Microsoft highlights games in latest Xbox One marketing push

The public relations strategy (or lack thereof) that Microsoft has been using since announcing the Xbox One has been questionable at best. The Xbox team has taken a staggered, slow rollout of news surrounding the Xbox One with details coming out slowly piece-by-piece at different events. They’ve back pedaled on a few issues and just can’t seem to catch a break. But they’ve slowly been turning around their slow start with the Xbox One. Their latest push is putting the emphasis back on games.

Check out the video above. It’s all about the exclusive games coming to the Xbox One. If the game isn’t exclusive to the Xbox One, like Battlefield 4, the video pushes the message that you’ll be getting exclusive content first on the Xbox One. Microsoft originally pushed the message that the Xbox One was going to be your all-in-one machine. But for some reason gamers weren’t buying that, even though it’s clearly a gaming console.

This could be the beginning of a push from Microsoft to highlight the gaming prowess of the Xbox One. It’s shared some pretty interesting stats about the games coming out for the Xbox One with the pretty infographic below.

If for whatever reason you can't view the image above, here is what Microsoft is promoting about the Xbox One game lineup:

  • 38% of titles are exclusive to Xbox One
  • 37% of titles are brand-new IP
  • 44% of titles will include either timed or exclusive content to Xbox One
  • Microsoft exclusive titles (think Ryse, Forza) received 272 award nominations and 111 wins at E3 2013

Which game are you folks most looking forward to at launch for the Xbox One? I’m really looking forward to Ryse and Titanfall when it comes next year. Although Forza does look pretty dang awesome too. Sound off below with your favorites! 

Source: Xbox, YouTube

Sam Sabri