview of Windows 11 Mobile.  Awesome.
  • Off topic but whenever we copy something n lock our screen for sometime that thing is gone from clipboard
  • First windowsphone need background app support, in windowsphone 8.1 we can see Resuming
  • What a comedy question asked in the final"will u use background downloading?". Without multi tasking what is a smart phone?? We want this feature right now
  • "We want..." It's a multitude, you sound like a politician.
  • Can anyone tell me that when will the official Windows 10 will release for phone . Not the preview version
  • Q3 2016
  • Latter stages of 2016? Sounds like quite a long time away but if it means Windows 10 Mobile is highly polished and can give Android/iOS a run for their money, I'm willing to wait :)
  • october
  • The team's response has shown Windows 10 mobile release is around the corner. Yippeee!!
  • Edge will be updated through Windows Update.
  • now lets move that address bar down where it belongs
  • address bar at the bottom in the desktop version of Edge would be sexier. even sexier if the bar color matches the theme color!
  • Is there any exact month for the release
  • BS!
  • Yeah I personally almost never download anything on my phone besides the occasional app and PDF. This is why, to me, this feature is completely unnecessary. I respect that other people consider the feature desireable, but I just want Edge on mobile to load up pages properly and quickly. IE leaves that to be desired in its current state =\
  • Who wouldn't use this lol. You can't get around using it. It's a super basic requirement.
  • I get that it's important for many people, but background downloading is not a"basic" or"must have" feature. Microsoft must be commended for planning to add the feature though.
  • Good news...i always thought why windows can not give us background download as it is available in every browser of android
  • I suspect that even some of the biggest proponents will end up rarely even using this. 
  • There are a lot of things people do rather rarely on ther phones, but because there are a lot of them, some are always used, and when those don't work well the whole experience gets annoying. Depending on use, it's a thing that either drives people to or from other platforms.
  • Of course we want....
  • Am i d only one who fell edge is like opera!!!
  • Of course i want it, will only use it occasionally but good to have it rather than opening UC browser, besides we get feature parity with Android too.
  • I'll download something once in a while-but not some huge file where I might switch to another app. Nope, background downloading not something I desperately need. What sucks is people will say WP sucks because the feature isn't there..
  • Well soon enough they won't be able to say it. Problem solved :)
  • But there's background downloading in UC browser right.?
  • but we have to stay on app we cant leave the app
  • If they're serious about continuum, the 'phone' apps have to have these sorts of basic desktop features nailed. With W10M, these are not just 'phones' anymore, but simplified 'full' operating systems. I hope MS has realised that. Continuum would be a joke if you had to sit there and watch it whilst it downloaded that 500mb pdf proof from the marketing team (for example).
  • Of course Yes. Been asking for it for ages. Would also like a current download status integration in action and notification center.
  • Would also like the ability to save webpages for offline use.
  • Of coarse we want it, should be switchable for cell data or wifi
  • Background downloading is must have
  • Good. They finally used their brains
  • Need background downloading down under!
  • When my laptop's window corrupt I use my mobile to download latest built and if there was no uc browser there then it's hard to download it on mobile and then boot it to usb from my neighbour laptop. Background downloading should be there it's quite handy and usefull for many
  • Yes
  • Srly, this is a NEED. And worse, is that isn't hard to implement.
  • It just makes sense for it to be a feature of the OS if Microsoft is pursuing parity between devices.
  • yup! its a great feature.
  • Great. Facebook picture and video upload also should work like this, it's annoying having to keep the app open until the upload completes.
  • Greatly
  • Idiot 535 UPDATE LOTS OF BUG
  • Finally Microsoft...but still app option to save page to read offline in reading list
  • With the build not coming til around the fall why nit allow what apps we want to do background tasks. I would live to have background, the lack thereof currently is why I use uc Browser download manager
  • Fuck you microsoft. Without background windows is a java. I regret to buy windows that have not even background support.
  • Fuck you microsoft. Without background windows is a java. I regret to buy windows that have not even background support. In india ,this is the reason why people don't buy windowsPhone due to lack of background app and downloading. We can't say windows a smartphone until it support background.
  • I prefer they expose the API, and allow web apps to use it
  • OMG so I'd have to sit there and watch my things download and not use the phone. I guess Windows Phone 8.1 does that now in IE, but that sucks. Typical backwards thinking MSFT.....who'd want to use their phone while a 500mb movie downloads anyway right?
  • Yes yes yes yes yes .......................yes
  • Finally my long waited wish is fulfilled.
  • Glad to hear that but not a biggie for me because I just keep the browser open in the background if I'm downloading something.
  • edit: oh sorry, I just realized the article is talking about W10 mobile and I was talking about W10 PC.
  • In lumia 730 navigation bar setting are not there in insider 10147
  • I keep hearing about how Edge will be able to be updated through the Store. But have anyone of you actually experienced that? I haven't and it worries me slightly. Not so much in the sense that it won't be like that at release, but more in the sense of a feature that was not tested properly on such a crucial part of the app OS ecosystem for Windows 10.
  • well.. thats good.. that was only reason i used other browser..
  • Finally.....
  • Include it. Is awesome
  • Yup yup, we want background downloading.
    Miss it completely since i left android
  • Here Windows is backward .
  • Being a #WindowsBhakt; I'd love to wait for this feature available...
  • yes we need background download and if possible download progress should be shown in notification area so that we don't have stay on the download tab
  • It's a very basic feature, available nearly everywhere else, and as such is presumed to be there (imo). It's just one more feature where it seems like they thought: "OHH but only nerds use that, lets leave it out".
  • Yes that's a good news, Symbian was having that function. missing in ie 11 in wp lot but it will coming soon.... Love to see that...hey Daniel I will definitely use it
  • So slow. Laggard Microsoft
  • Definitely!
  • Yes...background download is a very very essential feature for countries where the net speed is not too high... Here in India, I get a max of 1MBps and an average of 500KBps , and to download a file of size about 100MB, it takes so much time, and meanwhile, I need to keep the app open... Now, this is irritating... I can't reply to someone's text, can't go to home page to check something, and most importantly, can't even turn of the screen. So, background download is must for any good browser.
  • U could use uc browser's background download feature. The download will continue even after u exit the browser
  • We want the default build-in browser to have this feature, not 3rd party ones. Windows phones has been to dependent on 3rd party apps. We need to stop that. Simple tasks like this should be available right from the native apps. Is already mid of year 2015 yet Windows phones are still so crippled as compared to Symbian.
  • I think that it will be a massive help when using continuum so yes for me
  • I use it all the time on 3rd party apps, so yes please add it Microsoft.
  • Uc browser already has this feature named as "background download" with only setback that it only works on wifi or 3G+ network and not over 2G.
  • Shouldn't be too difficult to implement I'd imagine. After all Music downloads in the background, and OneDrive uploads in the background with no problems
  • Hi,
    I am using Lumia 730 dual sim and I had installed windows 10 preview update through windows insider 2 months ago. However, dual sim was not working in my phone and there were hanging issues also. Later, it created lot of issues and now I am back to my old version windows 8.1.
    Please tell me if windows 10 preview is now supporting dual sim in Lumia 730 dual sim phone? Is there still hanging issues after updating through windows insider?
  • Definitely I would use background downloading.
  • Uhhh, yeah! This feature is definitely needed!
  • That's pretty awesome and glad it's finally coming to Windows after these years. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If you want background download use UC Browser.
  • Coooool
  • At laaast
  • UC is a joke . Page layout like chineez mobile.
  • Yea UC just uses the WebView control and it's also been found to be collecting peoples data. I wouldn't use UC Browser myself. But then again I'm waiting for the next iPhone because judging by what you see of Windows 10 Mobile now, it's not gunna be ready anytime soon and when it is it will be bare bones with a "coming soon" label on everything. Was totally appalled when the Messages alpha or beta app or whatever it is pulled my SMS backup into it and just mashed everything up with duplicate entries and did just about everything wrong that it could possibly think to do wrong...on my WXGA screen the message prompts don't even display correctly all squished up and stuff, it's a joke. iOS is looking more and more a refined machine to this heap of rubbish.
  • Uc background don't work in 2g.
  • Yess we would like to download background..
  • Fix Downloading large file issue...
  • Tasks running in the background should be available just not for downloads, for services those are dependent over open sockets. Example legacy SIP implementations and for servers like IRC which will never get the push infrastructure. Hopefully Microsoft would implement such...
  • Afcource we will use it .
  • Well if you want to change anything please bring back the battery sign that old one.
  • Can you background download with an iPhone using Safari?
  • dan. All i want is last pass support asap.