Microsoft Office 2021 pricing and features have been revealed

Office desktop
Office desktop (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Office launches on October 5 alongside Windows 11.
  • The student release will cost $149 while the business release will go for $249.
  • To use Office 2021, you're going to need both a Microsoft account and an internet connection.

Microsoft Office 2021 news is here, no more than four days before Windows 11 launches. We now know about the features of Office 2021, as well as its pricing, terms, and conditions.

Office Home and Student 2021 is going to set you back $149. It comes with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Teams, and OneNote for both Mac and PC. Meanwhile, Office Home and Business 2021 is going to go for $249 and will pack all the same software plus Outlook, and grant users the rights to use Office software for business activities.

Office 2021 runs on Windows 11 and Windows 10, in addition to the three most recent macOS iterations. Microsoft advises users upgrading to Windows 11 to grab Office 2021 if they're currently using Office 2013, as Office 2013 won't be supported on the new OS.

Office Ui

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Another term Microsoft outlines (opens in new tab) is that you'll need a Microsoft account and an internet connection to use Office 2021. When you sign into the apps with your MS account, you'll get 5GB of OneDrive cloud storage on the house.

Office 2021 will support real-time co-authoring, enabling users to work on documents simultaneously with peers. This applies to those using MS 365, Office 2021,, or the Office mobile app.

Office's UI has been updated to reflect the fact that it's new and in line with Windows 11's sensibilities. This visual update will be made available to those using MS 365 or Office 2021 on Windows 10.

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  • There's going to be some pushback on that 'Microsoft account and an internet connection' requirement for the 'boxed set'. Some buy it that way to specifically avoid the internet connection at least. Of course you may not even be able to get a CD/DVD version any more.
  • Always online requirements are a PITA, so, yeah, pushback is not just expected, but I'd say justified. And MS accounts are lame, so I'll extend my sentiments there as well.
  • It won't mean Always Online. So what if your Internet breaks you can't even open a Word document? No way.
  • I'm pretty sure you can still open files even without a connection, you just can't use any cloud related features because of course, no internet. Even on my Office 365 desktop apps, they can work offline just fine. I guess what we forced now is just to sign in with MSA, but after that it should work as normal I believe.
  • Actually if you.sign out of an office application it automatically goes into a deactivated state...
  • It's not new. You've needed both to activate Office for years.
  • Garbage to force an Internet connection on this. Many won't even care about the cloud storage, so using that as an excuse is poor. They're clearly trying to make standalone Office more painful to force folks onto 365.
  • Here I am still using Office 2000 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • "Microsoft advises users upgrading to Windows 11 to grab Office 2021 if they're currently using Office 2013, as Office 2013 won't be supported on the new OS" Does this mean not supported or it won't even install? You can still install Office 2007 on Windows 10 so I'd hope the former.
  • It will install. The problem is... its difficult to tell apart Office 2021 from 2013 ever since they removed the coloured title bar. Microsoft is nervous that if you have 2013 you may think you have the most up to date version.
    If you look back, from office 95 the only new feature is a rework of the UI buttons and nothing new in the form of spreadsheet formulae or new language proofing tools.
    Though no innovation of office apps from the competition either.
  • These days, most of the innovations are cloud-related now. For the competition, maybe some UI changes and adding some more templates? LibreOffice for example now have Ribbon UI as an option, so quite a big deal for them. Other than that, I guess trying to have better compatibility of they are still working on that.
  • Don't spread lies. They've constantly added new, _useful_ features to every version - even mid-version. You must be the guy still stuck on Office XP, who keeps complaining that their document's layout gets ruined every time they move a picture 5 pixels. 🤷‍♂️
  • What are these features? Clippy in, Clippy out.
  • Still not sure why Microsoft has not made Outlook a "TSR" (Terminate Stay Resident) app - just like Windows Mail! Have requested it many times but has never happened. Nice to have all the new features to be sure and I love Outlook for everything else but the option to close it and still be actively running, would be great...
  • Hope there is regional pricing for this!