Lumia 640

T-Mobile has already shown off their version of the Lumia 640 in video, but appearing on the site brings it one step closer to being available for purchase. Microsoft announced the Lumia 640 back at Mobile World Congress. Shortly after the original announcement T-Mobile shared that they would be carrying the device, but no specific launch date was given. The Lumia 640 now appears on T-Mobile's website listed as 'Coming Soon', but still no sign of pricing.

MetroPCS has already announced a mid-April launch for the device, and they will be selling the Lumia 640 off contract for only $99. The Lumia 640 brings strong specs for a low cost, and people are excited about the device. Our Daniel Rubino shared some thoughts:

Is the Lumia 640 perfect? Probably not and we are sure to find flaws in our upcoming review. However, I feel good about this phone. In fact, I am quite confident I will end up using it on a second line due to that 5-inch display, which, let's be honest, really is the sweet spot these days.

While there is still no official launch date set, it appears as though the day is getting closer.

Source: T-Mobile Via; TmoNews

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