Microsoft now giving Xbox Series X bundle purchasing priority to valued customers

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A portion of valued Microsoft customers will have the opportunity to purchase an Xbox Series X bundle.
  • Microsoft sent out emails to some customers that include a link to purchase a bundle.
  • Receiving an email does not guarantee that an Xbox Series X bundle will be in stock.

Certain gamers may be able to purchase an Xbox Series X ahead of the holidays. Over the last week, Microsoft has sent out emails with special links. These links allow people to purchase an Xbox Series X bundle that comes with both the console and either Madden 22, GTA V, Rust, Far Cry 6, Hasbro Family Fun Pack, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, Insurgency Sandstorm, or Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Receiving an email from Microsoft does not guarantee that an Xbox Series X will be in stock. The bundles are on a first-come, first-served basis. The links do, however, provide a better chance of getting an Xbox Series X than many retail listings. Microsoft has a limited supply of Xbox Series X bundles that it has set aside for valued Microsoft customers.

The Verge's Tom Warren shared a screenshot of the email from Microsoft.

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Xbox Series X consoles are difficult to find because of the ongoing global chip shortage. With devices like the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5 in short supply, scalpers have taken advantage of the situation. Some consoles are being sold second-hand for at least twice the value of their retail price.

Microsoft's email to valued customers takes a few steps to prevent scalpers from purchasing an Xbox Series X bundle. Even with a link from an email, people can only purchase one bundle per order. There's also a maximum of two bundles within a 30-day period.

The links only work with the same Microsoft account associated with the email address that received Microsoft's message.

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  • I got one of these emails last Saturday (been an XBOX Live user since 2002) and immediately ordered the bundle. My new XBOX Series X should arrive by Dec. 4th (according to the tracking #) and I get the Controller today. We have been trying to purchase one for my son at MSRP (or close to it) for almost a year now, so this was a big, happy surprise.)
  • How is one deemed to be a valued customer, whats the criteria?
  • Having bought XBOX games and gear direct from MS in the past--more than once presumably.
    They know how long you've been with XBOX and what with.
  • The first email I got earlier this week I thought was a phishing scam. Then I got another one this morning so I did a search to see if it was legit. Turns out it was and so I went ahead and ordered one.
  • I got two emails too, I didn't act on the first one since the games pushed the cost above 600 unless you wanted GTAV for the 5th time.
  • I got the emails as well and just completed my order. Expected delivery date is 29th December. My thing here is that I am getting one with my bundle of interest.
  • I also was able to order one, I have received my controller and console, how do I get the game code? Have you received yours? Do they attach it to your gamer tag? Does it come in an email? On a card in the mail?
  • I ordered last week when I got the email and applaud Microsoft for both recognizing regular customers and producing a method to thwart the bots that have blocked me out more than once in the past year. And I have never bought anything Xbox from Microsoft directly before, only Surface devices, accessories and one or two OEM PCs, so the email did not just go to known Xbox fans.
  • I have received the email twice, click the link, page doesn't exist. Tho, only buying an Xbox if it's the Halo edition.
  • for all the stuff I buy I havent gotten one lol, could it because I already bought one from them? I did want to put another one upstairs as the wife kinda watches way too many junk shows on the main tv
  • Hard to tell.
    I got the email even though I bought a Series S for my sister.
    But previously it wouldn't show me the Series X. I had to get it from a broker.
  • probably only 20 year xbox live members go this.
  • For some reason I received that email early last week. I have no interest in getting one, but just to see if there was a deal I couldn't refuse, I followed the directions. Yeah, big disappointment. You HAD to buy the bundle. You couldn't choose to just get the Xbox by itself. And the price was still astronomical. Hard pass.
  • Classic Microsoft scam. How about delivering your damn consoles to those of us waiting and made a preorder last year's November??? They should deliver those consoles first, before offering it to everyone else who just decided they want one.