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Microsoft launches Visio Online into general availability

The web-based version of Microsoft's diagraming tool is now generally available following a lengthy preview that started in late-2016. With the tool, commercial customers can now create, edit, and share diagrams online, Microsoft says. Diagrams created with Visio Online can then be shared with anyone in an organization, even if they don't have a Visio Online license.

Here's a look at Visio Online's base feature set (opens in new tab):

  • Start diagramming quickly with templates, modern UI, and the familiar Office Online experience in your favorite browser.
  • Create diagrams such as block diagrams, flowcharts, timelines, Specification and Description Language (SDL) diagrams, and more.
  • Share your work easily as a secure web-based link, attachment, image, or PDF.
  • Share feedback by adding and replying to comments online.
  • Store and share your creations securely with the included 2GB of free OneDrive storage.
  • It's always up to date and web-based.
  • Includes Narrator, accessibility checker, and high-contrast support.
  • Licensed for commercial use.
  • 24/7 phone and web support.
  • Available in 25 languages.

Visio Online is available in two different plans at either $5 or $13 per user per month. The first plan includes the above features suited for basic use, while the second plan adds a number of extras for more professional situations. You can get a full look at the differences at the Visio Online website (opens in new tab).

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  • Why would I pay nearly the same for an online version that has less features than the desktop version?
  • Visio 2016 from == $300 Visio 2016 Pro from == $590 Visio Online $6 * 12 (months) == $72 Visio Pro Online $13 * 12 (months) == $156 $590 != $156 $300 != $72 I would much prefer the desktop version, but saying they are nearly the same is not exactly correct.  
  • Also depends on licensing, end users real needs and what you're doing. In most cases, you can open, make quick edits and save using Office 365 web apps, faster than you can open the desktop version.
  • Or why pay at all? Visio should be free, or at least included in 365.
  • I use draw io for classes.
  • Yet another useful app that can be taken advantage of on an Ultramoble Surface PC.. 🌍
  • Or a normal surface PC thats available now.
  • Or any device having an up-to-date webbrowser (or Firefox).
  • Yeah, this guy usually makes himself look like he misses the point by being unnecessarily negative, stating the obvious... Like, of course you can use it on any other device available now. 🙄🙄🙄
  • I just hope they'll add this to Office 365 education plans. I know some of our personnel that would really like this.
  • Or you could go with LucidCharts service that is $8.95/month for a single online license.  It says it also does "data linking" which seems to be a big differentiator between the two MSFT versions. $107.40 < $156
  • Can I use it to view an offline Visio diagram (not created with, or currently hosted on, Visio Online) without paying for an account?
  • Wait I haven't heard of Visio at all and it is saying that I can get it with an Office 365 subscription. Thing is, I have an Office 365 subscription (Personal edition) and nowhere does it say I can download Visio