A Microsoft employee and ardent Windows phone fan explains his switch to Android

Several months ago, while I was at Microsoft's Redmond, Washington headquarters, most Microsoft employees I saw with smartphones didn't use Windows phones. With Android claiming 84% share and the iPhone approximately 15%, statistically speaking, most Microsoft employees use iPhones and Android phones.

There are some die-hard Windows phone fans among Microsoft's ranks, however. Just as with the non-Microsoft employee fan base, however, that number's decreasing. Adharsh Kannan, a data scientist at Microsoft, is among the ranks of those defectors. Kannan is a fan who loves and still sees the value of the platform. For reasons he expressed in a LinkedIn post (opens in new tab), however, he felt compelled to switch to Android.

Microsoft employee, Adharsh Kannan, felt compelled to switch to Android.

Kannan doesn't speak for Microsoft in the post where he shares his journey to Windows phone and ultimately to Android. Nor does his perspective as a data scientist at Microsoft suggest any privileged insights or access to details of Microsoft's mobile strategy that would have influenced his decision either way.

His voice is that of a disappointed fan and consumer who is also a Microsoft employee.

Inside perspective

It's interesting, nonetheless, to view Microsoft's mobile dilemma through an employee's eyes.

Interestingly, the company which employs an individual does little to shape their preference of a device that is the hub to their very personal digital experiences. The impact and highly personal nature of smartphones begins in our personal lives after all.

For instance, Kannan's interest in Windows Mobile was piqued as a developer: "I was…keenly interested in developing more applications that were Windows Mobile based." He continues:

I continued my journey with Windows Mobile all the way through Windows Phone 7, Mango, Tango, Apollo and today with the latest Windows Update to my Nokia Lumia 1520.

Kannan's experiences reflect those of many Windows phone fans. In this piece we'll see what Kannon views as strengths of the platform that still appeal to him as well as weaknesses that pushed him to switch to Android.

Glass half full

Kannan is a proud Microsoft employee. Amidst criticisms levied against Redmond's mobile efforts, even from his fellow employees, Kannan raises a bold and practical defense. He highlights several unique things Redmond has brought to market that are a benefit to Window phones and the Universal Windows Platform.

Tile Notifications

Kannan notes that Microsoft's Tile notifications offer users more information than the tiny badges that iOS sticks on it static icons or Android's mere icons in the status bar. Tile notifications can provide a summary of content whereas a badge is limited to giving a number reflecting how many notifications may be within a certain app.

Will Microsoft evolve Live Tile functionality beyond its "glance and go" origins to the cancelled "exploding tile" feature that has excited so many fans?

One Core

Both Apple and Google have asserted that different software is better suited for different form factors. Thus, Android fans may never see the rumored merger of Chrome and Android: Andromeda.

The strength of Microsoft's One Core concept goes beyond the common UI many focus on. A single core simplifies the end to end "development to user experience process" for developers and users for all form factors. There's just one platform for which to develop and one Store from which to distribute and acquire apps.


Kannan is proud of Microsoft's success with Continuum:

We are the first company to bring 'Continuum,' a means by which your phone could be used as a ubiquitous computer powerful enough to help one write this article on a full screen.I have used the wireless version of it using my Xbox and I felt one of those proud moments as an employee.

Many criticize Continuum's current state as if it's Redmond's final vision.

Beaming our smartphone screens to larger displays reveals an evolution in human-tech behavior.

Keep in mind that smartphones have put word processing, web browsing, instant messaging, media editing and other previously PC-centric tasks in the palms of our hands. Furthermore, "beaming" our smartphone displays to larger screens and modern televisions via various means reveals an evolution in the industry and consumer behavior toward using our smartphones as a hub when a larger display is practical.

This behavior coupled with the "PC-in-the-pocket" that smartphones have become, joined with the more PC-like functionality coming to Continuum points toward a practicality of the Continuum vision.

Ironically, Samsung may be positioning to benefit from this phenomenon by bringing a Continuum-like feature to its next flagship.

Where did Microsoft go wrong?

So where does Kannan feel Microsoft went wrong? He asserts Microsoft's initial charging of OEMs (that were using Android for free) for using Windows Phone was detrimental. He also acknowledges "Apple was [manufacturing] so many phones they had completely bought in the production capacity of many factories." Finally, developers didn't feel they'd make money with Windows Phone's closed source platform.

So what drove Kannan to Android?

…I am having to switch to Android because of the economy of scale that exists in their [Android] developer ecosystem. Toyota Bluetooth does not pair seamlessly with Windows Phone while Android and iOS work perfectly fine.

As with many disenchanted fans the app gap is the culprit. Though we're headed toward an intelligent app AI and bot ecosystem and Gartner predicts a 20% decline in apps by 2020 (confirming my own predictions), apps are still relevant.

I've asserted Microsoft must, among other things, bring more developer support to the platform via the app Bridges if a Surface phone is to succeed. Furthermore, Microsoft's Xamarin acquisition provides developers with tools to build cross-platform apps. Their Wand Labs acquisition gives them access to tech that allows users to use apps they don't even have.

We need to see "app yielding" progress with the Bridges, Xamarin and Wand Labs in 2017. As OEMs like HP, Alcatel, WhartonBrooks and others embrace Windows Mobile, and cellular PCs enter the market leading up to a presumed 2018 launch of a Surface phone, such progress would be welcome.

Kannan concludes, "If there is the slightest chance of recovery of the Apps Ecosystem in Windows Phone, you will find me going back to my Windows Phone." I have a feeling he wouldn't be alone.

Jason Ward

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • Thanks for reading folks! A general lack of passion from Microsoft employees for Windows phone is not news to us. Nor is the growing number of switchers. It is interesting, however, to view things from the perspective of a Microsoft employee who is a big Windows phone fan, who still loves the platform and decides to switch. It speaks to the personal nature of smartphones and the place they have in our lives that transcends one place of employment. I wrote a piece called Windows Mobile and the enterprise Part IV: Microsoft Smartphones are personal that speaks to that point:http://www.windowscentral.com/windows-mobile-and-enterprise-part-iv-microsoft-needs-take-mobile-personal-smartphones-are-personal Also, as I note in the piece Kannans position doesn't suggest that he is privy to any privileged information about Microsoft's mobile strategy or upcoming devices so his decision wasn't affected by that. Microsoft is a big company with 100,000 employees and many divisions. Most employees likely know as much or as little as the passionate news hungry fans. So what are your thoughts? Does Kannan's decision to switch to Android affect you in any way? LET'S TALK!!!!
  • No I shouldn't.  But it does speak volumes.  But I'm not surprised.  Over the years it seems MS has a love affair with Android and iOS so its not surprising that their employees would as well.  When the leader is using another brand it provides cover.  Let's face it, Microsoft doesn't really care about it's own product (other than lip service) so why should it's employees.  As they say, show us.  Don't tell us.  Microsoft can say all they want.  But their actions tells the bigger story.  Sad but true. Long live my Lumia 830!
  • I wouldn't categorize business interests as a "love affair".
  • I would when it is an unreasonable infatuation with the cool kid of the moment.  Microsoft looks like a desperate suitor.  We **NEVER** hear about how many iDroid users are being converted to revenue generating products after so many FREE apps are being dumped on them like flowers and candy.  We complain about the apps that Microsoft makes available and sometimes I go look  at the Play Store and it will see 50K downloads.  REALLY????  Yeah, there are more users in Android, but they don't care about Microsoft.  The only people over there that care about Microsoft seem to be the Windows Phone/Mobile refugees who have no real home.  They decorate the place with Microsoft, but it's just not home. 
  • And, you know... Those of us who operate a PC. I've never had a Windows phone, but I run Microsoft apps and apps with desktop counterparts on my Android phone because they talk to my computer, as do many others, and I often wish they worked better. Honestly, your comment is ridiculous, and I don't think you've got any idea what you're banging on about. It's on me, I probably should've known to stop reading at "iDroids".
  • I know. Anyone who doesn't do what you do or buy what you buy, doesn't make sense. You've figured out what we should all do.
  • You do realise your response has nothing to do with what I said? At no point did I claim that I know what you or anyone else who isn't me should use. It seems you take Androids popularity compared to Windows phone rather personally, and harbour much hostility to those who use it.
  • The unwarranted arrogance is astounding.  Please note that context is a thing.  After calling my comment "ridiculous" you then laid out your scenario as if you just dropped the mic.  ​To use your own folksy superiority speak, it is you who hasn't "any idea what you're banging on about".  As I own and use BOTH an Android and a Windows Mobile.  Have a great day.  I'm sure you have many people to judge.
  • You mention superiority and judgement while your original comment drips with both, claiming that no android users except the "windows phone refugees" care about Microsoft's platform and brazenly attempting to insult Android users multiple times. I would call that hypocrisy...
  • Well, we agree on that. You would call it that.
  • @dalydose 1  v  @fuzzylumpkin 1
    ​Both your points are relevant and a simple addition to a word such as 'majority' of windows refugees may have quelled this whole banter. However dalydose did say 'seems to be' and did not claim that 'no android users except the "windows phone refugees" fuzzylumpkin asserted. ​The point being that there seems to be but a few that really utilize the apps and services Microsoft has developed for the other platforms (idroid = iOS and Android), let alone the Windows mobile platform. I'm a big Microsoft user, (IT Professional), and even with a Windows phone I use the Office apps rarely if at all (perhaps to view a document or spreadsheet occasionally), ​I hope that MS understand that phones are a very personal device, and requires a personal touch i.e. relevant to consumers and not just 'enterprise'. Even enterprise have their decisions made by individuals which in some part derive their decisions by personal experiences. Aside from all that to allow this mobile degredation to continue would seriously cripple Microsoft covering all the bases and its goal of 'Microsoft everywhere' ecosystem. ​My 950XL has come a long way from being a messy mush of Dec 2015 Windows 10 for mobile to what it is now, although much more needs to be done in terms of polish and sorting out many of the small problems. The article suggests more needs to be done with the Bridging technologies to bring apps to the ecosystem, and I agree. ​I for one am tired of seeing bad news continually hit us with very little good news and it's time this turns around and Microsoft needs to stop floundering around - either they are serious about the ecosystem or not. They need to start sharing information, being more transparent on their plans for mobile if there are any, firstly for those that are thinking to switch mobile platforms as a consumer, and for the developers deciding to continue support the ecosystem (as a would-be developer I would be more inclined to stay with the ecosystem (using the bridge technologies and design UWA if directions for mobile were more transparent).  
  • Agreed and thanks for the tone shift.  :) ​I also agree that Microsoft should reconsider this enterprise focus in the current thinking. They forget that phones that are used in the enterprise also get used at night and on the weekends.  I don't notice a lot of people carrying two devices, so it's important to think about how the Microsoft powered devices will work at home and at play as much as at work.  
  • True !! Even worst of the worst google app has more downloads than a very good Microsoft app.
    Its also true that Microsoft is hated very much outside Microsoft fan world even within the fan world due to their very bad mobile strategy. Their Mobile footprint is almost zero. Internet service footprint is really really bad in the consumer market compared to google.
  • It's about apps in my experience. I've got all I need and as such I'm still on Windows phone and have windows phones issued to employees with no plans to switch. My wife isn't an "app" orientated user and so she's also happy. The kid's are a different matter. And I'm surrounded by former windows phone users, all of whom cite the apps as their reasoning. The Lumia's have been solid phones so it's not hardware. Very frustrated that with a 10% share in the UK that MS have stepped away from it.
  • The problem is, Windows as a platform for new endeavors is pretty much kaput (not just mobile, but overall).  For example, I cannot deposit checks into my bank without an iOS or Android device -- there is no browser/PC method. My daughter got a Furby for Christmas.  Gotta have iOS or Android to use it.  PC is a no-go. Older social networks are still best-accessed through a browser on a PC.  But newer ones are mobile-only--and mobile means iOS or Android. Want to order a ticket for my local commuter rail electronically?  iOS or Android required. Want to get a readout of the status of my washer, drier or dishwasher?  iOS or Android required. No one bothers to make these things work with Windows (of any flavor) anymore.  Windows isn't just an afterthought, it's "never even contemplated" as an platform to code a new application for.  You increasingly really need to have iOS or Android at your disposal to function in a "modern" way. And unless you do heavy-duty computer work, you really don't need a PC.
  • Sadly that is so true.
    MS are in a world of hurt whatever happens moving foward as a consequence.
  • All this is just temporarely, in my opinion. Apps as we know them will be absolette in a few years. The technology is evolving at a pretty fat pase. Nest step seems to be the AI bots (see Amazon echo, google home). The good part is that MS has a more advanced AI.
  • I totally agree. These apps are absolette. It'll take Microsoft moving at a fatter pase to ever acquire a first party Nest app. That's what you meant right?
  • Talking about Lumia830. How is it holding up with the latest builds? Mine ain't doing good. Need to change the device if I need to keep up with the latest build. But I love my 830 ain't complaining
  • Mine is doing kinda ok, running the latest Build 15007, does feel a bit snappier than the previous build
  • It doesn't, but I already left when I was replacing my phone last year. The widespread support (app and otherwise) that he wants is what it'd take to get me back as well as solid phones at low/mid/flagship available to me as someone on a Canadian AWS carrier.  So pretty much, I'd need Astoria back (or for the entire market to change and support winmo, which just isn't going to happen) and a midrange phone/flagship supporting band 66. Band support will be a big part of my next purchase due to where Freedom (formally wind) mobile has thier LTE setup.
  • I've wonder how those of you that left the platform expect to have any luck with apps returning when you're doing exactly what is causing the apps to leave... Leaving the platform. At the very least, please use Wi-Fi and check out apps sometimes. Use them. Or switch your SIM over periodically. I'm just not very into apps. They are generally passing fads except for the everyday one like Starbucks and bank apps. I'm sure there are apps that some of you must have, but I just haven't found the need except Twitter and WindowsCentral... Oh and Starbucks! But I download them and use them from time to time to show some sign of life.
  • Honestly, the vast majority of W10M users should be leveraging the power of social networking and persistently bug the companies they use about availability of apps. If PR and customer support keeps getting bombarded by consistent requests, not by a handful, but by the vast majority, they would get the message. We could pretty much start off by selecting a couple companies per month and consistently (with educated messages not immature banter) contact them via the various channels, twitter, facebook, email, or by phone. The social networks would take a minute or two to fire off a sentence or two. Now if you multiply that by even 1000 users, I think they would get the hint quickly. Or at least keep us in their minds. The more quiet we are, the more we fade away from the minds of developers.
  • 100% agree Jackie
  • It would probably do us good as well to tweet or message the companies we do have on W10M and thank them for providing their app on our platform. Every now and then I am contacting companies on twitter about W10M apps. I have no problems with increasing the frequency. Hell, all that's needed is the following, "Hey @whoever, thanks for maintaining the app for #Windows10Mobile. Keep up the great work!" or for the others, "As a user of @company, I would like to express my desire for a #Windows10Mobile app." Hell, everyone copy and paste what I wrote and change the twitter mention for the companies that we contact. A couple minutes of our time each month so we aren't "spamming" them. People can express how they feel about a cat video or Donald Trump in mass on Twitter, why not #Windows10Mobile apps?
  • lets start with MS, let MS bring all its apps to W10M or develop UWPs.
  • When I still had my 920 (and the samsung focus before it), I was one of those that continued to ask about windows support on twitter, on that forum where they had you add and upvote apps you'd like to see, I was a heavy promoter. I'm a reason other people bought windows phones and several others at least considered it.  It has literally been for naught. There is little business case for most of these companies to develop and support (because think of how many apps have been brought on and eventually left with no updates or shut down entirely). 
  • Oh, I don't really expect it, I was listing off what it would take for me to come back. Microsoft has made their direction clear in that the next little while is an enterprise only push and consumers are going to be left behind. I almost want to say that they've said as much but I could be wrong. I do not expect anything out of the windows 10 generation of phones and even if they did somehow pull an ecosystem together, they still need hardware I find attractive (in price and performance) again.  Some of the other stuff you're asking doesn't make sense. I am not going to pull the sim out of my working device, find a sim adapter (since they're different sizes) and stick it into a phone thats using an unsupported beta (back when the 920 could still get w10 builds) with battery life issues(its a few years old). Best I can do is to continue to follow the system on sites like windows central when it comes to app support or use cross-system apps on w10 or xbox. My bank apps never hit windows, there were no plans for developing them last I checked. I was a mint app beta tester and they've jumped ship last I looked. I use the app for a pizza chain more than their website now due to app based freebies with my order and can only do so because I jumped ship, its something I wouldn't have worried about with windows phone because their web ordering isn't bad, but now I find I can use it when we want an impromptu pizza night while we're already out and can order easily and pick up on my way home. It's a small QoL upgrade I didn't know was really there or didn't really matter and now i'd be a bit annoyed if I lost it.   You do have to consider all the things you want people to do and do yourself to try and inflate user numbers of the ecosystem and wonder if you sound a little bit desperate to hang on. What will you do if your starbucks or bank apps are officially retired or are finally forgotten and no longer work like so many apps before them? 
  • Jason,
    There is little point of looking back and analyze what went wrong.
    Lets focus on what is happening now and will happen in the future.
  • I agree. Why should Microsoft learn from their mistakes? Lets just repeat them!
  • Well, they can't un-buy Skype.  They can't remove voicemail to text with PBX integration from Exchange. Those are the reasons they have an enemy in the carriers.  Those two things have cost the telecommuncations industry millions. 
  • Ia_win I'm looking back to the past to ensure one doesn't repeat previous mistakes is wise. Always drive forward, but take a look in the rearview mirror every now and then, you don't want the past sneaking up on you.
  • Sounds like a solid plan 🙄
    Let's not bother looking back, whoever learnt anything from past mistakes. While were at it, ban rear view mirrors in cars, this whole looking back thing is highly over rated. /s
  • Jason, when we talk about the less than 1% market share, how does that break down to actual users? I just wonder how many users WM has overall. Cheers.
  • Most people when they talk about "market share" aren't talking about numbers of users at all.  These statistics are normally measuring quarterly sales.  So in a quarter where Apple releases a new phone, the sales "market share" will go up, but you can't calculate the change, if any, in the actual number of users.  This is the faux-analysis many people around here use to say that there are "no Windows users".
  • Thank you! That's so true... I remember getting into a heated discussion about just this. Microsoft seems to be letting us wither on the vine but I still think what they've done is good... They said, ok not headed in that direction and this hardware won't support our ideas anyway. I'm glad to test and I'll be glad to buy a new phone/device if they release one.
  • Kannan's decision does not affect me in any way. 
    I know what I am doing. As he does.   
  • I held out as long as I could and just recently switched to Android.  I enjoy having access to supported apps, but I really do miss the W10M OS.  So many things that I assummed would work in Android as they did in W10M painfully do not (I had to install an app to get my phone to automatically connect to my car's Bluetooth, for instance).  But since there are no new W10M phones on Verizon, there is unfortunately no going back, at least not until then. 
  • I recently moved to Android also and I hate it, but the app availability is enough to keep me in it for now. Android is a convoluted mess as far as I'm concerned, one handed use is useless and no standards in app design.
  • Also, try having an android phone read and send texts via in car Bluetooth. 1 minute set up with my 950 xl, about 6 hrs and various hit or miss apps on my Idol 4 android. It is a good phone, but I like MS ecosystem better.
  • So true. When I get a text on my S7 the only option I get in my car is read and delete, I can't even respond so it's totally useless. Forget about initiating a text. Was working really well with my 640XL. Even if the app gap is addressed there will be a challenge having people move away from android and iOS because of the eco system. I'm sure my experience on android would be much better if I used Google's Eco system. I'm also sure if an android user switches to W10M with all apps available would have a bad experience using Google's eco system so I don't see a win coming.
  • Same with our car. My old Windows I could respond via bt. It was awesome.
  • Bring back Project Astoria.  Treat it / promote it like Centiennial, it is a bridge.  Let developers quickly port Android apps to Windows 10 by wrapping them in UWP (instead of allowing direct installs of APKs [or do, I don't care]).  They can add code for Live Tiles, etc., if they want to.  Then eventually move their code to pure UWP (or not).  Android apps to run on the mobile experience, Win32 for Contiuum desktop experience.  All wrapped in UWP.  Pure UWP for best experience, but wrapped apps to get it done.  Windows becomes the one platform that can run any code.
  • If Java wasn't the crap-heap that it would slow down the entire OS, I'm sure they would have left it in.
  • Aww, come on, it worked just fine. Actually better, than non-existing apps, that clearly don't work at all.
  • Thank you for bringing this out in the light, Jason :) No, it does not affect my choice in the platform. I (perhaps naïvely) believe in the future vision that I see. And as long as I can use my Windows Phone for basics like OneNote, navigating maps keeping in touch with friends and family and others as the need raises, I will stay on the platform.
  • Live in the SF Bay Area, none of the MS employees I know own a Windows phone. Most if not all own iPhones. One of them reached out to me to ask for my opinion on owning one. It amazed me that I was being asked but then again, I have also had an Apple employee use my old Windows phone for a couple of days. About the MS employee, she was stunned to learn stock ticker symbols could be pinned to the start screen :) Its just sad that a promising platform is whithering away like it is...
  • Who the hell hired her?
  • We need to see "app yielding" progress with the Bridges, Xamarin and Wand Labs in 2017.
    How can you expect developers be be convinced by any of these things when Microsoft themselves are not using them? Allow me to illustrate with the recently released StaffHub. - Microsoft says: Windows Mobile is the most secure OS for the Enterprise. Microsoft does: BYOD with the majority of the employees using Android and iOS. It released an Enterprise app only on Android on iOS, not on its own so-called Enterprise OS. - Microsoft says: use our bridges to easily convert your app to Windows. Microsoft does: it releases Android and iOS apps and does not bring them to Windows. Not natively and not via a bridge. - Microsoft says: use Xamarin to easily target multiple platforms when creating apps. Microsoft does: it does not use Xamarin and instead creates it Android and iOS specific apps. End result: all these tools which sound great on paper are all essentially dead in the water. If nobody at Microsoft can be bothered with any of this stuff, how can you expect other developers to? It's just not credible. My message to Microsoft for 2017: practice what you preach or go home.
  • AMEN!!
  • I think Microsoft will make a fresh start.
  • They have had several fresh starts that were dead ends. I think this time it's over.
  • You can only beat a dead horse for so long before there isn't a dead horse to beat anymore...
  • Yup. And all windows mobile 10 users can not upgrade to the new OS
  • If they cared, they would work with those ppl in some fashion to upgrade
  • yeah again they will
  • WP 8(.1) was basically a fresh start, so is WM 10 too. Both pretty much failed.
  • Ha somehow this article feels obvious..only different we heard obvious from MS employee.
  • I switched to iPhone last week and so far It's a much better experience. The good news is that I can still use all of my Microsoft services on the iPhone. Don't think I'd ever go back, if there is anything to go back to anyways.
  • exactly my experience too Dusteater. IPhone with MS services works wonderfully. Faster than any windows phone, more fluid, and all apps, accessories, wearables etc all available to you it's a no brainer.
  • I have an iPhone 7 and Lumia 950... the iPhone 7 is in no way faster or more fluid
  • Send your iPhone for repairs then. Must be something wrong with it
  • Yeah really.... Please Watch....this is "just" the 6s. the 7 is even faster....your iPhone is not working right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc3WP8PmKpU
  • He doesn't have an iphone. He is just a desperate fanboy trying to defend the crap windows 10 mobile..even the iphone 5S is faster than the Lumia 950
  • I wish I could emerse myself in that level of MS Koolaid.. but I am sorry.. you are fooling no one. MS focuses more on the development of its apps for IOS than their own platform. There is a reaon. I will let you figure it out...
  • I think so too. There is no going back. But you are going to do one more transition in the future. iOS is getting closer to single digits world wide, and sooner or later people in the USA notice that too.
  • Did you see the latest IDC (or Gartner) stats that had iOS a slight uptick and Android a slight downtick?  Or the stats where developers make far more money on iOS than Android???
  • In what ways is it better other than having more apps?
  • Apps are also mostly of better quality and are updated more often.
  • reality hurts but totally understand. I will suffer through my last windows phone with the Lumia 950. My wife is on the 830 and wants to upgrade but after downloading WM10 on her device and seeing how poor it performed, I had to roll it back on her request and she too will not upgrade till the 830 dies. We love the platform, its just the platform and the company does not love its loyal customers back...
  • windows 8.1 just worked no fuss, no real upgrade on 10 as yet
  • Yep, I also swtiched to an iPhone last week.  Much better experience.  I followed Thurrott's guide to minimize Apple's grip on the iphone, and its been thoroughly enjoyable.  I won't be going back...though I still have a 950 to use if I ever feel the need.  
  • LoL. Year before we had some Lumia 950 and 950 XL in testing in our company directly from Microsoft. One day we had a videoconference with Microsoft employer from another branch and he told that Windows phone is very problematic, fighting bugs everyday and he is not very happy with that, he was pretty suprised when we told that another Microsoft branch lend us some phones for testing Oops :D It's hard to find loyal employer these times.
  • Bugs? Android is full of the damned things. People moan about cumulative updates on W10 every now and then. On my P9 its constant. Why a P9? It was the wifes, and after 2 days she threw it in the draw and got the 950 out again.
  • So if Android has them its OK for MS to have them? Google is doing many things and very well. MS is yet to, in its history release a stable desktop, yeah yeah, XP never ever gave BSOD but that does not mean it was the best MS could offer. I know MS is not a software company and it has limited resources to dedicate in producing any stable OS, but come on!!!
  • The context seemed to be "leave Windows because of bugs", so the response was to compare it to the beneficiary of the switch, not to justify the existence of bugs.
  • Wait.. you actually said that MS hasn't released a stable desktop?!? Really? So how did they win the consumer and corporate markets? How am I typing and sending this response without a worry in the world over it crashing out? My only possible explanation is that you're delussional.
  • I thought Microsoft won the consumer and corporate markets by creating an operating system that could be run on a variaty of hardware configurations and allowed them to be "IBM PC compatible".
  • I wad stepping up to the fence when Verizon was no longer going to be moving forward with Microsoft after Icon, lancet, etc. Was leaning towards the LG line. Then the 950's came and other manufactures using Windows 10 mobile like the afore mentioned in the article and I was like ok I can go with those guys provided which mobile provider would be carrying them. I use an android tablet, got through att, it's ok but has a great deal of apps obviously but none that catch my eye and I'm not into so much the apps as the customization and functionality of my 950, so basically we'll see I guess.
  • Do Ford employees buy only Ford cars? Do LG employees buy only LG phones or TVs? Do Philips employees buy only Philips light bulbs? I find it funny that people change their life so that they don't change the phone they love. I heard of people changing BANKS because of support or lack of it for their Windows phone. That's just plain CRAZY. At the end of the day, phones are TOOLS. They are means to an end. This Microsoft employee is level-headed. He sees his phone as a tool. The tool was not working from him so he switched. Bravo!
  • Apple emplyees only buy Apple ;) Actually, this is not true as a lot of them use Android in the retail stores.
  • I have yet to visit an APPLE STORE where the employees do NOT use iphones. Maybe your thinking best buy and retail like that cartman.
  • I know the store employees well. A lot of them use android but perhaps aren't allowed to show it while working. Will try to remember asking about that. I recall teasing a new Apple store emplyee that was Android (she came from the MS store) if she switched and she pulled out an iPhone but then secretly showed me her personal Android on the down low. I laughed....
  • Does apple employee use only Iphone? yes..
  • No, not true.
  • Most Ford employees buy things in the Ford family because of the significant discount. I suspect that's the same for a lot of companies. ​BANKS are TOOLS, too.  I shifted the bulk of my banking from Navy Federal to USAA, mostly because of the app scenario.  My phone is part of my complete TOOL set and switching banks that supported what I use, makes sense to me and not at all CRAZY.   I chose a Firestick over an Apple TV on the DirecTV NOW promotion because Apple TV doesn't support Amazon Prime.  In that instance I chose the tool that matched the service that I wanted to use because that service was more important to me than the the device.    
  • THat is the thing, people and MS koolaid drinkers forget that the phone is part of a complete ecosystem. I have to use an iPad for my real estate search, food ordering service, grocery ordering service etc etc. Yeah my phone makes calls and there is access to the internet. But till bots become mainstream, that is just not enough... BTW: I moved to #AllyBank and love them, breaking my 25 years relationship with #Citi 
  • I think you misuderstood me.  I shifted to USAA because they have a great WINDOWS app.  I'm probably one of what you call a "koolaid drinker".  Of course, I don't search real-estate or order food that way, so I have a different use-scenario than you, so my phone does enough...for me.  ​I also have an old Galaxy S5 that sits in my house that I call the WiFi powered, random-app launcher when I get curious about the next fad that I'm "missing" out on.  The end result is that I use it for three dating sites that don't have Windows apps.  (Those are The League and Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel, if you care. ha ha)  Really, that's all that I use that thing for.   I do love the Adobe Lightroom app and wish it would find it's way to Windows, but we can good options, too.
  • I chose the the Apple TV, then sold it on eBay and got my Firestick and profits. =P
  • Brilliant! :)  
  • Ha ha I have 3 rokus for the price of the ATV here!
  • With cars, typically yes.... Ford, GM, Toyota, etc all give their employees a nice discount on a new car. In the factories and such there is a lot for "other makes" that is typically FAR, FAR away. Social shaming there. So, yes in those cases they are "coerced" into it.  Do some buy another brand?  Sure but it's not the norm.
  • To your point.  It depends.  My mother worked for Ford and only purchased Ford vehicles because she could afford one.  If she worked for BMW doing the same job she probably couldn't afford a BMW no matter what discount they provided.  Cost is a factor.  Given the same price I would suppose someone making a product would generally purchase the product they make.  Not 100%, but I would presume the percentage would be high.  I served in the AF for 20 years, you won't EVER catch me wearing Army, Navy, or Marines attire.  But I sure would sport AF attire.  And yes, I have other family members who have retired from the Army and Marines who would never wear AF attire.  It's called pride.  You take pride in what you make and support, and try to make it better.  Everyone is not the same and don't think the same on this matter.  But when I get ready to purchase a vehicle I always asked the sales person what are they driving and other probing questions to determine why or why not they are supporting or not supporting the product they are trying to sell me.  That's just me.  If you work for a company and you're not using the products then that's an indication something may be awry.  Not always, but sometimes it just doesn't look good.
  • I am also a die hard Lumia 650 fam and I find Microsoft's handling of Mobile to be downright disgusting. It epitomizes the stupid and arrogant and blind culture that Microsoft had on the 90s. Shame on them for not promoting Alcatel over Christmas. Shame on then for stopping manufacture of the 650. Shame on them.
  • Actually, its quite the opposite of arrogance. They realized they don't have a chance in the smartphone market. They admitted their mistakes, and that they lost. They're now looking ahead because they're a business and focusing on under 1% of any market isn't going to help them make money or develop a fanbase.
  • Really Devan? So you have heard from Microsoft that they are completely exiting the mobile market?  Source?  So you know the business case?  Source?  I have not heard any of the secret info that you apparently have, so please share.....
  • Windows Phone is reaching a point of being unusable for me. Daily life apps just aren't there anymore or haven't been updated to support the latest tech. I'm mostly referring to Mint and FitBit support for Blaze. There's plenty others but the only reason I haven't switched is I want to see what Nokia Android phones come out this year. Right now not having a device payment on my Verizon account keeps my monthly payments low, but there's not much longer I can put up with this dead platform.
  • Fitbit support will appear with the Creative update.   Many smartwatches will be supported.
  • I have a Blaze, I have the Fitbit app , which has just seen an update. All on a 950xl. Blaze connects all the time, sync happens in 2 or 3 seconds and the music control works great. With Gatt coming soon, the full functionality of the Blaze will be realised. I'm not sure what you are referring to with regards to Fitbit. They keep the app up to date.
  • I'm on a Lumia 928 w/ WP 8.1 - WP 10 was not released for my device.
  • fitbit is a daily life app? i think you people get too hunged up on your phones.
  • It absolutely is a daily life app, i use it to track my daily calorie intake and calorie burn... that being said the Fitbit app on my Lumia 950 is WAY better than the fitbit app on my iPhone
  • How exactly do you track your daily calorie intake? Genuinely curious! How does the app know the specific composition and precise amount of every bit of food and beverage you consume?
  • I track my daily calories using my iphone with the Lose It app.  Everything I eat gets logged into the app along with the quanity/amount....  This single app was one of the main reasons I moved from my L950 to the iphone after growing tired of using my laptop to enter in the info via the website daily...  The calories expended comes from my Garmin watch / Garmin connect app.  The windows 10M Garmin connect app refused to sync with may Garmin Fenix 3 watch...  It was just easier to use a working platform... 
  • I feel the issue is with Microsoft itself! they take lot of time to bring even a small feature to mobile, for ex: they took several years to bring progress bar in Action center. Usability is much better in Android, you can swipe down 2 times to read full message in a notification.
  • And yet, the Action Center needs a lot of work to be more functional.
  • Ironically, do you remember the very loud bemoaning and belly aching of the addition of the Action Center?
  • Yeah, that is when MS said they were listening to its consumers....
  • Yes, but to me honest, that feature was a must have long time ago. I really appreciate that Microsoft listened their consumers, but some times I think they are making new features with too much time to be released. Hope things chance for the wellness of the system.
  • lets talk! OK! I owned a LUMIA 950xl (price was 650euros which is around 680USD). It was OK to play around with it, it took nice photos but then the HP x3 came and I had to switch. So I bought the HP X3 for 800euros (830/50USD) and 1. I never used Continiuum, for me its useless 2. LACK OF APP is killing me not just because SnapChat or some stupid games NO, its killing me because I cant use some new functions provided by my bank and my work place! Its UNBELIEVABLE! Every single app I use is tied to Apple or Android 3. WM10 looks and feels a bit slow/slugish/old style compared to Android 7/iOS 4. Smart devices! Is this even real? EVERYTHING from watches till light bulbs SUPPORT ONLY ANDROID/iOS and many more problems (Cortana! I hate you too!) So.. I wasted more then 1500USD on Microsoft phones and got nothing. Its the end of the journey for me. I will wait for the new Nokia 8 or the gorgeouse looking Samsung S8 and Bye WM10. The Surface Phone wont and cant change everything, the problems are real and very deep. Regular users dont need Windows 10 on the road, all they need is a fancy, modern device with all the modern functions, apps, fantastic camera/video options etc. they dont need a device for working because they have tablets, ultrabooks with regular W10 on it. If Microsoft wants to support only businesses then they will FAIL as BlackBerry failed.... but I wont be on that ship!
  • Hmm, I bought my Lumia 950 DS unlocked for €260,
    and I perfectly knew what apps where available and which not. 
    So far I am getting around. We all knew about the situation re Microsoft and their WP approach.  MS has lost the classical app-war, that has been clear long time ago. Now times are changing, apps become less important. 
    Bots and AI will take over much of the app space. 
    Which, however will take a few years.  For businesses Windows Phone or Windows-on-ARM is fine 
    because they are mostly interested in company-internal apps.  Companies write their own apps (if they decide to go with W10/W10M).
    Writing software for W10/W10M in form of apps seems to be easier than ever before.  A Lumia 950 is a good deal because it is a good phone which comes for a farily low price (these days).
    Paying the full original retail price never made economical sense,
    that being also a reason why W10M did not really had a chance to take off. We will see how things go.  We might see gadgets that come with dual boot W10-ARM and Android. 
    Dual boot devices are already available for W10 tablets,
    why not do the same for the new up-coming Microsoft-gadget. We will see.
    There is still too much fog out there, 
    Microsoft has to put things straight at Build 2017.     
  • you said "it took nice photos but then the HP x3 came and I had to switch​" ,why you had to switch to the Elite X3?
  • I feel the same way. I have had an old Windows 7 phone, an HTC 8X, three Lumia 925s, a Lumia 810, a 950 XL, and now an Idol 4s. I also own an GS7E and an LG V10 both of which I use all the time for their cameras. I love the way WM10 looks and functions, I'm in really deep with the Windows ecosystem. I still prefer PC's to Macs. The point being is Microsoft tried to reinvent the wheel too many times and it came back to bite them. The app gap is a direct result of that, and to add insult to injury, I cant uninstall the VR apps on my Idol 4s. At least in Android
    I can hide them. I use my GS7E to make contactless payments (note to MS, license the MST
    tech from Samsung for future use in your surface phones if you can). I cant do a darn thing with
    the 4s as it doesn't even have NFC, but whatever, I guess it's par for the course.
  • Cant fix an uneducated consumer
  • You spend $1500 on two phones, but didn't actually research what they can do?
  • You bought the HP X3 knowing you won't even use Continuum?...But why?
  • Because of the other features?
  • LIke?
  • The speakers, built well, it has a fingerprint AND iris scanner, it's an actual big phone, battery life is excellent, apparently also performance is better than the 950 series.
  • iris scanner: slow and useless. fingerprint? even the low cost huawei p8 lite has one :))) with the money on that crap X3 you can get a Mate 9 which is miles ahead on every aspect, especially the OS.
  • We'll I'm with you L950xl is my last windows had many lumias in past..each and every point which you said is correct. Goodbye windows 10 mobile 📱.
  • WHY did you buy a HP X3? - because I like big screens and the whole phone looks amazing WHY didnt you use Continiuum? -  because its USELESS without x86 support. MAYBE in the far future if they add more RAM and better CPU.. I could use some proper app like CAD or edit some light videos... but right now Continiuum is about browsing the net and reading emails on the tv. I can do the same with my ultrabook/tablet and far more if I had to Cant fix an uneducated consumer - haha, this one was funny :))) its not about education. Do they want my money or not? NO? Then BYE, YES?? Then make things right because all the big tech companies out there (Google and Apple) are making everything better with mobiles then Microsoft You spend $1500 on two phones, but didn't actually research what they can do? - ohmmmmmmmmmm, what can a smartphone do?? What can a LUMIA do nowadays? Nothing at all? So why should I read anything about it? Why do you buy a smartphone? Because you want to enjoy app, browse the web, read emails etc...  why did I choose WM? Because my very firstcontact with Android was at version 2.3.1 then 4xx... all of them where a piece of sheet. Constant reboots, freezes and overheating.. so i bought a LUMIA and was happy with the stability of the system and overall performance after some months BUT......... then the APP GAP killed it, Android fixed all problems and overtook WM in everything.... so.... I have zero interest in staying on this boat.. for now. I will spend my money on a better horse... for now... maybe it will change and I will be back. Just not now, I need to leave because this way is not leading anywhere since 10586.5
  • Finally! An old fan with some brains! MS failed patheticaly! They have failed to see that business merged with consumer in terms of mobile devices! The X3 was so praised despite it's ridiculous high price, and what? it barely apears with 0.3% in usage, so it failed as a business device too: why? because no company is dumb enough to spend that enormous ammount on a windows phone, and another 500$ :)))) on a lap dock. NO serious business need the useless continuum and the numbers speak for themselves! Users need as you said, a smart device, mobility, apps, good camera, support from the vendor! If they need a photoshop they have a notebook for that! And let's not get into tablet section where Windows is simply mediocre!! Tablet experience on windows is simply a joke!
  • Through the years owned Samsung Focus Flash->L920->L925->L1520->L830->L950xl, just last week switched to Android with a S7 Edge. Miss some minor things about Win10 Mobile, but enjoying the experience so far with new platform. Still keeping one eye open for possible Surface Phone as well as how the ecosystem progresses.
  • W10 now runs Linux. MS talks W10-on-ARM  Maybe we will be able to run Android apps under Linux on Windows-on-ARM?  OMG   :-)  
  • I just posted this on a different article: I've been on Windows mobile since the introduction of the Lumia 920 and have been on a 950xl for the last year. I finally gave up a few weeks ago and bought a new android (ZTE Axon 7) because the app gap finally got to me. I got sick of Box not syncing well with office (saving to box was hit and miss at best), and of not having access to apps for my kids' school, banks, etc. And bing maps directions have been broken for me for a while now with occasional glimmers of hope. At least I had runtastic on Windows Mobile... I had planned on switching back and forth as needed, but the sim has stayed in the axon. I prefer the windows mobile UI, app drawer, and handling of notifications, but otherwise it is nice to have apps that function (including runtastic - the android version is way more functional than the windows one). Even my Band 2 works better with android than it had been with Windows Mobile (answering texts actually works). I do like outlook better on windows mobile, but it's not enough better to outweigh how much better office works with other storage options on Android. If the universal windows app gamut begins working better, I may switch back. But the disappearance of runtastic is just the latest in a long line. The app gap used to not bug me so much, but I finally gave up.
  • all these news articles are depressing
  • Most of them state what we already know. Clickbait. We knew last year that Nuttela used an iPhone. Dona Sarka carry phones from all OS's, plus some that are development devices.
  • I hear you man. Every time I read these forums it really does make me want to throw in the towel. How disheartening these stories are. Even though I don't care for android,...Nokia just might entice me to go to android. I am waiting to see what Nokia has to offer. I only came to windows......as I am sure many of us did, because of Nokia and windows was my first platform before I even really knew about ios/droid. I hope this company can turn things around by a miracle because that is what this platform is going to need if it is ever to have any relevance at all to the masses .
  • So according to this "fan", there is no room for anything new in the realm of smartphones... Head unit in his Toyota is not pairing correctly? How about you get a Mazda? See the problem here? If anything, this is another personal preference piece with no substantial merit because the issue is precisely that, SUBJECTIVE.
  • Excellent advice!  If your car doesn't pair properly with your phone, buy a new car!...
  • Phones cost hundreds, cars cost thousands...lol
  • Well if even Microsoft employees don't trust its platform why should we
  • This is the message they're giving out.
  • If your own employees think you suck so does everybody else.
  • Rather, if your employee is telling people the product you sell isn't good and giving people reasons not to use it, he's a bad employee and should be fired.
  • As it is sad to hear or read these types of stories, I'm going to hold onto my Windows Phone until a very serious message shows up on the screen saying, "This is the end". I haven't heard any end of days or any signing to announce their demise, yet. I'm a little with this person, too. My phone hasn't worked with my Bluetooth in my car since I got my car. Even with my Icon and now my 950XL. My phone causes my radio in my car to crash, while my brother's iPhone will instantly play music or answer phone calls, all by mistake. I've been waiting for more and more updates to Bluetooth, none have yet fixed the car issue. I'm excited for what's coming to Windows 10 [mobile]. We'll see if it bears any fruit for some more developers.
  • May I ask, why are you sticking with windows mobile then? MS doesn't pay people for loyalty. If it's better for you to use another platform, then switch. Be selfish 
  • I'm also using a Lumia 830 and I love this phone. I have it for 16 months now. I even broke the screen and had it changed which cost almost the full price of the phone. Why didn't buy an Android and iPhone? Because the Windows UX is damn right good and the Nokia apps are amazing. Microsoft has lazy developers. Nokia didn't. Nokia had dreamers, creators, passionate people building apps for themselves and others to use. That's why HERE Maps & Drive had offline mode and Microsoft Maps is crap and requires internet. "Windows Phone has crazy bugs that are hard to fix." I hope those people get their job title changed from developers to lazy people.
  • MemoHK, Microsoft Maps does have offline mode now.
  • You're correct. I just checked and it works. Thanks. :)
    Anyway, I still think that Microsoft should hire better developers. 
  • Well, let's see how Build 2017 goes ...  If Microsoft does not pull anything out of it sleeves then ... 
    it'll be hard to stick around.  Anyway, my Lumia 950 is still good for another 2 years for me. 
    If by then MS has not found its way ... we'll need to put this W10M thing and phones off for some 5-10 years.  I think that Windows-on-ARM could have some good impact on the scene.  If WoA does not become a blockbuster ... I'll jump ship to Android as well. 
    In two years or so. A lot of stuff will happen till then. So who knows.    - 
  • Nice article Jason but to answer that question, no, his decision to switch will not affect me in the slightest. I can understand and respect his decision as the points he put across are fact but personally for me, I don't want to join the ocean of "I look the same" phones, I want something different, I want to be drawn to a unique and fresh design like I was with my 920(that gorgeous Red stole my heart), I saw a Google Pixel face up and mistook for an iPhone. I'm satisfied with the apps I currently have(actually have more than I need). So I don't see myself switch anytime soon.
  • exaxtly my thoughts also. I still find my 950XL awesome and my wife loves her 950 to great extent too! The whole app gap thing is so personal really... I'm not denying there isn't a gap or the quality is better on iOS/Android. I just feel like coming home everytime Windows Hello unlocks my Phone (even without that wink ;))... I also truly think it's going to be another amazing year with Windows 10 so really looking forward to see what MSFT has up their tech-sleeve :)
  • My 950XL continues to amaze ppl when I use continuum wirelessly and then continue to use the device as a stand alone. Some people respond with " its let extending your screen on windows pcs" and I'm like Bingo, its just getting started :-).
  • Android is still a big pile of junk. Even if I wouldn't use Windows, I'd much rather consider an iPhone, even though iOS is pretty limited, and its UI isn't as intuitive as the Windows one. I used android for three years before I finally switched to Windows in October 2015, and it was more than enough...
  • Yeah I switched to my google pixel phone and I feel much better I use all of my ms apps on it and I don't feel as much depressed that I felt when I had a Windows Phone.....
  • Therein lies your problem, you've let a piece of plastic and metal govern your state of mind but I'm glad another combination of plastic, glass and metal has balanced you out..
  • ^ what he said :)
  • >Therein lies your problem, you've let a piece of plastic and metal govern your state of mind but I'm glad another combination of >plastic, glass and metal has balanced you out.. Your a moron. Most people life and die on their phones, need it to run their business life and their personal life. If you cant see that, you are really clueless. When you get a phone, it should be compatbable with what you need in life, and no matter how you look at it, WIndows Phone LACKS in those areas, from some basic commuincation programs (snapchat anyone ?) or even basic devices like smartwatches, or cars (like the example in this MS employee). Microsoft gave up and it shows (when they said we are not going head to head with iOS or Anroid, is when they gave up) Windows Phone is the best phone that no one supports
  • Sorry sir but you are the MORON, if your life is defined and sustained by a piece manufactured electronics. And no, MOST, people don't live and die by their phones because MOST people choose to actually live life rather than be obsessed or truly affected by a PHONE(read the word, a freaking PHONE).
  • Grow up and learn a little, you really dont have a clue. Read the news papers, read the reviews, read psychology articles. Maybe you dont have a clue on the world but, I do read and DO see the cases. My life is not but, a major % of people in this world are. If you dont, that's cool, but, if you think no one else in the world does, than to find a moron, it's pretty easy, all you need to do is look in a mirror. Do a little reading on the subject and you would see EXACTLY what I am talking about.. No you must be new here...fending Windows Phone as being the best phone in the world but, as others here, I have been here from the release of Windows Phone 7 and through all the "ITS COMING" to 4 phones later and still hearing "IT"S COMING" and it never came and still will never come. The full story on Windows Phone, sad to say..
  • As far as his one stated reason goes, I'd rather have a Lumia than a Toyota
  • Which is kinda silly, to be honest. If I was in that guy's situation, I'd have the car stereo switched to one that does support W10M. It probably costs less than a new phone.
  • Fair point but sometimes things don't work the same as the original.
  • Funny, my Chevy works flawlessly with my 640 & 950xl phones on Bluetooth. Maybe its an American car 🚗 working with an American phone 📞 from Microsoft. ;-)
  • What phone are you using that is American from Microsoft? You do realize you could probably throw a rock from apples production facility and hit the microsoft right?
  • I switched from L950 to Leeco Pro 3 in the BFriday for $249.00. No regret. Now I can keep up with my friends apps and my home automation. I will go back to Windows Mobile when I see the apps Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 CPU 4GB RAM/64GB ROM 4070mAh Battery (Up to 318 hrs. of 4G stand-by time) Qualcomm® QuickCharge™ 3.0 Intelligent Fingerprint Scanner http://us.lemall.com/us/phone/leeco_le_pro3/index.html    
  • All the apps I need and more, are available to me in the Windows store.  I don't feel the need to even consider dumping my 950.  Should it break or get lost, I'd probably fire up my old 640 which has excellent reception when compared to ANY phone.  The Creative update will address many of the feature issues some have, such as those with 'smartwatches'.  I believe it will fix the issues I have with my Garmin.  For now, I will wait and see what shakes out over the next few months.  I'd like to see security get way better in ios and android devices for instance.  Too much malware on the Google side for me and Apple only cares about Apple, not consumers.  Your milage may vary.
  • I would say that it does, for everyone that loves the platform, that leave saying they will return once the apps are there only makes it harder to get apps on Windows mobile. By doing so they are less likely to see those apps. That does not mean it won't happens, just it will be harder. Now if they keep their windows phone and use as a secondary device, use daily. That would be better, they can keep numbers of windows mobile up and still get the apps they need today.
  • Right, Im using the platform since HTC HD7 to L950 (+ Continum Dock) always buying the top phones. Today I have home automation and using Windows Mobile is impossible. Looks like most of the 1st party devs dont care about Windows Mobile  
  • People just don't get it Windows Phone its over it,s a non commercial phone....just deal with it..
  • People just don't get it Windows Phone its over it,s a non commercial phone....just deal with it..
  • Sounds like double-talk to me.
  • People just love the words that come out of my mouth......😀
  • no they don't... ;)
  • So far, the app gap hasn't hit me in a crippling way yet. As long as that holds true, I'll stay on this sinking ship until the last mast has sunken to its watery grave. Mostly I'm expecting Microsoft to change the game with Windows on ARM and a pocketable Surface device. But I hold no firm allegiances. I will follow the company that innovates. Right now, that is Microsoft. In 1 year, who knows? I could be back on Google products or (shudder) Apple. It is anyone's game at this point.
  • The only problem with windows of Arm would be the bugs. Ms has not been able to release a stable version of os in first attempt.especially MS seems to running against time. All those waiting for SP, on its release will say wait for 3rd iteration as ms products are only good after second/ third iteration
  • I'm not moving (at least for now)... even for it's "problems"... I like the UX of the alternatives even less. I have around 100 third-party apps on my WP, a lot of the mainstays that are available, etc. but ultimately, I use about 5. Yeah, it's nice that I've got apps like Netflix and such... and they work fine... I just don't use them on my phone. What I like is that all of those 5 are also available on my PCs and tablets (and three of them even on my Xbox Ones) and so it doesn't matter which device I use. On my phone though, basically SMS and a browser still accounts for probably 80% of my usage. I detest talking on the phone, in general, so I don't even use my phone for that. The last Apple product I ever purchased was the iPhone 3G which I gave up on when upgrading to iOS 4 basically made it as useful as a paperweight. I have an iPad Air 2 only because it was gifted to me by my company. The battery life is nice for ebook reading, which is basically all I use it for. And it has it's quirks, too... like how I can mute the device and still get sound from certain apps and features. My only usage of Android is through my developer job, and troubleshooting for friends that have it, and that has been enough for me.
  • If the ceo uses a product from the competition you know his own product is going to fail. The day I replace my windows mobile with android or apple I will also look into replacing all my MS software and hardware. I have pretty much had it with the arrogant folks at MS.
  • MS folks arrogant because they admitted to losing the smartphone war...
    ​Um, ya. Look up the definition of arrogant, because you're way off. ​Apple, on the other hand... they're arrogant. They tell you the better way to do things, despite industry standards and EVERYONE disagreeing with them. And they do it because they can sell you something extra to make it all work again... for a little more cash out of your pocket.
    ​They told you that their iPhone design was perfect, and the way you held your phone was wrong.That's arrogance.
  • They did not loose the smartphone war, they made a strategic decision to abandon 95% of their user base by the introduction of windows mobile. I would call that arrogance, assuming that they can leave all their users out in the cold and then expect them to switch to windows mobile.
  • How can I use Miracast with my Xbox without joining Insiders?
  • Maybe there should be the facility to dual boot in W10M. I'm sure if the 'lemmings' get to have a tasting menu, things may pick up a bit. I was a massive Android fan, big user of XDA and cooking roms to keep older phones running, but now, I don't like it at all. Why buy a Samdung? They will replace it next year, and stop support within 2 years. Then there are the security issues, OEM's locking them down, refusing warranty if you root to get rid of the junk. That's why I am at a crossroads. I used to like Android. I have an iPad. I don't like the OS. The Ubuntu phone was a failure, BB served up but broke themselves in the process, so where do you go? I ended up here by mistake. After my previous experiences, I'm pleased I found WP. I don't need apps to tell everyone that my dog sings, my baby giggled etc....I like my football apps. One Football, sofa score, Sky sports, F1, MotoGP etc. Hence, I'm covered. I appreciate that some wish to go chasing imaginary creatures and broadcasting their lives to their 1000 'friends', but, there are far more important things in life, than a mobile bloody phone!!
  • Were glad you landed here, Mad Cabby.🚖 Keep up the interesting posts. I enjoy reading them on my awesome clear black 950xl screen.
  • My 950 pairs perfectly with my BMW, both Ally and Bank of America apps work great for depositing checks, etc. SmartGlass is wonderful with Xbox. Facebook app does all it needs to do, same with LinkedIn. Duo Lingo is my go to app when riding the subway. The only app I have that doesn't work right is Grub Hub so I go online. Not sure what's wrong with W10 Mobile, other than the attitude of users.
  • I had an Icon on WM10 and it never worked correctly with the bluetooth in my 2011 335is or my 2016 m235i. Calls worked about 75% of the time, but the rest of the time people couldn't hear me at all or I sounded like a robot. Using Cortana often crashed bluetooth on the phone and I would have to reboot the phone to get it back. With my Icon running WP 8.1 the bluetooth was perfect in both cars. I could have lived with the app gap but I make a lot of in-car calls and texts and really need the bluetooth. My phone was on it's last legs. WP 10 (at least on my phone) was a mess, and with no other Windows phones on Verizon I moved back to Android in October. I do miss my WP, as when it worked right the in car integration was better than my S7 Edge or my wifes Iphone 7. But at leaast now I can reliably make calls while driving. While I can live with out all the apps, it is nice to be able to access my bank from my phone without having to use their desktop site on a phone. 
  • facebook slow glitches shows repeat posts, linkedin is all but useless 
  • So I was an early adopter of Windows Phone. I purchased a Dell Venue Pro running Windows 7 after dabbling with Android and spending a few years with BlackBerry/Windows Mobile/PalmOS. I loved the hardware despite its flaws (mediocre camera and battery life, crappy pentile OLED screen) and loved the OS despite its flaws (lack of apps and missing features from WM6.5). I made the best of the limited apps available as frustrating as it was, I dealt with silly limitations like the lack of tethering and poor integration with existing solutions. Windows 7.5 helped and apps slowly trickled out and I had hope for the upcoming Windows 8 upgrade. After all, Microsoft had promised regular updates to all devices, unlike Android. Then Microsoft dropped all suport for Windows Phone 7 with one last update. Even though my DVP was as capable as some of the burpose built Windows 8 phones that came out. Even THEN I STILL would have purchased a new Windows phone, but there was never another QWERTY device. Microsoft didn't have the apps to court consumers and a combination of terrible support, lack of QWERTY and lack of apparent lack of interest (from Microsoft) meant they couldn't win over corporate users. Well, BlackBerry and Android thank you Microsoft, you PUSHED me into a Priv and many other users into various Android devices. Simply baffling how they expected this to succeed.
  • So of course, the day after writting that post I ended up with a Lumia 1520 in my hands. And I fell in love all over again. Not with the phone (althoughm it's lovely), but with Windows Phone. I've been using it as my daily driver for over 24 hours now and it's everything I wanted from Windows Phone 7. The app selection is a bit better than last time I spent any quality time with a Windows Phone, but still dismal compared to Android. A pleasant surprise was that several games and apps I purchased back on WP7 are still compatible. DAMN YOU MICROSOFT. Now I want to keep the damn thing.
  • Microsoft just don't seem to understand their mobile platform and half-arse a lot of things. Yes Continuum is a nice feature and could be a system seller but not as it is. It needs to be a feature supported across all Win10 phones even if they need to pare back on features. There needs to be a greater push for apps that support it. There needs to be a greater push to show the value in it. Not just that Microsoft needed to start looking outside the box a bit. Valve can get the Steam Link working on an ARM processor so Microsoft should be able to get Xbox One streaming working on Win10 Mobile. A Lumia 550, a Continuum dock, a wireless keyboard and a spare Xbox One controller and you've not only got a second Xbox One for the bedroom but by using the remote desktop app you've got a makeshift Steam Link. It's not enough for Microsoft to just say Continuum and expect people to flock to the platform. You've got to show why its a killer feature.
  • No more start from scratch,no more treating mobile like a second class citizen hopefully Microsoft feeds off the insiders feedback. Ps Redstone 3 come to Papa :) 925,640/xl 1520 and 950 owner
  • exactly.....DONE. It was done in my eyes when they failed to include all windows 8 phones in the upgrade to windows 10 after saying they would. That did it for me. I got my iPhone 6s 128gb and I LOVE IT. windows "retrenchment" has been a colossal cluster*&^% and failure. As we all knew it would be. enjoy windows 10 on your computer...use another system for mobile because windows 10 mobile/phone/windows 10 on devices smaller than 7" whatever you want to call it is DONE!
  • "use another system for mobile"   Not sure im gonna take advice from a mentally deficient internet troll...
  • ha ha....too funny! I love that I matter so much to you that you think that of me.....
  • I love WP. By MS needs to host a farm of Virtualized Android OSs and let me run the apps I can't have.
  • Unless the "Surface Phone" and creator's update really blow everyone away, I think the platform is well and truly dead.  It's on life support now, with a weak heartbeat. The sad thing is, I can forgive app gap, but the "basics" are not right.  No keyboard options, no text options, outlook calendar is a mess (try setting appt reminders and times beyond the standard :30 min increments, it sucks),  no way to change swipe l/r for Edge (I hate swipe to navigate), no way to repeat notifications...  The failure of this ecosystem lies with MS ignoring little things that affect day to day usage, not in the developers of apps.  MS can afford to waste time on things that will never get used, app/game developers need to focus on what will feed their family.
  • I've been on WM since the WM5.5/6 days... Through HTCs, Nokias... my last Windows Phone being a Lumia1520. It has been at least 10 years.   A few weeks before the iPhone7 came out the battery on my Lumia1520 had gotten completely shot (it would discharge in minutes) so it was time for a new phone. I thought about the 950XL of course. But then I kept thinking if I wanted to continue with the inability to use any of the apps I wanted (contrary to some article I read in the past it doesn't matter if the app you use the most is available, all the other ones plus the support they receive matters a whole lot). So with a heavy heart I bought an iPhone 7 Plus. Holy crap I feel in heaven being able to use any app I want. I can finally use the app to open the door at my building. I can finally use the app HR uses in myoffice. And the list goes on and on. I will say though. I think Windows Mobile is a superior OS in functionality and beauty. It truly is (and I think it used to be even better).   I still read this site almost daily as every other product I use has Windows on it (Surface, my desktop, Xbox, etc.) and I cannot say that I have left Windows Mobile for good. I am waiting to see what happens with the eternal rumor of the Surface Phone.
  • Same exact situation for me. Having access to extremely useful utility, banking and connectivity apps, even to do small things like pay for street parking from an app, is so wonderful now. I love the Windows platform and had been in it for 11 years, since WM5 with my HTC Wizard but with the app gap starting to widen further and further everyday, making the switch to Android was necessary.   If Microsoft had never killed the Android app bridge, someone like me would still be bought in completely. On some wierd level, using Android is almost like using a new and updated version of the old Windows Mobile. It's a kind of familiar.
  • App bridge has done NOTHING cannon. They still have the IOS app bridge islandwood. Guess what, it does not matter...having 0% market share killed any chance of windows mobile continuing.
  • I guess living in a smaller community immunizes me from some of the sorrows I see others complain about. All my banking is electronic, so I never need to actually DO anything with my bank.  I can count the number of times I've dealt with something like a check in the last five years on one hand.  And parking?  There's no such thing as paid-parking lots where I live.  And, if I learned anything during the two miserable years I was stationed in DC, it's that I'll kill myself before ever taking mass-transit again. So, I guess if you live in a metropolis you can get dependent upon some of the things there.  I'm thankful not to.
  • If you need to kill yourself, you could do it by taking the Metro.
  • Exactly the same feelings here Nimdock. Using my 1020 was good...but.....the iPhone you can do so much more, faster....I can now unlock my hotel rooms with my phone, check into flights with just the app on my Awatch, etc. the entire system of the iPhone is superior to windows. I do agree the layout of the core OS on windows is awesome....BUT, it does not make up for all the rest that is awesome on the iPhone. On the flipside, I will never own an apple PC.....I hated the OS.....plus no touchscreen, limited ports and hardware....meh. They are starting to strip the iPhone and ipad of usefulness too. Glad I have the 6s and air 2 instead of the 7 and pro!
  • Just asking a question
    ?? Is it possible to compare windows to android ? There was so much vision, but nothing has come in that way ! Even we facing problems using WhatsApp and Facebook like apps.. But why? Was it a curse for choosing windows???
  • It just goes to show how low priority Windows mobile has at Microsoft. Imagine no one at MS used Windows, all used Apple or Chrome books.
  • Boo ******* hoo. MS rocks. DEAD? My #ucking ass!! What a pike of whingeing horse manure. Who gives a shot if this guy changed. It doesn't mean poo. If he needed to, fine. He'll be back along with millions of others.
    As usual the app gap bullshit is exaggerated. I have all that I need and more - too many! HP is crushing it with this phone. I LOVE it. Our house is all MS - computers, gaming, phones. All sinked, lean working machines. Android is the worst, bug-ridden piece of poo, Apple is over priced crap for dummies that want to be sheep and appear to be something else. MS is about to release something brilliant as we comment.
  • oooooooo I can't wait to see what it is. btw...0% market share.....=.......DEAD!
  • HP is crushing it :)) yeah right, with barely 0.3% usage worldwide :))) now that was funny.
  • I have Android and my N1520 so I'm good. Best of both worlds
  • Yes simul....It was a curse choosing windows 10 mobile. If you were around in windows 8 no, it was awesome....windows 8 started to get traction, and gain users, dev's etc....Then in their brilliance......MS scrapped it for 10....and as they say...the ass came out of it! down to 0% market share...even bb10 has more!
  • app developers are maybe waiting to have a numerous user of windows mobile before making an app for it.. when it should be "app first" then the user will follow on its own. wishing for blue stacks mobile. lol idc how large the file.
  • I'm still here, and will be until there is something that I simply cannot live without. But I certainly don't blame anyone who isn't here, nor do I ever recommend it to someone without stating very clearly that the app situation is essentially terminal. Personally, I just can't stand Android or iOS. Android is far too open and non restrictive. Hate all the different layers phone makes put on top, and hate the idea of Google having any of my personal information. As for Apple, I have never been a fan of any of their products or software. I have tried, but something about it all is just very non intuitive to me. If forced, I will go android. But I will be complaining loudly.
  • The important thing for me is that if I leave the Windows mobile platform then it becomes much more likely I'll migrate to another OS on other devices, and other software and services too. If I'm running iOS or Android on the most personal and frequently used computer - my smartphone - why wouldn't I also use their email, messaging, cloud, AI assistants etc (besides tenuous ethical reasons)? There is a whole generation in existence, and a more significant one to come, who have no reason to develop for Windows and Windows devices, despite the aggressive gestures of the Bridges, acquiring Xamarin, Bash etc. UWP has had very little traction at all.
  • I switched from Windows Phone to iPhone.  iPhone integrates extremely well with Outlook.com for e-mail/calendar/contacts.  My pictures seamlessly upload to OneDrive.  I have felt no pressure to change my ecosystem to Apple.  This was less true when I tried Android, which clearly makes you feel like you need to switch to GMail and Google Calendar because Android does not integrate well with Outlook.com.
  • +1 It's excellent.
  • I used to say that too when I had my 1020...but I did not like any android devices at the time so I bought the iPhone 6s. ITS actually quite awesome....Fast, stable, every app available....connects with my windows 10 computers when needed, and I have all MS services. its awesome.
  • Gartner predicting a 20% decline in app usage doesn't *confirm* your similar prediction, buddy.  What would confirm your prediction is if it actually comes true. I switched away from Windows Phone to Android, but I disliked it because Android integrated poorly with Outlook.com, where my e-mail, calendar and contacts live.  I recently moved to iPhone, which does a fantastic job with Outlook.com.  If you are thinking of switching away from Windows Phone and you use Outlook.com for e-mail/calendar/contacts, I suspect you'll be happier with iPhone.
  • I've been quite qurious over the Windows Phone OS for quite some time. Being a hard time Android user and relying on Google for just about everything regarding my cloud services, mail, contacts aso (even typing this comment through my Google account and on a Chromebook) I went and bought a Lumia 650 this christmas, as a gift to myself. The thing is, I'm not really interested in gaming, Snapchat apps and things that generelly (at the moment) are absent from the WP platform, so I just checked whether the most crucial apps were avaliabe, ie, BankID, Spotify and the ability to still log onto my Google account, all of which is possible with the WP. And man, I was actually surprised! The OS is smooth and refreshing, even though I'm on a low end phone! And it suits all my daily needs. The only thing I'm really missing is the Google Maps features, since I'm active in the Google Locals program. Mind you all, this is primarily a test, whereas I'm testing the OS out. Mainly to see if the rumored Surface Phone comes out this year might be something to consider... Sooo, right now I'm ditching Android and trying something new, refreshing and I must say, I've been pleasently surpriced so far!
  • Google Pixel all the way!!!!!  
  • I'm at the point of having to consider where next as my 925 must be on borrowed time after 3+ years (my best phone ever). V reluctant to switch platforms - Bluetooth works fine in my Toyota, I have the apps I need and I love the live tiles/ OS in general. But no choices of phones in stores or online. May have no choice other than to transfer to IOS or Android.
  • You could buy a used 950 somewhere if you'd like to stay with WP, it's still a good phone.
  • No choices? Are you serious? There haven't been so many great W10M phones than now since the 950s came out. The Idol 4S is now available unlocked from MS. IMHO that's the one to get. And if not, you can get 950s cheaper than ever, and they are both great phones.
  • Well, if he switched to Android, he clearly isn't such a big fan, is he? It's as if someone said he was fan of a football team, and then he rooted its rival at matches. He keeps saying he likes this and that feature, and that he's proud of Continuum and all, but he doesn't choose to use a phone with W10M. What kind of message des this give away? "Not even people who work at MS like their phones"? "Not even people who LIKE W10M use it?". I think this is awfully negative publicity and MS should keep closer tabs on this. At least for the sake of appearances. Would you think that it's good business if you went to a restaurant and the cook told you that all the food there is crap?
  • Not a very good analogy.  He's not saying what Microsoft offers is crap.  He's saying it doesn't fit his needs, particularly in the number of apps. If I work at a restaurant that serves a very limited menu, I'm more likely to visit restaurants with a much more varied menu.  Now, as for ME as a specific customer, I happen to feel that, despite Microsoft's failings, EVERYTHING from both Apple and Google/Android is crap, so there's no universe I lower myself to their level.  But I'm an outlier, that's for certain.
  • It's as if someone said he was fan of a football team, and then he rooted its rival at matches.
    ...if 3/4 of your team never showed up, and half the players that did got benched halfway through the match, you'd root for the other team too. 
  • Good one
  • Apart from some great new things coming along, my next phone will probably be an iPhone. Not because I like it better, but because having an iOS or Android device are more and more becoming a requirement of modern life. Want to stream cable content to your phone? Charter Spectrum app requires iOS or Android/Amazon
    Want to setup home automation? iOS or Android required. Insteon technically works, but with limited features - they've cut Cortana integration.
    Want to use a fitness wearable? iOS or Android required. Yeah WP might work with Fitbit properly some day. Maybe not.
    Want to buy that new thing on kickstarter? Yeah, iOS or Android required. Its a shame because I think MS' offerings are mostly superior, but if they are ignored, it doesn't matter.
  • Okay, seriously? A "requirement of modern life"?  None of what you listed is a requirement.
  • Not a requirement of life. A requirement of "modern" life. I fully agree its stupid. We've taken the whole things of tying everything to your smartphone WAY too far. They have coffee makers out now that you control with an app from your phone. It makes no sense, but thats the world we find ourselves in. I just booked flights and hotels online and the email I received tells me to download the app (iOS or Android only) to review my trip info, receive alerts, etc. That's probably an app I would delete after my trip, but it sure would be handy in the meantime. I can go to the website to see that info, but you have to log in and navigate to the proper section, etc. Its not going to popup alerts to my phone proactively.
  • Agreeed 100%... I am on Android and not because I DONT like Windows Phone, in fact I will still say it's the BEST OS available. The problem is Microsft just gave up on it (remmber when they said we are not going head to head with iOS or Android, that is when they gave up on it), With no new phones, lame carrier support and more apps are going away than that are coming. It's just so sad, Windows Phone is a great OS.... it's just too bad.
  • At the bottom you briefly mentioned Wharton brooks as a company that has embraced windows phone. Do we have any idea where their Windows Phone is? It was supposed to be out in fall of 2016 and here we are in winter of 2017...
  • Oh NO. Don't start bringing them up again! Vaporware x 1000000000! I knew Jason would have to shoehorn that in soon. Its been awhile. I didn't want to comment first about it. They are a joke.
  • Meh.  I use all three platforms daily.  I was all-in on webOS and even owned a BB Z30 for dev/work purposes.  Now I have a Nexus 6P running Android 7.1.1 and an iPhone 6S Plus running 10.2.0.  I still have my Lumia 929 and 640 and develop on all the platforms.  However, as customers shift to iOS and (mostly) Android my focus must shift as well.  The 929 truly runs WM10 beautifully and even the 640 performs quite well, but I will be selling the 929 and relegating the 640 to a dedicated portable music device due to its microSD slot and FM chip (something I will miss from the Windows world).  Too bad I now have to use a third-party FM app since MS deprecated their FM support.   iOS still works the most fluently and flawlessly overall compared to the others, but its restrictions and lack of customizations are a source of frustration to me (though for my wife and most of my family – it just works and I can totally understand that).  I found the widgets in Android to be much more useful than the Live Tiles in WM10, and the customization available through launchers, dialers, browsers and keyboards make Android my choice for a daily driver phone.  If only Google put as much effort into their tablet UI and apps and perhaps the iPad would have actual competition.  However, my kid loves his FireHD tablet that I bought for a song (and easily loaded the Google Play Store to expand the app options).   I started my mobile Windows journey with the HTC Trophy, and I was forced to use SevenEighter to obtain the latest Windows Phone 7 updates.  Then on Windows Phone 8 I needed to use the Preview for Developers app to get the latest updates to my HTC 8X and Lumia 928.  Then I need to use the Insider app to get W10M on my 929 and 640 (until the official Upgrade Assistant enabled those updates).  In that regard iOS is truly the best – Apple is clearly the leader in platform updates and that is one reason many developers support the platform.  With Android you need to get a Nexus or Pixel, and even that doesn’t guarantee anything beyond 2 years.  I will miss using Windows as a daily driver but I still enjoy the interface when I use my 640 as a music player (and I still love and prefer the webOS interface when I use my Touchpad – yes I still have it and it runs great to this day).
  • This article has zero effect on me. My friends with iPhones are constantly complaining about problems with them and Android doesn't tempt me in the slightest. I can do everything I want to do on my Lumia, and if the "app gap" means I'm missing out on Pokemon Go, I have made my peace with being deprived thereof.
  • love how you put app gap in quotes as if it doesnt exist hahaha if that helps you sleep at night. and trust, once you actually try a legit mobile OS, you'll realize you're missing much more than Pokemon Go. It's ok. I was once in denial... dream well.
  • You mean like Symbian was.
  • I can honestly say that I could have no more disinterest in Android and Apple ecosystems as is humanly possible. Being the problem solver amongst my friends, when they hand me their iPhone and android devices to solve problems they are having, after an hour using them I just want to tear my eyes out and beat my friends to death with their stupid devices. No seriously WM10 is so intuitive compared to those "things" . Roll on Windows on Arm and let's see an end to these endlessly fractured ecosystems.
  • From Windows Phone 7 until now, I've never had the app problem.  I am not some follower, who HAS to have the next popular app.  If there's a function I need that isn't already built into the OS, I see if there's an app to support it.  So far, I've not run into a case of something missing.  I can access things I need to access, sync with those I need to sync--including Bluetooth--and the presentation is far better than either iOS or Android (even in spite of how horrible Windows 10 Mobile is compared to Windows Phone 8).  My wife and I have Continuum-capable phones, but we've never used that feature outside of testing it out.  It has no use case for us, particularly since we both have Surface Pro 3 and 4 tablets. I honestly don't know that there's anything Microsoft can do to rescue this because, quite frankly, I disagree with the path they took after ditching WP8 and the UI that attracted many of us.  Switching horses TWICE from the original WP7 burned a lot of users and a lot of developers.  I don't think you recover from that.  And I'm betting there's no passion from Microsoft employees over this because that fool Satya Nadell KILLED any passion that might have been left.  He made an environment that is almos toxic to any enthusiasm for Windows phones, in favor of a more platform-agnostic (and I would argue a more iOS and Android favorable) approach.  There's no point because Nadell really supports no future for it. In the end, the very few features that make Windows 10 Mobile unique from the competition are features I NEVER hear anyone I know say they care about.  Even my friends who currently still use Windows phones.  So, I'll continue to enjoy my Lumia 1020 with WP8.1, and I'll continue to test the mess known as Windows 10 Mobile, and I'll see what's left of Microsoft in the phone arena after my 1020 finally is no longer usable.
  • I don't have the NEXT or any of the "popular apps" on my iPhone either...however, in another post I listed over 50 apps I use very regularly that are not on windows 10, either in mobile, or desktop....That's a pretty big gap.
  • Very true. And I dont understand what did Nadella wanted to achieve by repeatedly shouting out in media abt losing mobile war and giving up.
  • Should we switch?  After many years on the Microsoft Mobile platform (Windows Mobile 6, 6.5, Windows Phone 7, 7.5, 8, 10) I switched over a year ago.  It is amazing what you can do with a real smartphone that can actually run apps.  The Windows Phone, due to the lack of apps, was an over priced feature phone that could only do limited things.
  • The writing has been on the wall for a while now.  Microsoft (more specifically Satya Nadella) is letting Windows 10 Mobile rot until they can switch to Windows on ARM/Continuum/UWP/???  I've been with Windows phone since the Samsung Focus, but I eventually switched to Android last year.  It became very clear that Microsoft wasn't adding anything new or innovative to Windows 10 mobile, instead placating current users with "preview updates" that did little other than fix outstanding problems with the platform.  There's no reason to adovate or stick with the platform.  It's fine if you just like the Windows 10 UI and don't mind the app gap.  After all, I see no reason to hate on anyone's smartphone choice.  But be aware this is a dead platform and that's exactly how Microsoft wants it.
  • You are spot on here. I switched back in 2015, due to the app gap finally getting to me as I needed apps that didn't ever arrive or disappeared. None of these apps were games. Some were things like MyChart (app for keeping in touch with doctors), pharmacy apps for refilling prescriptions, auto insurance app, Amazon Prime, Starbucks (with mobile ordering available),etc.
  • im not sure how you say they haven't added anything innovative, especially if you compare to iOS and Android. What have those OS's added that's more innovative that the MS offerings of late?  
  • Apps
  • Microsoft has not given up on mobile and will not, ever. They only prioritize their *software and services* rather than their hardware efforts in mobile (which failed colossally due to missteps with Nokia and infrastructure changes). Remember they are a software company, first and foremost. They sacrificed the window (no pun intended) of the introduction of the unique Windows 7+ for the vision of converging Windows with the new architecture/ Microsoft also aims to own *productivity* on all mobile platforms, hence O365, etc. That is their DNA as Nadella has put it, so it's priority. That is where their mobility of experiences extends outside of Windows and it sadly ties a lot to their business roots. That said, they are not stopping at "Windows Phone/Mobile" but, rather, looking at Windows devices coming in a mobile form factor (cellular, ARM, etc.). People may not buy a Windows phone marketed in this generation, but they may but a slim, convertible dockable Windows tablet (Mini) with inking capabilities. No one buys a Windows laptop/tablet to Snapchat but to get things done. Microsoft will not come back to win a smartphone war, but they don't need to. They only need to create a family of *mobile* ARM devices between the Surface and the "smartphone" that is convertible (foldable down to 5.5"-6") but opens to 8" and runs Windows and market as the only computer you need (that just happens to come with cellular as a bonus) and make sure that all those loose ends and small delights (awesome Bluetooth like W1, seamless UX, polish) are considered and present, and that there is a slew of supporting peripherals (AR glasses, etc.) and you'll see adoption. The concept behind Windows UI has many fans (including among "decampers") and it has been mainly frustration with slow innovation, major missteps, cohesion and communication (and apps) that made them switch. When that changes (Win32 app emulation, Neon) , a good number will seriously consider returning, and some will. Then the journey begins with partner OEMs and SURFACE MARKETING!
  • Everyone knows if iPhone has the apps and games, Android has them too. Microsoft understand Windows 10 mobile OS require the developers need to completely to convert the sources (.net) as iOS and android are using similar C sources. Xamarin is an sdk for most phone platforms. Design once and compile to all Os, desktop and phone. One device I believe is using Xamarin is Samsung Smartthings for all 3 phone OSs. It's not hard to convert once the current source to Xamarin sdk and run on every devices even Xbox one.
  • Yes David, we all know that, even the developers. They feel that its not worth the energy to create and support windows app development. Most people on windows desktop just use either x86 full programs, or they use the web browser. and there is not enough users on windows mobile to warrant the cost/time to develop apps for mobile. that is the simple answer. I know how to start to get windows 10 mobile back on course, but, MS, under Nutella won't do it....
  • If you notice some games that exist in Xbox only that are develop with "Microsoft Studio" game developement kit. Sony Playstation will not get those games.
  • Almost two years ago I Switched to an iPhone 6+ on T-Mobile then Switched to Sprint (I know) for the LG V20. I haven't looked back since. A co-worker is still using his Windows Phone and was trying to convince me not to switch.
    My switch was inevitable. If Microsoft is not loyal to me why am I loyal to them and with no rewards. I might as well go get me a top-of-the-line phone with top-of-the-line apps and enjoy myself. But that being said, I would never try to tell somebody to leave Windows Phone. I remember how I felt when folks told me that before. One must reach his or her breaking point.
  • Yep...I am just telling them the grass is greener on the other side....I was against both IOS and Android when I had my 1020....until my 1020 was left for dead with no further updates.....at that point MS could go take a flying you know what when it comes to phones. They were failing, and failing big. we both (my wife and I) picked up iPhone 6s and love them. she had the 1020 as well....and loved it....and also said she would never get rid of it.....but like myself, saw all the user functionality that we were missing in the 1020 with the new iPhone and that was it. Everything works fast, and efficient. I do miss my 1020 camera however!
  • I have had a few MS phones (and using iPhone up through the 5s before that), currently using a 950 xl. Here's the thing:, I recognize the many faults of W10M and its inferiority with respect to "just working" as compared to iOS. But I live in Windows work world (Excel is why they invented computers) - which, yes, I could keep on using in iOS, but why dilute the experience? Plus, I'm tech savvy enough to be able to work around W10M's buggy bits, so I find it worth putting up with the frustrations in order to get the clearly more elegant OS. Windows design just feels right to me. And as long as I can I'll continue to use my 950 xl. It's irrational, but what isn't when it comes to personal choice and cell phones?
  • The thing is AzurAccess, is that Windows work world on IOS is better than on windows 10 mobile....I use both quite frequently!
  • Actually, I know that. But still I hold out. As I said, irrational ;-)
  • ha ha ha....to funny. I truly wish that MS had the apps I use, and they upadated my 1020. It was the BEST piece of mobile hardware I ever held in my hands. If It had all the apps I use on my iPhone, I would be here now saying DON"T go anywhere.....as most others would as well!
  • For me it's not just the apps but the hardware. The 950XL I have has horrible battery life, Edge and other apps suck the battery and heat the phone up, and there is no real hardware option (the HP Elite is too expensive, has no wifi charging or Glance screen). So replacing the phone in the future I'll be stuck with a selection of zero.
    It's really baffling why MS haven't produced any new handsets or pushed/helped other manufacturers to do the same. Cutting back doesn't need to mean giving up completely; which is what they appear to have done.
  • Seems like 5 friends are playing XBox Gears of war 4 -Horde. Got to join them. Some of them Fifa, one watch YouTube, one is playing borderlands -level 37. Got to switch my Xbox one on!
  • Imagine if you could thumbs down articles instead of windows fans listening and saying good point lets take it up with Microsoft this would have a trillion dislikes!
  • Ask the army and NY police
  • Thanks for wasting my time.
  • Why are you here then?
  • For wasting my time.
  • I certainly could move to Android but I'm not planning on it. If I did, there is a good chance that I would use it alot less. I would end up with alot more time for other things. I only say that because of past experience. Android just doesn't draw me in like Windows Mobile does. Either way, apps don't do much for me. I use a few here or there but most of them are a nuisance. Either way, they are basically just cellular PDA's. Not that remarkable really.
  • I'm glad I never went back to Windows Mobile. Still enjoying my Moto X for 3 years now!
  • There are no better time to spy on MS, G can simply track user location(key in any MS address) and track what they're searching then connect the dots.  I don't believe for a sec they all use bing.
  • Well put together Jason! Yes, we should have this exploding tile feature instead of Action Center. I happened to describe such a thing today in the Feedback Hub. But, not exploding in multiple tiles, but morphing into a larger pane with actionable Notifications and the option to open the full app. I feel the Microsoft Next launcher for Android offers great inspiration for a revamp of Windows Start to be multi-paged. App page, People page, Cortana page, whatever I may switch to a Google Pixel XL from my Lumia 1520 in between, but this is definitely interesting to be back for
    First in foldable display? A 6" phone that turns into a 12" tablet, that can power a desktop configuration. What more does one want?! I will buy it and get rid of all the rest if I can raise the money.
  • I was waiting for the punch line to this article and then got to the part where he switched because of a Toyota LOL. Really Jason? A Toyota? Talk about clickbait and over dramatization. Adharsh, get a better car. What a dumbass reason to switch, geez, I thought he switched because of a substantial reason. I bet it's a Prius LOL
  • Toyota's are the best/most reliable car you can buy.
  • They must remove the words Windows and Microsoft and it will be a succes. Look at xbox. Xbox is cool because people barely know It's from Microsoft. Microsoft/windows is associated with grey office buildings, yellow pc's, blue screens, viruses, work, stress, school. Anything that sucks.
    If windows phones had been marketed differently like the xbox it would have been more successful.
  • It,s hard to speak your mind here there's a hole bunch of cry babies here....😭Face it windows phone is done......
  • gone but receiving update every week.
  • It's hardly surprising when they cannot consistently support it with it's own apps. If you lead by example and the example is don't bother. Case in point today with staff hub, no Windows app yet this was being toted as for all staff except it would seem except those on it's own platform. I mean why would you bother putting the effort in why they cannot themselves.
  • Well am still sticking around for the mean time
  • Promoting the duplicitous thinking of Microsoft employees and Windows Phone "fans" will only create more confusion. Cut the moderate crap out. Windows Phone is either for you or it isn't.  Someone else's thinking (collectivist Microsoft insider or not) should have NO bearing on what you (the individual) decide works for you.
  • I agree, but regardless whether there is an article about it people bring this up nonetheless
  • I still that MS introducing new apps and features for existing apps on other platforms first speaks volumes. This policy appears to intentionally erode the loyal base. To what end?
  • what is point of this article?  I dont think microsoft require they employees use only windows phones, 1 employee can use window phone and android at same time.  Did any employee tell you they hate windows phone now throw it away totally ditch it and use android phone?  what is main advatange of android phone over windows devices other than number of apps?  how many people does a regular mobile user installed on a phone?   
  • Everything works on Android phones, still a bunch of broken stuff in WM. Google's voice assistant gives a voice answer for everything I ask, where Cortana turns up a web search. Also, Material Design is beautiful, and the app selection is amazing. I can't connect my Nokia's to the Bluetooth in my motorcycle helmet, because there is no Sena app for Windows Mobile.
  • Using Okay Google on my Android, I asked it what time my bank was open until (bank name, general location), and it just started spouting off branch location and telephone numbers.  I asked Cortana (stopped, swapped my SIM) the exact same thing.  She repeated back the name and location, and told me they were "open until 4:30 today." Point is, it all depends on the question.  I had issues with Cortana at first giving nothing but Bing searches, but it has come a long way.  I also prefer Cortana for hands-free texting / calling.  Cortana is the main reason I'm probably going to AT&T to pick up a L950 this week.
  • I'm a fan of Microsoft /W10m, however, I will be going back to Android next month as I will treat myself to an Android phone for my birthday. The main reason? Lack of apps for Windows Phone. I will probably download every MS app to my Android phone so I won't be going too far. If the app situation improves for W10M I'll come back. Many will return, too.
  • Barstow 15...if you can hold off a little longer NOKIAs new flagship is being unveiled soon. Hoping for 1020 ish camera in it! maybe so maybe not....but keep your eyes peeled for it before buying a new phone!
  • Thanks Steve. Maybe I should wait. I've always liked Nokia's things. Best regards.
  • No problem. I mentioned above how much I LOVED my 1020, until windows 10. The best piece of mobile hardware I ever owned, and ruined by Microsoft and there total lack of support. All for the CLOUD FIRST MOBILE FIRST vision that was flushed down the toilet.
  • In second and hopefully last time leaving Android to go back to Windows Mobile, the matter of app-gap is resolved for me in this way. I'm a busy person and at work I have no time for any app other than essentials such as emailing, text, phone calls and some web browsing. Google's store has absolutely nothing that can outperform (and without interface ugliness and stupidity) any of these that represent more than 90% of my use. Yes I have Android devices that I can use and nearly always for killing time. If it's recreation, hopefully I can have better things to do than play with an app.
    Author mentioned Bluetooth problem, I have the same with Lexus and I'm convinced the problem must be with the car, cause I used my Lumia 929 icon with other cars with no problem.
    Typing on this phone is like a dream. None of the many Android keyboard apps come close to it.
    I have seen better performance on apps that are available. As an example, if you've been driven mad by Insteon app on android and iPhone, you should see how smooth it works on Windows Mobile.
  • "I'm a busy person, I don't need apps" Lol
  • This is a rather sad article to read. How is it that a company that is developing a mobile OS has employees who don't use it? And on a daily basis? The problem with Windows 10 mobile is that it seems far removed from reality. In other words, it lacks an understanding of how the average smartphone user actually uses it. And of course, what are we to expect when the employees of the maker do not actually use it as their daily go tos? Reading through the various fora on Windows 10 Mobile, one thing is extremely clear.......frustration. People are frustrated with the OS and those that can be bothered vent this frustration in Microsoft's feedback tool. I say this is equivalent to the definition of insanity, ie., "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting it to come out different". The "feedback tool" is a placebo, designed to make us, the guinea pigs, feel as though we are contributing to something major. Actually, simply getting your employees, Microsoft, to use your OS will iron out the kinks more rapidly than you can imagine. A typical example of this, look at OneNote on Win 10m. How is it that a company, whose driving raison d'etre, is productivity but somehow, cannot see the urgency in solving the OneNote sync problem on Windows 10 Mobile???!!! This situation has gone on for over a year! If Microsoft employees used Windows 10 Mobile, and this app was important to them as it is to some of us, what is the betting that, instead of giving users glib responses in official fora, OneNote would be working as smoothly on Windows 10 Mobile as it does on iOS or Android. People, the problem is not with the lack of apps on this OS, it is about Microsoft's commitment to its own child. If you want others to follow, lead by example.
  • Your post is correct IMO, Microsoft's own employees won't even use Windows Mobile. It says a lot.
  • As long as there is a windows phone available I will have one! other than that a Linux phone would be nice, I`ve owned Symbian, a few iphones up to the 5, owned one android but not for long, just not for me on too many levels. Windows phone integrates with my R&R, work, family and personal life in an extremely secure manner unlike the aforementioned (not including Linux phone) so bring on the Surface phone I say, it should work very nicely with my SP4 and XB1 :-)
  • Nice read, if I understood correctly this employee's Toyota car didn't worked with his Windows mobile device due to a not supported Bluetooth issue?  That's a shame, since Windows 10 on tablets like my $59 Vulcan Journey works as good as on my Android Sony Xperia device and my Dell Inspiron 5578 laptop when connecting audio to my Bluetooth 2 in 1 lamp/speaker. I even use this speaker as a Cortana assistant using my android's phone as microphone.  
  • I've been a WP/W10M user and fan for several years now, regularly looked past its flaws at what else it possessed and defending it and my choice to use it. Now, only a year since buying my 950XL, I'm already looking at Android devices and planning a move. At the end of the day, W10M isn't a religion or cult or lifestyle, its simply a product. And if there's a better product out there, why not go for it and spend well-earned cash on that instead?
  • Bring on the NOKIA Flagship London. You will LOVE IT!
  • Was reading all this comments, and I fell asleep and had a tied up lucid dream. That **** was scary.
  • meh, not surprised... When MS supports other platforms more than its own, there's something wrong.. (like Minecraft on WP still not updated to 1.0, still no XBox, compared to Android and iOS...)
  • I switched to Android because most of the apps I used were either disappearing or being limited on Windows Phone. I loved the way my Windows Phone just made sense to me when I used it. Unfortunately it became obvious that to do what I needed my phone for I had to switch. I can dream of a Windows Phone or Surface phone that will bring me back but chances are developers won't follow.
  • Interesting, all my Lumia phones have paired flawlessly with my brothers, sisters toyotas. They are Toyota freaks, won't drive anything else. Yet , my Lumia also works flawlessly with my VWs Bluetooth, Cortana works great, reads incoming messages and Hey Cortana has been working great too. Yesterday,after much contemplating between Android, IOS , Windows 10 , I ordered the Elite X3,can't wait to get my hands on it. Microsoft even threw in a silicon case and a screenbeam mini for free!. On another note, I upgraded my sisters Landcruisers stereo to a Kenwood Double Din that's made for Android and IPhone. They need apps to mirror their phones screen to the stereo's display. Heck my niece cannot even cast her Iphone 6S+ display on the stereo, meanwhile my Lumia 1520, 950XL , doesn't require an app, I just hit connect from action centre, search for a wireless display and my phones screen mirrors and works perfectly.
    So I say, to each their own. Stick with what works best for you.
  • That is really cool. Does it display using Continuum?
  • Nope, L1520 no continuum. Just hit connect, looks for a wireless display, picks up the wireless display And then I pair it by following the on screen instruction. Been using my maps like that coz I prefer maps on my windows mobile way more than anything else out there. Didn't use continuum on the 950XL either.
  • Love my WP but will be selling it soon to go to the iPhone SE (Only temp though) waiting for the Surface Phone :)
  • I have to say I'm wondering the same thing. I love continuum. I use it often to show off my pictures on my wireless adapter attached to a tv. I use it to watch/show my mp4 collection (legally obtained of course) using the wired hub thingy (bad memory). But if I don't see an improvement or reliable news of something good by the middle of the year, then my next phone may just be a discounted Blackberry DTek60. Android with the blackberry keyboard (best keyboard ever, Imo) and good specs, and good price.
  • What do you think of the new keyboarded BB? I think the device looks very very good!
  • I thought MSoft had already said they had given up on the mobile form factor and were now focussing on new next gen disruptive technologies. As a WMobile fan it saddens me of course but it's nothing new now is it. Lets hope they get W10 on ARM running on a foldable screen towards the end 2017. My contract (L950) will be up by the middle of 2018 by which time MSoft will have ironed out the creases and it's commercial failure will have caused a price drop. L800, L925, L2520 & L950 anyone? Of course if it's a Surface success and the price remains high then so be it, either way it's a win win in my eyes.  
  • I had to switch from Windows 10 Mobile (Lumia 950xl) to Android (Huawei p9) due to: 1)- Microsoft has better apps for the competition than for themselves 2)- The quality of Microsoft's Lumias devices is horribly mediocre 3)- There's no other W10M device with a decent alternative to Glance Screen. Not even a humble notification LED. WTF?!?!?!? 4)- Windows 10 Mobile is an eternal beta OS. So many updates, and yet the OS is still unable to reach the stability level we had with WP 8.1 What I miss from W10M/Lumia: - Camera - Glance Screen
  • I work for an automotive company. If you drive someone else's brand, you won't be there very long. So why in all hell do they let these idiots come in and out with other phones? And that's exactly why they dont even know what issues are on their phones. Disgusting they dont do something about this. But hey, the token CEO is making money by being an idiot, so who cares.
  • what a shame! W10m needs more support, they are betraying the fans.
  • Glass half full my ass! It's not even 1% full and still falling. Developers have absolutely no reason to write apps for WM. Nadella makes me sick with the way that he allowed this platform to destruct.
  • Its not 1% full and has a screen for a bottom....that's more accurate.
  • This article doesn't change my choice in platform. In my view the reality is more complex than what is being suggested in this article. I do agree that a shortage of (quality) apps is a problem. I do think that Microsoft has a good strategy for the future if mobile computing and is open ti cross platform support. Lately the mobile roadmap is far from clear. But its clear that at this point in time I'm not seeing much focus of windows for consumers but more business related. Its difficult to get an idea, with the exception of gaming, how much focus there is for consumers. I thnk at this point the windows UI is still the the most useful and refreshing and has the most potential. I think continuum will be the new mobile experience that all platforms will try to achieve. I have a feeling that we're entering a new paradigm. I wouldn't be surprised in time where we are likely to see the evolution of google, apple, Microsoft and that the lines if there companies wil blur and fuse in time. The change of google as part of alpha is strikng. Apple seems consistent, but seems to show signs of stagnation of their captialism and trying ti find their groive back. And Microsoft seem ls comfortable ti spread their tentacles into themselves and indirectly to their competitors. A sign of a dynamic change where linea are blurring between businesses. I just hope they don't lose sight of the "consumer".
  • I loved the Windows phone but I also had to change. I use the phone apps frequently for stores and it helps me save money where I can. I would also switch back to Windows phone in a flash.
  • I have a Lumia 950 still jumped on board with the Lumia 900. I have already come to grips with the fact that if I change jobs and I don't have an iphone though that I would likely switch at this point.
  • I would have stayed on windows if some new phones were being made for verizon, still would switch back if something decent was released. But I just don't see it happening anytime soon.
  • In a similar boat. If anyone knows of a way to migrate SMS/MMS messages from Windows to Android please let me know. I know SMS syncing is coming to Skype Android but it's been for a while...
  • after many years as a die hard windows phone users (and I mean several years), I switched to android. I spent a fortune on windows phone apps. why did I jump ship? the lack of apps. I NEEDED several apps that did not exist on windows phone and third party substitutes were poor. now I have jumped, I rather like it. I feel like one of the crowd now and not a minority anymore.
  • "Move always on the opposite direction of the crowd" -VHF
  • Don't you mean Beta, HD-DVD, WEBOS.........
  • Good read. Me and my 950 XL are in it to the death. I have a few Android phones for testing purposes and I don't like them much.
  • Agree 100 percent I have music on my windows phone which I purchased and can't even listen to it in my jeep patriot 2015 limited edition because the Bluetooth is not compatible but runs on android. Therefore I stop purchasing music from microsoft. Didn't think the Bluetooth would be a problem because its something so simple.
  • That's odd, its the same radio that I installed in my Jeep Unlimited....Mine even read texts and commands etc to me. Try unpairing and pairing your device again. Nice pick on the patriot too...I have a 2015 sport altitiude edition with lift kit winch etc for exploring and camping!
  • My friend works for a high level job at MS. A couple of yrs ago, he saw my Lumia phone and was shocked. He said he never see those, except for a few a work. He and his family all use iPhones. Lol. That's all you need to know why WM has failed. But I think the next Surface Ultimate Mobile device might be a start of something new, and leave smartphones like dumbphones are today.
  • Give him his walking papers. He can use his new android to look for a job! Lets see him do Continuum with that!
  • Just like NUTELLA needs his walking papers. He has never seen a windows phone/mobile device since he's been in charge either...
  • As much as I like Windows Phone/Mobile, I ended up leaving for Android almost a year ago.  I still have my Lumia 640 running the latest release of Win10M as a test unit of sorts to keep an eye on the ecosystem, but that's all. It wasn't any one thing that drove me to switch, more like lots of little issues with lack of apps, integration with home automation, etc.  That said, now that I've gone to the other side, it'll take a major "wow" to make me want to go back to a Windows-based phone. What initially drew me to Windows Phone 7 were two things.  First, I really liked the UI and while it's regressed in many ways in more recent iterations, I still overall prefer the Win10M UI to iPhone and Android.  Second though, was that Windows Phone offered the potential/promise of being the middle ground between iPhone and Android in terms of offering a consistent UI and hopefully OS updates without carrier interference like iOS while offering hardware choices like Android.  Well, that didn't work so well with Windows Phone 7.x or 8.x (though updates without carrier interference came in a roundabout way with the developer previews towards the end of 8.1's life.) The other promise that came about in the Win 8.x timeframe was commonality of apps across platforms (Ballmer's "three screens") which never really came about either.   The really frustrating thing though is that for all Win10M's warts, it has finally gotten to the point where it was starting to deliver on these promises.  Microsoft has demonstrated that they can update the OS (sans firmware) without carrier involvement and UWP apps are real.  But just as these features were coming online, Microsoft pulled back from supporting the phone platform, and its marketshare collapsed.  Grrrr.......
  • At our local MS store, the phones used to be displayed prominently at the front. Now (what there are) they are hidden in the back.
  • Yes, I noticed that as well when I went in for the Hololens demo back in October of last year.  All the phones were in the very back of store.
  • Interesting. Assume it is using Miracast. Appreciate the feedback.
  • I get so tried of reading these articles. They are pretty much all the same.
  • It also sad to note that Microsoft focused too much on maintaining the Windows brand [which is muddled by the virus and malware  syndrome] and brings chills to all that think Windows. I received a call on my Lumia 925 while doing Ridesharing and a rider was wowed by the look of it. Would you believe he had never ever seen a Windows Phone [in December 2016]?? Well. I decided to play a trick on him and told him it was a new Nokia phone running on "NeptuneOS." OMG! If you could have seen his excitement and wondering where to get one. Then, I menntioned it was actaully running Windows10; and in that moment the look on his face changed to "Oh. That!" Microsoft should have just changed the Windows mobile branding to remove the stigma associated with Windows on the desktop. 
  • I'm not switching, not for now at least. I don't like Android, nor iphones. I'll stick with my 640xl until the end of time!
  • I would never switch back to android. It's a terrible unoptimized garbage. You need a stronger phone than a gaming PC to run smoothly and it costs 4x time more than the same level windows phone. I will stick with windows phone until the end if it comes, but I don't think it will happen.
  • The problem is quite clear in terms of which mobile OS has the more apps. The lack of developers for the Windows mobile OS is the only problem I see. This is due to sales figures and app developers trying to generate revenue. show I can imagine they would flock to a mobile OS that has a lot of consumers. I have never been impressed with the toy like iPhone that makes everything a gimmick. Apple consumers like to be placed into buying cycles where they must purchase exclusive branded equipment to get the most simplest process done on their devices (e.g. where there is no headphone jack on the iPhone 7). Thus, here comes the AirPods. Such a innovative move (not)! Google has grown their non-OS product to fool the consumer into purchasing something that is unsecure and bloated with back doors. Both companies were in need of a wining venture in the mobile device realm so they hold tight to there stagnant looking yesteryear designs. I have been a Windows user since the days of Windows CE and have seen them bring about innovation through the different iterations of the mobile OS. I have also owned a few BlackBerrys in my time and prior to that a few PDAs. Black Berry, Apple, and Android all look and operate in the same way with simple badged icons that require further action to review the hidden information. Then their is the live tiles design of Windows OS, the baked in production tools that every other OS relies on and must download, the hardware that other phone makers wish they had. I would be envious as well and if I owned one of the toys out there too. I would also down talk what I fear as well.
  • You cannot blame developers to not get (or in fact get the total mess) Microsofts reinventing the wheel four times, while iOS and Android evolve carefully. The only consistent API Microsoft ever built is User32. Hence, UWP is the big hope, but it won't work, because nobody needs it on desktop.
  • I get it consumers don't like change unless it's a gradual build. If this was the thinking of inventors throughout history we would still be driving horses and buggy. All platforms must change eventually. IOS and Android glam up their simple OSs to keep the sheep in the flock. Trends eventually die. Windows mobile OS has been around a lot long than the other two and over all PC is the more excepted standard over Macs and Chrome Books. Sooner than later consumers will see the light and the landscape will shift.
  • I am in Russia and all the time I see people with Windows Phones. Noymt so much, approx. 10-15% but they're all around.
  • I made a shift to android this month too. The main reason : App Gap. But if you go to consider the amount of phones in the market ..... I couldn't find any phones in my budget range with new hardware. Android becomes a easy choice if you don't get a phone in your budget with windows.   If the App Gap Reduces I am also ready to come back to windows but untill then ..................
  • As much as I love both of my Windows phones, I see what MS is doing wrong lately, and it's advertising. For example, yesterday I started watching a TV series called Orphan Black. And what did I see all the cops using? Windows Phones. All of them were using (I guess by the shape of the Windows button) WP7 phones. But it's a 2013 TV series. Why don't we see W10M phones in newer series and movies? Come on MS, fire up the marketing, like you did with the Surface line ;)
  • I broke my 950 XL screen on Christmas. The was literary no replacement for the W10M flagship with a great camera. I was in a dilema for a few days, using my shattered 950 XL until I decided that I had no other choice but to move on. With Apple stict control on proprietary hardware, it was easy for me to skip them. But the pain in moving over to Android starts from the hardware. I wanted a phone with a good camera. If the Note 7 didn't exploded, I might have gone for it. The Samsung S7 is good but without a USB type C, I will have to dig up old cables but it has wireless charging. Some other brands are not widely available in my country like LG. V20 should be nice, replaceable battery is welcomed but I can't find an official warranty version. After much dillydallying, I chose the Mate 9. Quite common in my country, good camera, USB C but missing wireless charging. I had to boxed up my Nokia DT-903 wireless charger and Continuum dock. Okay, done with the hardware rant. Once I set up the phone and start using it, I started to miss live tiles and Cortana :-(. Yeah, there are widgets but they are nowhere near as useful as live tiles. There is Cortana for Android but she is crippled. No more telling jokes and singing songs, sob, sob. And Android has made it difficult to integrate my Outlook.com calendars and contacts. I can add contacts to the phone but I could not edit them. Google calendar has no option to connect to Outlook.com calendar in a straight forward manner. I ended up connecting my Outlook.com using Exchange server method. And GMail app tends to delay Outlook.com mail even went set to push. Sure there is and Outlook app but it's crippled. I can edit mail in rich text format. I can't set up recurrence calendar event. There are some other mail apps with shabby privacy policies connecting to ports other that those normally used by mail services. Life is difficult for a Windows guy in an Android world. In the following next few days, I find my self adjusting my lifestyle to suit Android. I use Google calendar and Outlook app for mail. I use OK Google instead of Cortana. There is no one to sing a lullaby for me now. Luckily OneDrive and OneNote still work pretty well. I can still upload my camera roll to OneDrive. Office apps work fine too. Let there be APP. Yes, there are many apps in Android Google Play Store but I find myself using back those that are available in Windows - Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp. I play back games that Windows have too - Asphalt Extreme, Asphalt 8, some children games. In the big pool of apps, I find myself using back the same old apps available in Windows. I did not really feel Google Play Stores with its millions of apps drastically change my life. Maybe I am different. So I would agree with Kannan. I am mad at MS for betraying loyal fans but I will go back to Windows if they have better hardware that is not only business centric but would suit any Tom, Dick, Harry like me with great camera, I will go back.  
  • This is what happen if you depend too much on a mobile.... Mobile isn't our life, there are great things to do..... It's just a mobile
  • Hmm it really is time to leave the platform for a while... Im moving to android or ios till the surface phone comes in,if it ever does.
  • I honestly don't blame Kannan for his decision...As the Windows Mobile OS doesn't get much support at the moment. Android and iOS are king right now, getting the needed support that keeps their respective platforms alive. Thus continuing to attract customers to either of them, based on the features each customer is seeking. If Microsoft hadn't stumbled in the beginning, maybe, their mobile OS would of received better support and experience continued growth. I had wanted to try Windows Mobile OS, as it would pair nicely with my current Windows 10 PC...Though I am reluctant because it doesn't seem like they have a plan that makes me confident enough to take a risk. Having looked deeper in the Windows Store, also gave me pause...As I could not find replacements for many of the apps or games I have downloaded from the Play Store. Microsoft's First party UWP at least cover the major bases, I could live on those even though it would mean switching to Bing. Though I stand to lose so much in the process of switching platforms like Android Pay, Google Apps...Microsoft has to make switching worth it and keep people/developers on their platform. Microsoft has had success in the Desktop world, I hope they can draw upon this knowledge to make it happen on Mobile too.
  • Curiously last week I felt exactly the same, the last drop was the terrible build 15007 rebooting my phone every 10 min. I love WP but I'm in searching for an decent Android. Enough internal memory, super battery, fair price... in other words, things I have never cared about in WP eco system.
  • I carry both windows mobile and an android. I still use wm for everything mobile. I only use the android for Snapchat and Facebook messenger. I'll never switch to android, ill just have it as a tag along to my windows mobile phone. As a student, I'm a heavy onenote, word, office user, Xbox app, groove, Spotify, Netflix, and texting and calling. That's all I really need. App trends come and go. That Instagram phase faded out, and I use mostly Microsoft services, so its best for me to own a windows mobile.
  • Very interesting article! I'm always interested in reading other switchers' stories and their reasons for it!  I switched to Android myself (LG V10) in spring last year, but switched back to Windows 10 Mobile (Lumia 640) a little over a month ago - and I couldn't be happier! Yes, I'm doing much more stuff on my Laptop now which I could have done and did do on the LG V10 itself, so I also feel the app gap - but strangely, on the whole, I'm much MUCH happier to be back with Windows Phone. It's more intuitive and just makes more sense to me, WP just feels better, it feels like home. So despite all its short comings (apps vanishing here and there), I'm back with WP at least until the beginning of 2018. Btw, to me personally, the Outlook and OneNote Apps on Android were a nightmare to use :/   
  • Same here. I carry an android, but only for Snapchat. Lol. It's such a convoluted OS. I can't stand it. It feels like I'm using windows XP.
  • I am about to move to android since my Lumia 950 xl have experienced problems with the company that have moved, had to do hard reset three times in two days the phone Am just getting sick of Windows Mobile and my phone don't feel like an real high end all the applications opening takes 5-9 seconds, Am just watching an HUAWEI p9 or an lg g5
  • Only one thing Microsoft MUST do to attract devs back (eventually) first.
    Drop that no sense and arrogant 30% fee they ask to developers for every app.
  • They need to give dev's a free ride for a year....that's how to bring apps etc to the platform. easy peasy. Open up the bridges etc, say we are taking NO royalties or fees for a year. We are releasing a new amazing phone, with dev support. 100% of profits goto the devs inorder to grow our platform.
  • And instead of getting new apps it bleeds existing ones. Devs dropping dupport for apps left and right... And MSFT themselves have better apps on Android and iOS than on their own platform - that speaks VOLUMES!
  • The bigger probmem for Microsoft is that if they don't make the OS, then there is less likelihood that people will buy into the ecosystem. As a long time user of Windows phones I rece try switched to android, and MS services just don't integrate as well. I have multiple Outlook.com calendar categories and they all show up the same on the native Android apps. Cortana on Android is useless. Mail works but I also sync multiple ouook.com accounts to my contacts and that does not work with Android. Consumers will do what is easiest, and MS will likely be on the losing end of this proposition as mobile continued to lead and dominate.
  • Also Microsoft makes better apps for iOS and Android than they do for Windows Phone.
  •   So I had an iphone 4 and was looking to upgrade but a couple of years ago, iPhone 5 was just too expensive. I tried a second hand Lumia 635. Was very impressed. Moved to a 930, gave that to the wife and got a 950XL. Factors for me were camera and price. I do use apps too but not the same as others perhaps. Mainly youtube apps (like myTube) and Podcast apps (like Grover Pro) that I can use on my desktop and phone. I like Microsoft's News and Money apps and the fact I can use my icloud on the Windows phone (just for mail, calendar and contacts though). The satnav app was a bit dodgy but now is fine for a free app that allows you download regional maps (unlike iPhone). The camera is great, having photos on OneDrive is useful and I've just installed the fitbit app which is great. I have newspapers (the Guardian), Train apps, Underground apps, currency calculators and so on. I have an iPad mini and that's fine. The app store is full of apps for everything but having owned an iPhone since the original - I knew I wouldn't use them. If the iPhone with 128GB was the same price as my 950XL with 128GB - I'd probbly go for the iPhone but the price difference is so significant that I'm happy with my 950XL. In two years, who knows what's going to be out there - so it's not a 'phone for life'. I use the 950XL daily and it meets all my major needs so happy to watch and see.
  • (Microsoft employee here) A Windows phone was mandatory up until about 4 months ago when our store started showing off cross compatibility with apps between Android and IOS, now we just have to know how to use our apps as leverage on those platforms, which is fine. I have my 640xl on me always but also carry my OnePlus3 as my main driver
  • …I am having to switch to Android because of the economy of scale that exists in their [Android] developer ecosystem. Toyota Bluetooth does not pair seamlessly with Windows Phone while Android and iOS work perfectly fine.
    I'm calling total BS on this quote. I had a Scion FRS and currently have a Toyota Tundra. Bluetooth, and Cortana, pair and work effortlessly with Toyota just as it has in all my other vehicles (Chevrolet, Chrysler, Lexus, and Ford)
  • The following was a post that I made last week but I think I will post it here again maybe someone from MS will see it. Before they do any thing else they should fix what they already have. I am an X Canadian soldier living in Germany. I can not have my phone in English and have my location in Germany because then Cortana wont speak my language. ( English ) So I have to set my location to U.S. for Cortana to work. The only thing that I use Cortana for is to have my phone go into night mode because I work crazy shifts and night mode only works with Cortana. Because I have my location set to U.S. for me to buy apps I have to set the phone back to Germany then buy the app then set the phone back to U.S. Because my phone is set to U.S. I have to deal with dates and times that are U.S centric. FB and FB messenger are a complete mess takes for ever to load. I cant even complain seems I can't go to the store on the web or the phone to rate those apps for what ever reason. I use Grover pro as my podcast catcher and just about every time that my phone gets an update ( I am on the normal ring ) It breaks something in Grover pro and I have to reinstall it then down load all my podcasts again. I am on a prepaid plan that goes for 30 days all prepaid plans in Germany are 30 days long. ( not monthly every 30 days) Their is no prevision in the OS for a 30 day plan so every 30 days I have to tell my phone I have this much data for the next 30 days and when I reset my mobile data it does not reset my Wi-Fi data. Everyone here is waiting for the surface phone but I will never be able to afford one.  
  • Dear forum brothers-sisters Depends....For example,i have 2 Mobile phone numbers,1 i had from high school(200s) and the second is my ''colege'' number. So if you also have 2,or 3 numbers,why not testing others os?I've test every mobile os and everyone is unique on its way.For examble on bb 10 and jailfish,you can ran 65-75% of android apps.Not bad.On windows you get the glance screen,wich is taken by meego(Nokia N9-N950). On the oldest windows mobile,i mean wm5xx and 6xx,you could ran the cab from some windows xp programms. I phone is more glamour offcourse and android....Is android.It is everywhere....
  • Should be added to the list of "Where Microsoft went wrong" - No promtions for sales people, this was one the largest issue with Windows Phone, when a person walked itno a store to get a phone and the customer looked at a Windows Phone device, most would say, you dont want that you want a ios or android device. In the Windows Phone 7 days, Microsoft paid up to get the top 25 apps and for a time, hope was something 99% of us had, till poor marketing with the other screw ups, is what caused WP to fail those top 25 apps, most of them are still around but, never updated, or if they are, they are worlds behind the iOS or Android version. Thanks for the post from someone inside but, is this anything we didn't already know ?  Come on Most people moved on because of the lack of apps. or support for other devices, like the MS Employee's Toyota/lexus (same company) car/truck. The ONLY way Microsoft could come back is to get Andoid or iOS apps working on Windows Phone. The App gap is the biggest problem and will always be the main reason why WP does not have a major chance to survive.
  • More Apps, less security. WebApps you can inspect but of course that will not comfort you if you miss a special one.
  • My windows HD7 by HTC was great, my radar was alright. Windows mobile was easy to use and intuitive at the time--I loved it. Music on windows is ten times better than any other product out there. ( at the time) But I did try other products because I'm not a fan but a consumer. I tried apple, 3gs 32 g and android by LG L9 for a couple of years . Sure those platforms have more app support and they both their quirks. App gap, i dont care been there and did not make my life any better-- I use a selected few. Android is a mess when it comes to music, Apple is a nice peice of jewlery but for phone purposes like talking to people it sucks. I went back to Windows platform was again refreshing to me. Been with Windows ever since.
  • Ok, I've just read through all of these comments. Personally, I"m sticking with WP. I still love my 928, which I keep charged for now, especially the battery life, which is still better than my Icon's. Yes, Icon's, I have 2 now. Bought both new online and I'm leaving the newest one on 8.1. The prior is on W10, which when I finally did a hard reset most of my problems have gone away, except having Pandora only play 1 song without messing with it and the camera won't open with the dedicated button. Bluetooth not worknig in  your car? Buy a Honda, I've had no trouble pairing my 928 or Icon's. Now with my 8.1 Icon I have no trouble with Pandora and yes, no problem with texts or calls in my car. There's many things I like about w10 and now keep both Icon's with me at work and home. App gap, I don't have any problem. I have all I want or need. No need for me to have a banking app, I don't use any social network except FB. I have absolutely no use for Android, I bought the Thunderbolt right after it came out, went through 3, then 3 Rezounds. They all SUCKED. Yeah, I'm with Verizon and when they said to try a WP, I've been all in since. BTW, no love here for Icrap either, even though they may be faster. I don't care. Have I had fustrations with WP, sure. But never enough to switch. I do look forward to whatever MS brings and hopefully they'll do a good job. There's my 2 cents. Thanks for reading!
  • I use a OnePlus 2 for Pokemon Go and other games, yes I'm still playing it as are 30 million others. I like it for gaming, but I do not like the interface and how restricted I am. There are settings I'd like to change, but they either don't exist or I have to activate developer mode to access them. I do not find it as intuitive as Windows Mobile. Thankfully there are similarities, but I feel Windows mobile gives me more flexibility and simplicity in the interface. If I leave Windows mobile (no intention of doing so right now) I would probably go back to iPhone and hate myself for doing so.
  • With the amount of app developers backing out citing the decreasing user-base(the latest example being runtastic), I don't think Microsoft will bring out a surface phone. That means windows 10 Mobile is counting its days. It will be a miracle if it happens otherwise
  • It may well come out still, but it won't be a simple phone. AND it will be purely Business Oreintated (like the Elite X3)
  • I'm still a fa of the WP platform, but I managed to leave my phone in one a hotel.  If anyone else is abandoning Windows Phone and has a 950XL they want to part with, let me know, or an HP Elite X3 for that matter.
  • I just switch to an iphone and really the only thing that makes it better than wp is the abundance of apps. I really miss using my wp as my daily driver, but it lacks a little too much.
  • More popular app will help
  • I have both a 950xl and oppo f1s. I like the oppo for the extra apps but android notifications are hit and miss. Sometimes I just don't get them. It's a headache. I still use my 950xl as my primary phone for calls as it's just much better overall
  • That might be Oppo.
  • I love my 950xl I'm staying until Microsoft say It's done officially with Mobile.
  • I hung in there with Outlook and Office 365 exchange and was using a blackberry Classic for a year until halfway through 2016 blend was not going to be supported. I thought heh will go to windows phone... you just cant in todays world. No text support on a pc is a must for me! Also no apps. I run my mercedes brace app on my Pixel, my E key for Real Estate, Google voice, hangouts,  that Windows does not have. I also have Android Auto in my car.. Windows and Blackberry had so much potential. Rip I only miss a couple of things from the Outlook work but have outlook synced to gmail so can use it once in awhile for a tough email.
  • ?
  • Kennan made the same journey I, and so many other, did:
    We had to leave the platform we love for lack of support from Microsoft and therefore the huge app gap that gets bigger day after day.
    I also look forward the day I am able to come back.
    You conclude your articles by saying that the Surface Phone might not come before 2018... who will care by then, unless it really addresses a true need?
  • My Daily driver is still my Lumia 950XL, for now, which is a great device with a wonderful camera. But I've recently purcahsed my 1st Andriod device. There are just apps to make my life easier (banking, social, local business) that are not on, or have stopped being on Windows Mobile. Because of the doubledown to business orentation etc., and me, just a lowly consumer fan,  I have no option to move to Android as my daily when the Lumia starts to become problematic.
  • One word. Sad! Every time I read something like this, there's a part of me that starts to compel me away from Windows Mobile. Won't break me down yet though. Like many others who are part of that 1% share, I'm still a believer. C'mon Microsoft, enough of people leaving the platform!
  • We all know that what really messed the entire Windows Phone popularity is when they closed the Uservoice. It gave a lot of users a sense that the platform was made due to their feedback and the best part is when they listened. It was amazing to see over 250,000 voting on an idea. It really shows that people cared. But once they closed the uservoice, I ended up leaving Windows Phone too. The people who left Windows Phone didn't care that there wasn't many popular apps but the devices used to be very stable and worked well compared to any other device I've used (On my Lumia 925). Can't say the same with Windows 10 Mobile. I'll miss Windows Phone and I hope to come back when they start taking feedback from people. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You can't claim to be a die hard Windows phone fan if you switched to another phone brand. Your claim is as empty as double talking politician trying to gain undeserved recognition.