Your Xbox will soon be a free personal Project xCloud server

Project xCloud
Project xCloud (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft revealed more details about its Project xCloud streaming service at E3 2019.
  • Players will be able to use their own consoles as a personal Project xCloud server for free, or pay for the service to stream from Microsoft's datacenters.
  • A public preview of Project xCloud is planned to launch in October.

By now you've probably heard of Microsoft's plans to put the Xbox in the cloud and let you play these games wherever you want. Project xCloud is a subscription service we don't have a ton of details on just yet regarding pricing and games and how much bandwidth will be required, but it turns out for a lot of people those details aren't going to matter much. During the E3 2019 Xbox presentation, Phil Spencer teased a new feature coming to xCloud called Console Streaming. As the name suggests, it's going to let you turn your Xbox into a Project xCloud server. But best of all, it's going to be free as long as you own the console.

This is going to be a very cool feature, especially when you don't have to pay anything extra to enjoy it.

There's a fair bit involved in streaming a game from your console to another device, but ask any PlayStation 4 fan and they'll tell you when it works it's awesome. What Xbox is offering with Project xCloud is something more than what Sony currently offers. Where the PS4 can only really stream on a local wireless network (and not in a 100% stable manner, at that) this offering is headed to the cloud. That means you can be traveling with nothing but your phone, and still be able to play Xbox games. Not just any Xbox games, but your games with your saves loaded on your your Xbox. For people with a large collection of games, this is a pretty big deal.

The list of things we don't know about this feature yet is pretty significant. It's not yet clear which Xbox One consoles are supported, what resolution the games will be streamed, or what your home internet connection quality will need to be for all of this to work effectively. But I suspect for a lot of people this is going to be a very cool feature to add, especially when you don't have to pay anything extra to enjoy it.

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  • The PS4 uses remote connection as well, this is actually exactly the same as what PS4 does with Remote Play. And I'm so excited it's FINALLY here for Xbox.
  • Data cap blown out of the water. Will MS be launching an ISP to support this future? 😜
  • It wouldn't surprise me, I know Google was talking about releasing SiM plans a while back. If I could get free streaming by going with a company I'd probably do it. So long as they had sufficient coverage in my country.
  • So this is like remote play on PS4? -_-
  • Either from your own console @ home, or the console from MS's server. You can use both. Assuming it's
    console <-> server <-> phone.
    console + server <-> phone.
  • This is what the article says:
    "Players will be able to use their own consoles as a personal Project xCloud server for free, or pay for the service to stream from Microsoft's datacenters."
    Free = personal console
    Pay = MS's server Now if you have a link or proof that supports your claim, I'll be happy to read it...
  • Is the article inaccurate where it says that you need to be on the same wireless network for remote play on PS?
  • I understood from the announcement that you'll be able to access your Xbox console from anywhere you have internet (wireless data or wifi)
  • Yes, you are correct. But it also says that PS4 Remote Play requires being on the same network, and others are saying that this portion of Xcloud service is the same as Playstation Remote play. I'm wondering which is the case.
  • The PS4 can do that for years now.
  • Sony PlayStation fanboy alert.
  • Takes one to know one alert. 😜
  • @Hoppman
    Stating facts makes you a fanboy. Ok then...
    I guess that fact hurt you personally so you want to call me names.
    What does that make you?
    A XB/MS fanboys?
  • Sony requires you to be on the same WiFi, just like Xbox’s current streaming to laptops feature, this is completely different you can stream anywhere you are with you Xbox back at home
  • No.
    Here 8000 miles apart:
  • Yes, the article is inaccurate, PS4 Remote Play uses the Internet, it doesn't actually use your wireless network at all, so even at home it actually users the internet.
  • Sony requires same WiFi you can’t be at work with your ps4 at home and play on your lunch, micro at has this same feature for streaming to PC’s. This is new streaming anywhere you go
  • Again no.
  • Actually, you're incorrect, considering the fact that I have actually played my PS4 on my tablet, when I've been away from home, I can be pretty sure it works anywhere. It even states that a high speed internet connection is required to use it. It's one thing that bugs me about Remote Play, I wish it worked over WiFi when you were on the same network as your PS4 but it doesn't.
  • I don't have a PS4 but reading Sony's website it seems remote play is only available on your "home wi-fi", except if you have a PS Vita where it's available "over the internet" as well. But the info isn't very clear.
  • "Where the PS4 can only really stream on a local wireless network (and not in a 100% stable manner, at that) this offering is headed to the cloud. "
    Wait, that is wrong. You can play it over the internet.
  • Ha, this useless article can't even get the facts right when there's barely any information even announced. The writer is not even aware of how competitors' products work.
  • Ok, thanks. That's what I thought.
  • “Remote Play functionality is available on Sony Xperia devices which support Android 5.0 or later, and iOS devices which support iOS 12.1 or later. PS4 system, Sony Entertainment Network account and high speed internet connection required. Some games may not support this feature. iOS compatible third party controllers may not offer full compatibility with all PS4 Remote Play games. “ from Sony’s site. Microsoft’s offering doesn’t seem to have any restrictions of what device you can use or what games you can play and you can use your phone connection, too. So, it’s like remote play but without the restrictions.
  • Which isn't what the article stated at all it says that the PS4 can really only stream on a wireless network, which still hasn't been fixed to be accurate yet.
  • You have to be on the same WiFi network for remote play even Sony’s own website states that
  • Please look at what's actually possible before making such claims. The wifi only is you don't want to use internet and want to do it locally.
  • Edited -Sorry wrong post
  • This is exactly like Steam Link. It should work from a PC for Store games too. Maybe they'll enable it too.