Microsoft may be planning to launch a Surface-branded Bluetooth keyboard

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The official Bluetooth Special Interest Group site shows a listing from Microsoft for a previously unannounced "Surface Ergonomic Keyboard," suggesting that the company plans to expand the Surface branding to more PC accessories.

Official Bluetooth SIG listing denotes 'Surface Ercogonomic Keyboard' name

Official Bluetooth SIG listing denotes 'Surface Ercogonomic Keyboard' name

The Bluetooth SIG listing (via doesn't include any more info. However, if such a product is indeed in the works, it adds more credence to the rumors that Microsoft is working on a Surface-branded all-in-one Windows 10 PC as well. Such a product would certainly benefit from a Bluetooth-supported keyboard.

Microsoft is rumored to be holding a hardware press event in late October, and if true we could see this new Surface keyboard revealed at that time. Microsoft has already been selling wireless ergonomic PC keyboards under the "Sculpt" brand (opens in new tab).

John Callaham
  • Oh, this is interesting. Remember when they had a bluetooth adapter for the type and touch covers? I don't think they were around for long though
  • Yeah, I don't even recall how long you could even buy one. I think they announced it with the Power Covers, but it didn't have immediate availability. I don't ever recall seeing a review on it. It sure made for an expensive Bluetooth keyboard, so I doubt they sold many. 
  • I have the MS BT adaptor that I bought when I had a S2 and it works with S3 keyboard but not the SP4 keyboard however you can connect the S3 keyboard w/BT adaptor to a SP4.
  • Till now I always have preferred a Logitech product over any given Microsoft peripheral. Let's see what MS will offer. Wonder if MS will also provide Linux-drivers for their products?
    Would distinguish them from Logitech :-)
  • Does Logitech make ergo keyboards? I use the MS Ergo one right now and have been for years, swear by it.
  • Heck, I'm still waiting on a a legit update to the Natural Ergonomic 4000 heyboard. Have them for work and home, plus a spare.
  • ^This! If MS released an update to the 4000 with backlighting, I'd buy a pair in a heartbeat to replace my home and work 4000s.
  • Love my 5000s. I have 4 of them.
  • used to use the MS ergo keyboards but have upgraded to the advantage kinesis.  much better ergo than anything MS has on the market.  also hella expensive.
  • Logitech makes what they call the Wave and it's supposed to be ergonomic but without the blank area in the middle of the keyboard.
  • ​I have been a first-day customer of the ergonomic Microsoft keyboard (those were the two halfs where a bit seperated). They - back then - still came with a PS/2 connector. ​I have been a big fan of those keyboards,
    very sturdy, a bit heavy (stayed in place) and is was a pleasure to write on them.
    Those were really good for professional writers and everyone who had to use keyboards extensively. Because I was writing a lot I started to suffer from the carpal tunnel syndrom - what a nightmare.
    ​Those keyboards helped me a lot, luckily I did get rid of the CTS. It's crippling. ​I replaced all standard keyboards for my staff members with those keyboards,
    and they loved them (after a couple of weeks of getting used to them). ​Over time Microsoft made those Natural keyboards less sturdy and more flimsy (in my eyes).

    I had a couple of follow-on products that came in a set with a mouse,
    but I did not like the mouse and I had to replace it with a more reliable Logitech mouse. ​These days I use a Logitech K350 (comfort).
    ​It is not ergonomic as I would like it to be, but it is something. ​I wish Microsoft would make a really ergonomic keyboard again
    ​that is sturdy, silent, not flimsy and has a layout similar to that of the first Natural keyboard. ​These days keyboards are more designed for style rather than function,
    ​and they are designed for people who do not type too much. ​Gaming keyboards would be great, but there are no ergonomic versions (that I am aware of). ​I also guess that many, if not most regular PC users
    do not really make extensive use of the 10-finger system
    but are more likely to use the 2-finger-eagle-seek-and-hit system. ​Microsoft says, in a couple of years we will not need keyboards any more
    and we will prefer to talk to our devices, as predicted in Star Trek !V :-) I expect I still will have and use keyboards in the years to come
    ​and use them along with whatever technology will available then. ​Will the Space X crew still use keyboards when they bring the first rounds of settler to Mars? ...
    I wonder. .   
  • One comment down you mock Windows Phone, and yet, WP has a larger market share in its segment than Linux has in theirs. Linux for desktop should have been buried years ago, but a couple dozen like to keep kicking that dead horse.
  • With Surface-branded peripheral products Microsoft will achieve what they have not been able to achieve with Lumias:
    Make a decent margin ...
  • Not sure why the downvote, it's true... MS has been selling Lumia's at or under cost for years
  • Did anyone see/read microsoft patent on 'collapsible keyboard on tablet' on mspoweruser....its really awesome
  • It's probably a new version of the Universal Keyboard, because Surface's don't need that.
  • I hope microsoft has a reply to google's upcoming 'andromeda OS'......the OS must die like allo and duo
  • It does seem odd that most of the world use other Google products but their OS seems to be treated with extreme caution, and ultimately suffers low uptake. They have tried to push the chrome OS into schools in the UK, pushing the cost effective hardware button. Trouble is, none of the kids use them at home! My kids do their home work on office, then save to docs and hope it appears the other end. I, personally, don't like docs, or anything Google get involved with. If you are going to go down the Google OS route, you might as well go down the Linux route. I run Puppy Linux on an old 'original' pentium laptop! I bought 5 older laptops off of eBay for £20.00 each and linuxed the heck out of them. All run mint with MS compatible office tools.
    Failing that, the HP stream is a capable little device for school, and relatively inexpensive. Google OS can do one!
  • I think their answer is Windows 10.
  • I'm still rocking a MS entertainment desktop for my desktop and a MS universal mobile keyboard for limited Surface 3 use. But my best hardware buy on eBay was the battery and Bluetooth for my Surface keyboard. I hate keyboards attached to screens
  • Can you post a link to that? Sounds cool
  • Wake me up when a Surface-branded Phone has been spotted. Preferably with an indestructible screen!
  • but you'll miss Christmas
  • I guess someone is going to cap poor ole John up there.  If he wants to sleep until a surface phone appears?  John,  buddy,  no need to die.   Because thats about how long you will be asleep if your waiting for that!
  • I'd get a Surface keyboard for my PC if its as good as the SP4 keyboard.  I already have a bluetooth Sculpt Comfort Mouse and it works great
  • This is probably related to the all in one surface that might be released.
  • Didn't think abou that but good observation and you're probably right.
  • Ah, the keyboard for the Surface Phone AiO Dock!
  • Yup, my first thought as well.
  • What.... Why?
  • Well it's bluetooth - meaning wireless.  So it's probably for the Surface AIO, or Surface Hub, or any Surface device to use if you don't want to use a Type Cover.
  • I would not be shocked if the peripheral plans include some kind of pen input for desktop.
  • Is he gone? Is it safe to come out now? (heh heh)
    What about a Surface-branded phone?
  • This is a pretty logical next step considering the All-in-One rumors.
  • This is likely just the keyboard for the Surface AIO.
  • "However, if such a product is indeed in the works, it adds more credence to the rumors that Microsoft is working on aSurface-branded all-in-one Windows 10 PC as well. " No. Microsoft have released dozens of keyboards over the years. Natural and otherwise, bluetooth and otherwise. Details of this one alone adds no more credence to the rumour of a Surface all in one PC than any of them did.
  • I'd definitely go for a big ergonomic bluetooth keyboard (absolutely must have a 10 key numpad). I searched high and low for one earlier this year and there's just nothing out there. There's some okay (expensive) big mice options, but nothing for keyboards. Ended up just upgrading from my old logitech wave to the new logitech wave, but this still requires the usb dongle.
  • Forget the keyboard i want a track pad I can connect surface pen to so I can ink with my desktop
  • Forget the keyboard i want a track pad I can connect surface pen to so I can ink with my desktop
  • You could already be using an entry level Wacom tablet for that - I do
  • Would be nice if they could fix that "turning on and using bluetooth halves your internett speed" bug, that's bin going on since the very first Surface Pro, before they release all this stuff that uses bluetooth. ​I've had the problem on every single surface I have owned, and I have owned all of them. Talking to microsoft about it from when the first Surface Pro was new, and they said they knew about it, and that a fix was on the way... That's 4 years ago now, and the problem still remains in the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 :P
  • Well, hopefully they fill the void of a solid/sleek desktop keyboard with backlit keys. Why is it so hard to find one with backlit keys that is not gamer-oriented?