Microsoft holding Lumia 950, 950 XL pre-launch event in Dubai on Dec. 11

It looks like Windows Phone fans in Dubai are in for a treat ahead of the launch of the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL in the United Arab Emirates. On December 11, Microsoft will be holding a pre-launch event for the new Lumias at the Microsoft Store in the Dubai Mall.

In addition to all of the fun at the pre-launch event, Microsoft says that the first 20 customers that make it to the pre-launch will get "exclusive access" to the official launch event on December 15. If you happen to call Dubai home, you can head to Microsoft's Retail store in the Dubai Mall on December 11 at 6 p.m. to take part in the pre-launch event. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you'll be attending!

Thanks to Ilyas F. for the tip!

Source: Microsoft (Facebook)

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  • Waiting.... Bahrain
  • Waiting.. Saudi ;)
  • Waiting for brasil turn..
  • Same here
  • be able to afford it ;-)
  • Resuming........ Everywhere else
  • Same
  • I still have a hard time believing MS released these phones with Build 10586.
    You know what??? I'm waiting on the next Build... 10586 is still amateur hour compared to 8.1... Well, as far as polish goes..
    It's mainly just stability issues at this point.. Force closing, freezing;; Androidian behavior to say the least... Please don't tell me we have to wait until Redstone for that quality experience that WP fans were used to... Guess I'll have to tip my 40 to 8.1, and tat a tear on my cheek.
  • Not at at all... It runs very smooth on my 930, 1520 and 640xl Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, it runs smooth, but it also ha stability issues.. Not all the time, but pretty **** constantly.. I use my phone ALL DAY, so I might see more issues than normal.
  • New build 10586.29 is live right now, I just received update. Guys check your phones too.
  • Price is 2349 dirhams
  • Microsoft Gulf which is based in Dubai covers all Gulf countries (Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar), so I can safely assue it will be available for order at the same date for all these countries.. I hope so.
  • Is the launch event considered as a launch for the middle east or just in UAE?
    Cuz my friends and I are eagerly waiting to put our hands on the new Lumias in Saudi Arabia :|
  • Lebanon ? Anyone ????
  • MS has practically put no effort here, not just with Lumias but all their products, despite having an HQ with enthusiastic MS employees. Hopefully that changes. If you check with a Stars shop, they will probably get hold of them (if they didn't already).
  • I was just dreaming . Even ekhir lumia nezil here ken 930 . Hopefully they change
  • Will it be available in the normal diamond encrusted gold plated version for Dubai? Priv screen goes up
  • And pink
  • How many of 950 /XL made? Everywhere it's sold out. I think MS underestimated the demand. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I would love to see numbers on that.
  • They haven't underestimated. They are keeping the supply purposely low like they did for Microsoft band 1.
  • Off topic. Guys If you're running Windows insider mobile build 10586 check for updates, I think new build 10586.29 is live. I just received update, downloading right now.
  • I got a chance to play with the devices in Microsoft store at Delhi. Yes the software felt choppy in front of my Lumia 730 running stock wp8.1
    The eeasiest way to spot this is when press and hold the back button to close multiple apps, the swipe to close, you can see the lag clearly, and I had the 730 to compare it side by side.
    TThe phones themselves really don't feel special in hand, with display turned off they look like the plethora of the big screen devices launched dime a dozen my by micromax, xolo & intex in India. Both the 950 & 950 xl were white and felt the same way, the button layout of the xl looks like a mess , so the comment on most reviews that phone does not feel special to bring in new folks is kind of right, my 730 felt more premium thanks to curved glass and overall better aesthetics than 950, sorry but that's really how I felt
    The consistency in design of the metro/modern is kind of lost in W10, the fonts are clearly closer to stock android material design, and overall I found it a mish mash
    U can check it on my instagram: Lumia_lover
  • Probably a show phone with an unfinished windows 10 version my 950 is faster more responsive and ten times better than any windows phone 8 I owned.
  • Finally. It will land in the Middle East. It means it will land in SaUdi Arabia by January 2016. Same time when 1520 was available 2 yrs ago.
  • Hay bro, I had my NOKIA Lumia 1520 in December 2013 from jareer book store in Jeddah :D
  • Boy open your eyes to a good news.. What a relief. I am going to call the life out of Microsoft store in Bahrain till I get my Hand on this one.
  • Yaaay, I'll try my best!
  • Already got my 950 XL from the microsoft store in Dubai Mall on 12 November 2015, I think they release 30-40 phones to their best clients. Anyways the event should be fun.
  • Hey, is it openned? I have checked on Dubai Mall website and they said it is closed for renovation. no? is it openned now? Can I go to their shop?  
  • it was opened last week but the guy said they would be renovating prior to the 950 (XL) launch to add more demo areas and more laptops and other microsoft third party products. I'm not sure if they will close down though. You can give them a call to make sure. Also they are sold out of both 950 and 950 xl as they had less units than the 300 people waiting list (you had to call them to get on the waiting list, since preorders are not available). Anyways you should be able to grab what you need on the 11th.
  • I'm going
  • Today i cloud touch and feel 950xl not a great feel but i wasted 2 months waiting for this
  • Waiting anxiously.. Dubai...
  • I'm headed there today evening! Will keep you guys posted and send you pictures.. :)