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Microsoft, NVIDIA, and AMD will stream talks during DirectX Developer Day

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Ryzen 5 3600X (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced DirectX Developer Day today.
  • The digital event will be streamed on Thursday, March 19, 2020.
  • Microsoft, NVIDIA, and AMD will stream as part of the event.

Microsoft announced DirectX Developer Day today. The digital event will take place on Thursday, March 19, 2020, and will be streamed on Mixer. The event will cover how Microsoft is moving gaming graphics forward, introduce new features, and show off never-before-seen demos.

Microsoft didn't share many details in its announcement post. Other than the date and medium of the event, this is all it had to say:

The Microsoft DirectX team, along with partners from AMD and NVIDIA, will be streaming a series of talks covering how we're pushing gaming graphics into the future, introducing exciting new features, showing never-before-seen demos, and doing a deep dive into both PIX and our shader compiler.

The event will be the first Mixer stream from the DirectX team and allows Microsoft and its partners to communicate with game developers and fans without having to hold an event in person.

Microsoft also invited people to join them for Game Stack Live today.

Sean Endicott
Sean Endicott

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  • Canstant stream of Info. Incredible. The confidence MS are showing leading into this Gen is mind-boggling. Can't wait to hear about how Direct X Raytracing really moves Ray Tracing forward to another level.
  • This (DirectX Developer Day) is normally one of their all-day tutorial sessions at GDC. Glad that they are still planning to get the info out there.