Microsoft launching Project xCloud public preview in October

Xbox Project xCloud
Xbox Project xCloud (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft plans to launch a Project xCloud public preview in October, 2019.
  • The preview will be the first big test of what Project xCloud can do since it was announced last year.
  • Microsoft touched on other aspects of the service, including the ability to use your own Xbox as an xCloud server.

Microsoft took to its E3 2019 stage today with a ton of games, the reveal of its next-gen Project Scarlett console, and some new details on its Project xCloud game streaming platform. On that last point, Microsoft said it will commence the first public preview of Project xCloud in October, giving the service its first major test since it was announced last year.

Project xCloud is all about bringing your Xbox games to any device, no matter where you are. That not only includes PCs and streaming on your console, but mobile devices as well. The service has been in private testing with Microsoft employees and developers, but the public is getting its first taste of xCloud at E3 2019, where Microsoft invited attendees to go hands on with it.

We still don't know a ton about how Project xCloud will work, including how much data it will eat up at various resolutions and framerates. However, Microsoft did slip some more information about the service during its E3 conference. Apart from paying to stream games from Microsoft's own datacenters, you'll also be able to use your Xbox as your own, personal xCloud server.

Look for the public preview for Project xCloud to launch in October. In the meantime, we'll likely learn much more about the service in the months leading up to its launch.

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  • Where is the waiting list??? I'm ready to sign up.
  • I'm kinda thinking there won't be one. Maybe, maybe, you'll have to be an insider, but I bet that's it. It'll probably only use your Xbox at first then full release will be a data center with access to games you don't own yet (pure speculation)
  • Yeah, I'm right there with your line of thinking, except maybe on the home Xbox part only because they want/need to test server loads and latency in real world use. Im also thinking the the reason they haven't mentioned pricing yet is because they are waiting to see the data from this test and how much it will really cost to operate on this grand of a scale before they decide on numbers.
  • I hope this will work in FIrefox too :(
  • I doubt very much it will be browser based.
  • It's not going to be limited to a browser. To many issues. It will be an app. On any device.
  • Well this is amazing news. Any game you buy can be used on Xcloud free. Any Gamepass title free. Google must be thinking well that's that. Noone in their right mind would choose Stadia over Xcloud. For the pure fact Xoud has an existing library of over 1000 titles. Such awesome news that it works how we all hoped.
  • Here is what the article says:
    " Apart from paying to stream games from Microsoft's own datacenters, you'll also be able to use your Xbox as your own, personal xCloud server."
    Meaning if you want to use MS servers you'll need to pay. If you want to use your own console as a server you can but that's like what PS4's remote play. Nothing magical there.
  • I was waiting for a lot more information but there wasn't a lot that came out.
    You can now use your console to remote play just like what the PS4 did for years.
    Great. -_- What about information of the real XCloud service. The one that is to compete with Stadia and PSNow?
    So much for killing Stadia...
  • I personally think they are going to wait for this October trail to gather test data to develop pricing and all other relevant information.
  • On top of what AoA said, I think they are also going to gauge the release of Stadia and how it travels, then act accordingly based on that.