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Microsoft officially cancels 'Project Astoria' plans for porting Android apps to Windows 10 Mobile

After months of silence, Microsoft has now officially revealed it has canceled plans to offer developers bridge tools to port Android apps to Windows 10 Mobile, also known as "Project Astoria". Those plans were first revealed at the 2015 Build developer conference.

Microsoft announced Project Astoria alongside "Project Islandwood", which offered iOS app developers a way to port their creations to Windows 10 Mobile. Today, Microsoft stated:

"We received a lot of feedback that having two Bridge technologies to bring code from mobile operating systems to Windows was unnecessary, and the choice between them could be confusing. We have carefully considered this feedback and decided that we would focus our efforts on the Windows Bridge for iOS and make it the single Bridge option for bringing mobile code to all Windows 10 devices, including Xbox and PCs. For those developers who spent time investigating the Android Bridge, we strongly encourage you to take a look at the iOS Bridge and Xamarin as great solutions."

We previously reported that Project Astoria was not proceeding as planned and had been put on hold indefinitely before today's announcement.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced its plans to acquire Xamarin, a company that has created tools for making mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows that can share common code and thus be quickly released for all three platforms.

Source: Microsoft

  • At least I find iOS apps better than android counterparts
  • I know right.
    But anyway it's a very smart decision.
  • Man.. We need damn apps! And we Ned them yesterday. SMDH Posted from Windows Central for Windows10
    Posted with still the best phone running Windows10 (1520)
  • We do. I assume you have seen the latest HP device Rod? Looks like the right size for you.
  • It's still not 6" so probably a no go for Rod ;)
  • Well, damn. It's close enough.. At that size even I wouldn't know the difference.... Nevertheless, 6.1"-6.2" would be a nice upgrade.
    I basically want a 1520 body with a 6.2" updated screen, updated 41mp camera, and the specs of the HP phone.... Do you know how many people would kill that? Especially if they made a 5.2" version as well.. That's what WM fans want. That's exactly what they want.. Posted from Windows Central for Windows10
    Posted with still the best phone running Windows10 (1520)
  • Well I for one miss my 920 and are actually looking for something in the 4.x" range. After years I'm on the 950 right now but I'm not too happy about the size.
  • I'm happy with the 5.7" of the 950 XL, and I came from a 1520. I love that it's a bit smaller phone, with a still larger screen size.
  • I have, and it's just about perfect.. Nice quality design, but still not that playful, cool, classic Lumia look.. I know it's supposed to have a more business appeal, but it's worlds better than the 950XL... Nice specs, 6" screen. Just about perfect.. I expect more to come.. That's the first phone to get me excited since the 1520/930. Posted from Windows Central for Windows10
    Posted with still the best phone running Windows10 (1520)
  • I hear that a lot, however, no one every say what apps?????? I personally have all the apps i need, so not sure what everyone is BooHoooing about. There are 700,000+ apps, i guess that's not enough. So if any of you can list the apps you saying you want, that would be great, and at least i would know. And PLEASE don;t say Snap Childish garbage Chat. That's one crap app i careless if EVER gets on Windows. EVER.
  • I don't know you but I'm waiting for Islandwood to be able to run home automation and other Internet of things capabilities like  Philips Hue (to control your lights) Parrot drone controller (to control your drone) iSmartGate (to open your door) Right now Windows Mobile is not attractive to developers, but with Islandwood, all of these great apps for Internet of things will come for this platform. I want Islandwood to be a serious effort from Satya Nadella to fix the mobile strategy disaster of 2015.
  • and IFTTT apps Posted via Universal Windows App on Windows 10
  • A 3rd party W10 universal app called Huetro for Philips Hue was featured in an article earlier (today?).
  • Insteon is sold in Windows Store and still no app for it in W10M. The Insteon for hub app is only good for the latest gen of Insteon devices. Mine, two years old hub, is not supported. - Posted via W10M device
  • Typical
  • Many banking apps and countless games. Also xfinity app is useless, works one time and quits.
  • Hundreds of thousands of useful apps that people need, and want... Anyone who needs an explanation of what they are must live under a rock. I mean, get real. Go to the store, pick up a magazine, watch TV.. Appealing app offers are everywhere (except windows)... This must change. Posted from Windows Central for Windows10
    Posted with still the best phone running Windows10 (1520)
  • 1. Snapchat is a joke.. If Windows has all the apps you need then you might need to start living a little. Read my comment below. Posted from Windows Central for Windows10
    Posted with still the best phone running Windows10 (1520)
  • Yes there are apps that I do need. Like Google+, Bank of America, and maybe hangouts. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Snapchat
    Better Instagram (though I love 6tag)
    Multiple banking apps in the US
    Official SiriusXM app
    Apple Music app (I'd love to cancel Spotify and move my family to that since it's cheaper, but two have Windows Phones, I'm on Windows and iOS, and another is on Android. Only iOS and Android have Apple Music apps at this time)
    Better Telegram
    Support for my Pebble Smartwatch
    1Password that works like on iOS
    Official TV Guide App
    Trulia Rentals
    Harkins App
    NASA App Probably many more for other people but these are some apps I use a lot that I just looked through my iPhone to see. Pretty sure most if not all of those I listed are not in Windows store or if I put better in front of the app name, it's worse on Windows.
  • We need twitter, Facebook,
  • EA games in fact so many games
  • Clash of Clans, the REAL Bejewelled game, Flick Homerun, Madden Mobile, Path and WhatsApp (can't remember if they're on WM, WhatsApp used to be), Playstation app AND Playstation messaging app (don't care if they're competitors, get over it), Yahoo Sports (been asking for this one forever. Used to have it and MS snubbed them and they never came back), my bank app, a working MLB At Bat app, and a real YouTube app. There's more my kids would like to see, but I'm only mentioning my own wants. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Ell Gee Gee Four
  • Bank of America
    Splitwise (third party WP apps just don't cut it)
    Linkedin (current app sux)
    8 Ball Pool (Miniclip version) In short, apps that keep me connected to the things I love and make my life easier. All these are there on my secondary Galaxy S5 Mini, by the way. Posted from the Windows Central app Built for Windows 10
  • Sorry mate but LinkedIn support on iOS is a joke. Belive me, I've just switched. Remember those beautiful contact photos taken from LinkedIn profiles? Boom, gone. There is absolutly no wat of managing LinkedIn network on iOS outside their app - totaly useless!
  • For me it's pretty much every bank app and credit card app For my daughter it's snapchat, a couple other social apps, and current trendy games.
  • Tinder, facebook, instagram, ctOS mobile, all banking Apps, Official Youtube, Google Apps, Grofers, Big Basket, paytm(horrible in store), Android Central. The list is endless.
  • Mytube is a good YouTube app and google stuff.....meh Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • - Umm like decent gapless audio player? like PowerAmp on android - Better handling of notification center for apps to push to (i.e. pingodm notifications - both apps in windows store plainly suck compared to android/ios version). - IF app   - Repeating Notifications for SMS and other messengers (keeps beeping until you read it)  - AdBlocker - Decent photo viewer - the default one is just crap. Can't even chose which folders/albums you want to include. - HungryHouse competitor to JustEat - Amazon Music - Hangouts - Decent Flicker integration - CityMapper - AirBnB That's just from the top of my head, don't get me wrong its all based on user preferences/lifestyle.
    I love my Lumia 950XL but i do feel it could have been much, much more useful if there has been more apps to chosde from and also more motivation for new developers to build apps for windows.  I've backed couple of kickstarter ideas and simply none of the new developers are even thinking of building their apps for windows phones. Its just too much effore for too little gain.  The beauty of android massive amount of apps is that if you don't like the layout of one type of app you can find 10 more that will do similar thing and have a better/more to your liking UI/layout. But still all fingers*toes corssed for Islandwood, that's basically the last hope that this platform will attract more audience and not fade away into the sunset liek the likes of IBM OS/2
  • The problem is if you really and honestly have all your app needs meant by a windows phone then you are in the minority of an already small group. Also even if an app is available in the windows store it's usually missing features or doesn't work as well as the same app running on ios or Droid. Perfect example my uncle who I convinced to get a WP. Was with his family who were all videos calling themselves with the FB messenger app. (on droid and ios) He asked me if his phone can do that as well. Feeling embarrassed I said you have to wait for the fb messenger update (which we all know is not coming any time soon) then I told him just use skype but all his contacts and friends use fb video calling.
  • The Cisco/WebEx chat app, the Chase bank app, a few LOB apps these come to mind immediately, but my personal list is much longer than that even without Snapchat which I want so people can stop listing it as the only thing missing or using that as a defense like it IS the ONLY thing missing and it sucks anyway so what would any reasonable person want it for.
  • Although I agree that the whole apps for the sake of it is pointless there are a lot of supporting apps for devices and services we are missing. A silly but key example for me in London is the "Thames Clipper" a ferry service. On Android and IOS you can obtain an electronic ticket, not so on Windows phone. Means I lose out on convenience there, little things like that do jar.
  • True that. Your signature I mean. Still the best thing Windows 10.
  • But there are some apps only available on Android (very, very few, but still).
  • i really dont know what apps are you tallking about, can you please tell me one that really matters? Im not trying to be rude, sorry if it sounds like. 
  • Windows central isn't available on iOS, only the forums app is. On Android, all of the mobile nations are available Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • In addition to the Windows Central app, there are numerous fart apps whose exact counterpart isn't available on iOS.
  • Bunch of malware apps that aren't available on iOS and Windows phone :)
  • I doubt people who have apple are on Windows central, that's why they have iMore. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Not true, I use a iPhone 6/Nexus/Lumia of the day, as my daily drivers, it would be nice to have a WC app on the iPhone like I have on the others. 
  • But you already have a Windows Central app in Windows Store! Why port an iOS app that is already here?
  • Um... You don't need an IOS WC app. Duh.
  • Are you asking what apps really matter that Windows doesn't have?.... THOUSANDS! Thousands that people need, and want.. Thousands of consumer product accompanying apps. Thousands of entertainment, and network apps. Thousands of promotional apps, thousands of education foundation, and institution apps. Thousands of necessary workplace apps, banking apps. Apps that people need to get things done, and enjoy the products they buy.. Relatively, almost NOTHING is available for Windows, when you compair apps side by side.. Popular apps almost don't even matter because they are such a small percentage of all the apps that each INDIVIDUAL needs. Do you know how many consumer products have a companion app? It's overwhelming, and Windows would be lucky to have even 2% of just those apps...
    I've used these three apps for examples many times, and they are just 3 that I personally really need, and will cause me to have to get a second device.
    1. The Vance&Hines air/fuel tuner app for my Harley.
    2. My credit unions app
    3. The Mercedes automated app for my car.. SMDH. I am but 1 person out of billions, literally billions who have their own personal set of apps they need, and they are not on Windows.. Basically none of them... When you understand how critical the situation is you will take is seriously.. Screw Facebook, SnapChat, and candy crush.. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. They matter, but don't really make that big of an impact.. Windows could have every popular app at the time, and still would be in huge trouble in the app department... Never think of our situation as in popular apps, rather the apps that aren't popular... The lack of practical applications is what makes Windows have an "app gap". Posted from Windows Central for Windows10
    Posted with still the best phone running Windows10 (1520)
  • rodneyej, I hear you. However, do you realize there are over 700,000+ apps in Windows store? Also, Did you know, majority of banks or even some of the apps, not needed and you can access their websites more securely and more conveniently? Knowing that, I have Pin those sites on to my Start Screen, and anytime i need to go to my bank, I just 1 click it, and takes me there and Bam i got my banking done FAST and EASY, and have all the options i need do get things done FAST. In addition, any person on ANY cell phn can ONLY install so many apps just so you know. For Exp: I have 300+ apps on My Lumia 950XL, and i use about 3 to 4 of them in a day(some days more, and some days none). So as you said "Thousands of Apps", who do you know, have "Thousands of apps", on their phns, and use it EVERYDAY(also, who has time)????????? I was just wondering. Thanks.  
  • Stop trolling. He already explained what the problem is.
    Let me help you out.
    I need a banking app. A medscape app. A lab values app and im good to go. That's three practical apps on iOS and Android. Now there are a plethora of other medical apps that are available on those platforms. None of my colleagues use Windows Phone because of the fact that there are no medical apps worth a mention in the store.
    The thousands of apps you see seem to all be useless weather apps which I have no use for.
    Next time you're in the store curate the categories of apps there. Its a shiit show. Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • Windows has about 700k apps, and barely any fill the app gap...
    Android has 1.7 million apps, and just about every app that is of significance is available to consumers.....
    Case closed. Posted from Windows Central for Windows10
    Posted with still the best phone running Windows10 (1520)
  • It's amazing what passes for a "need" these days. How do you do your job without them now?
  • Lol.. Are you asking me what I realize?... I've been with a windows smartphone since 2006.... Lol. I know what they have to offer...
    No offense, but the rest of your comment is a joke. I'm serious. Just stop. Nobody needs thousands of apps, rather billions of people need thousands of apps, and the apps they need... It takes a lot of apps to be diverse enough for billions of people.. Asking people to use the web is not reality... Why wouldn't they just go with iDroid?... Please. Your comment is the sound of a thousand windows fans in denial.. Like I said, no offense, and I'm not trying to be rude, but you're trying to BS the wrong dude.. Lol thanks☺ Posted from Windows Central for Windows10
    Posted with still the best phone running Windows10 (1520)
  • " fans in denial." Ha ha ha. I remembered Dr. House's sentence regarding stages of death. Denial -> Anger -> Negotiation -> Acceptance.
    Apparantly I see it with WP. No matter how and what you try to explain about the situation, they dont want to see it that way.
    I used WP hoping that MS will start where Nokia left and take it way beyond. Instead they scrapped Nokia, started from a scratch and ruined everything. I believe most Nokia fans feel the same. I never had that very "NOKIA" feel and experience with WP. For now I already switched to android and having frustration free life. Those whatever few apps I need work flawlessly here.
    And I come here just to see if WP is going any further. Alas.
  • It's also the little things that matter ie the decent remote controls for my televisions and the absolute deal breaker for me a functional BBC radio iplayer app I really want to return to WP at the some stage I am not keen on the Android os, but 3 or 4 apps are going to be the deal breaker Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well said
  • I'm not going to bother reading your long post Rodney but I can agree with you Posted via Universal Windows App on Windows 10
  • Lol. Just read the damn post. Posted from Windows Central for Windows10
    Posted with still the best phone running Windows10 (1520)
  • Hope you got that all out of your system...
  • Its funny, I just asked the same exact thing. Everyone is booohoooing on Apps, but yet I have all the apps i need on my Lumia 950XL. So it would be great if we could find out what these apps are, that people can't live without.
  • apparently some people cannot live without Netscape Navigator and AOL Posted via Universal Windows App on Windows 10
  • Now I do want Netscape Navigator for my Windows Phone
  • Let me help you out then:
    1) Nedbank
    2) Local Savings Society app
    3) Medscape
    4) local music subscription (groove pass not available in my region - thanks obama) Thank you for your time. Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • Local music subscription? Why don't you use Deezer? I use it on my 535 almost every day, and it works flawlessly ;) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Local music subscription? Why don't you use Deezer? I use it on my 535 almost every day, and it works flawlessly ;) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • "insert gratuitous, unrelated screed about POTUS here" automatically makes any post a "rant."
  • That's great for you but the majority disagree hence the low market share of Windows phone.
  • It took 8 years, and a total lack of innovation, to preserve the legacy ability og iOS and Android to be able to amass all those apps. Many are coded for long dead veraions of those OSes and contain artifact, bugs, and malware backdoors. You guys whine about the head start, First Mover's Advantage, that they have, but MS has given you something else, a third choice. Like any choice, it's up to you to stay or go. But all of you hand -wringing, and wildly gesticulating ranting, cannot move time any faster than it will go. It takes time, trial, and error, and effort, to create new, and better things. If you are so wound up over apps, the choice is simple. Stay, or go. All this ******** and kvetching, is more annoying that the ommision of ANY app. I have loved all the versions of WM/WP, that I have used, in the last 10-11 years. I have not enjoyed iOS, or Android nearly as much. All the piling on by supposed fans of the platform, thinly veiled as "constructive" criticism, is very light on the construction, and heavy on the criticism. Save it for the forums, or better yet, the feedback app. I rarely vent on here, because I use the feedback app for that, and come here to here any good, informative news about my platform of choice. Must of the complaining in comments is bs. Nobody cares what apps you don't have. Go get them on iOS/android. It's why I carry an iPad mini (which I almost NEVER use). Because apps are edge usage cases. Most are gimmicky, and for those that abandon my os of choice. I abandon their custom, in reciprocation, ogle find workarounds. Because if a company has an app, and not a website it arrives from, they are full of isht anyway, and can go fly a kite. No ADT app? O switched to AT&T Digital Life. Simple. If a business doesn't respect your custom, then why chase them? They don't want your money? Why Chase(pun intended) them? I use Chase. The only thing I can't do is deposit checks. Which I use the iPad for, and I rarely use the iPad for much else, which is to say, I rarely use the iPad. I think I charged it for the first time in at least a month. Butits there, if I need an app. I rarely do. "insert OS name here," has a billion apps! Who the Frick has a hundred apps on their phone? I do. Many more, actually. How many do I use? Maybe 10, heavily. The rest sparingly, or not at all. Apps have just encouraged me to be a hoarder, basically. So, stop whining, and enjoy the better OS UI/UX, of WP/W10M. Anything else is just childish.
  • Also the quality of the apps varies SO much. I have a book app that I use everyday. It hasn't been updated in 3 years, and it crashes all the time. On Android, it's only been a few months since it was updated. No crashes to be found. Also MLB At Bat is still gone on 8.1, so the app situation is varied. Makes no sense to go back to using a flakly app, just to show support for an OS. I need the At Bat app, to be honest, that was what made me start looking around in the first place.
  • I like InstaSave on my Nexus but I dont thinks its availble on my iPhone. 
  • And the same goes for iOS, probably more so. Most apps are iOS and Android, making both of them portable redundant. Plus, lots of developers seem to aim for iOS first, rather than Android. This makes iOS the obvious platform to aim for
  • I don't know a single relevant app that's exclusive to Android... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Twilight Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I wouldn't classify twilight as that relevant. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well, it is if you do reading in bed and want to prevent sleep disruption. Ios will launch a similar feature in the os eventually but it won't be an app
  • Blue light exposure doesn't effect everyone the same way, so it's importance as a feature is only relevant on a case by case basis. Also, I think I'd rather have such a feature baked into the device v. A 3rd party app Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am not sure if affects everyone differently but, seems to be pretty popular though (I see it on alot of reviewer phones). It is of the clear distinguishing features from ios in my opinion. As for it being baked in, I prefer it as an standalone third party app. More flexibility and not being platform specific though currently only available on android. Actually it can also work on a blackberry as it can run android apps also. The app integrates very well in android and allows really alot of flexibility. You shiuld try it off you haven't yet Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Relevant or not, I JUST found out about Twilight from you guys and immediately went and downloaded it on my LG G4. Just checked my wife's L1520, um, not available. I'm using the app as we speak. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I thought the same until I noticed that there's no Windows Central app on iOS, just the one for the forums. Android however, has all of the mobile nations apps. I don't know about yourself, but Windows Central is one of my TOP apps that I am opening daily on my 5x, that I may or may not keep.
  • Are you dreaming? Are you kidding yourself? NO right? There is a new Windows Central app coming to Windows 10 Mobile being tested as a beta and it's similar in functionality to the Android version so we don't need it ported other than the other Mobile Nations apps.
  • I'm not saying that there's any issues with the beta or that it wouldn't happen. The Windows Central app was just an example of a great app that was only available on Android and not iOS.
  • I never used wc on Android, but right now I'm commenting from the new wc app for win 10 on my Lumia 535, on my way home, and it works really flawlessly :D Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Yeah, there are potentially few but exclusive apps in Android that isn't available on iOS. Especially that Android development tools are free and cross-platform, while Xcode is only for OS X (except for cross platform tools like Xamarin). Not to mention the apps on Android have now pretty close UX to W10M than iOS. Which is also in theory less time to even redesign the UX of those apps. Though in terms of focus in development, iOS bridge would be still a first priority since most developers are active on making iOS apps. Still Android bridge is still needed in some cases.
  • Yep & sure their are alternatives but weak alternatives at that on eyeohs
  • It's not smart at all, in fact, it's kind of stupid TBH. There is no ******* reason for them not to keep this bridge but limit it to GAMES ONLY. I've ported multiple titles including Clash of Clans with literally the press of a button, and they ran flawlessly! No lag, no stutter, butter smooth. Games that are available on Android do not differ from the iOS ones. This would have flooded the Store with a big catalog of games in a few days. Shame on you Microsoft. I am so angry I swear I would kick Nadella in the nuts if I saw him!
  • Sure it's smart. See, Apple and Microsoft are secretly conspiring quietly in the background, and by making a way to create both iOS and Windows 10 Universal Apps, with Windows 10 reaching higher numbers, and iOS being, well, iOS, developers will be able to target a very large market with one code base.  Now, those same developers will have to do a re-write to make the Android counterpart. That means apps will start appearing on iOS first (like they do now), then Windows 10, and Android 3rd. This is going to cause a future conception issue for Android, which will finally bring down the juggernaut and make Google irrelevant in mobile. /s ;)
  • that make very good logical sense, and a smart move by MS and CrApple. lets see if that happens though. I know MS and CrApple have cross licensing agreement together, and as EVIL CrApple is with monopoly the market with their overrated, 4 years behind technology,.........devices/iJUNK, this will help them achieve that, and beat Google. We'll see.
  • Its M$* and CrApple.
    You dropped your Scr00gle too /s Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • Sure it will. When apple ports osx to arm
  • Easy there, Tiger.
  • Lets get one thing clear. You did not "PORT" the apps. You downloaded the apk and illegally installed it on your phone without the developers permission. While that's ok for you allowing this to happen might have led to a class action lawsuit against Microsoft. And i think you're forgetting the part where the android sub-system required to make these apps work was causing huge performance loss overtime. And i for one was not looking forward to hard-resseting the phone evey 6 months just to make it work properly.
  • Its no different then all the rooted Android devices on the market
  • Me too. Aesthetically pleasing and faster, fluid performance.
  • Same thoughts, apps on iPhones are optimized better than on Android... just look at iPhone and Win phones, they can do very good with 1-2 GB ram while on Android they are already at 4GB ... Better to leave the android apps there and not bloat Windows with them.
  • Android also uses that RAM for keeping apps in the background longer, downloading content (music, etc) in the background, and apps can sync in the background as well. That all requires resources.
  • On Galaxy S6 it seems it doesn`t keep those apps too much in the background, and since the OS and apps eat more memory by default, the ram will never be enough, vicious circle. Android users praise their phones with huge memory but at the same time the apps use more memory ...
  • Samsung does it a little differently. Apps drop faster than on a Nexus device, but they do that to prioritize opening apps faster and smoother scolling compared to Nexus devices. And yeah, what's the point of having RAM if the OS and apps aren't going to use it?
  • True that, what`s the point of ram if you don`t use it, but thing is 1 GB android devices run like crap
  • I've used a number of low end Android phones (Blu, Moto E, etc) and they perform just fine. the myth that Android can't function on 1GB of RAM has been false for a couple years now.
  • Not sure why I got downvoted when I was just sharing my experiences
  • It's Windows Central. Android and Google are the devil's incarnations to some people around here Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • Downvoted for perpetuating false stereotypes.
    In particular the one about lag in 2016 Android phones. Posted from my Lumia 950XL
  • Maybe you should re read his comment... Posted from Windows Central for Windows10
    Posted with still the best phone running Windows10 (1520)
  • This community... Lol. I guess all the old, true, cool, windows fans switched to iDroid.... That's why you got down voted.. Posted from Windows Central for Windows10
    Posted with still the best phone running Windows10 (1520)
  • Except they don't. My friends Moto G on one gigabyte of ram runs fine. Android today isn't Android of 5 years ago or so. Windows on one gig isn't bad either but it's not a high end experience mind you. My Lumia 640 isn't the fastest and still lags Posted via the Windows Central Beta App for my Lumia 950 XL
  • I picked the 640 up last week while it was on sale and I'm impressed with it. The $30 (normally $60) 640 with Windows 8.1 outperforms the $700 Lumia 950 XL with Windows 10. And that's not good for the ecosystem. 
  • I have both phones. 950 XL is clearly faster for me.
  • I'll admit I used the XL when it first came out, so there were plenty of bugs. But opening apps was faster on the 640, and I could actually download my music in the background
  • That's so much of a lie it even gets funny. :D Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • You're deluded. It does not. I have FOUR 640's, and TWO 950 XL's in my house. 950 XL is world's better than the 640... At everything...
  • And Windows phone can't dl appd/music in background?
  • lol you're talking about 8.1 and older right?
  • No, he's obviously talking about W10m. Apps written for the universal platform are miles ahead of the WP8 runtime. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Yeah, but at the same time, the apps on my Windows Phone just seem to pause, wait, and stop doing stuff when I switch away from it. For example, in order to keep my phone running as an FTP server, I have to make sure the app stays active and the screen doesn't lock, otherwise it gets disconnected from my PC. Another example: I have an app called PDF Maps that stops processing maps when you switch and use another app. Both of these problems don't happen on my Android.
  • App switching seems to be fairly inconsistent in that regard. One time you can switch just fine, the next time it needs to load. It also seems to differ from app to app
  • I don't know, apps written for 10 resume pretty fast. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I wonder if maybe those apps weren't set up to truly be background apps.
  • Nah, those things just weren't possible earlier. W10M should allow preserving the socket connections for running uploads, but the server wouldn't serve any new connections, so it would only be a bit better. Android on the other hand could basically replace a PC.
  • Also native apps are far more superior that emulations
  • I can't tell the difference with candy crush which is ported. Hopefully if they release the Islandwood reverse bridge, more native apps will come.
  • What saras112 is trying to say is that an app ported with Project Islandwood becomes a "native app" because it is compiled directly for Windows 10. It's not emulated. That's why you can't tell the difference between one written from the ground up for Windows 10 Mobile and one that was ported using Islandwood.
  • MS could start by porting their OWN apps from iOS to their OWN platform, that would be a nice start.
  • Sucks that not even MS cares to bring their apps to Win10, hell their ios apps run better on iPhone than on WP. I'm really growing weary of the way they ignore Win10M. No exclusives no competition. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Are you talking about the Garage projects which are projects that employees are doing on their spare time? They are not "Microsoft" apps but rather test apps by single employees. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • But Microsoft should port the garage apps over as an example to everyone else, no? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 L950XL
  • I didn't know that, now I'm not upset Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • But those apps themselves are great representation of how the limitations of WP API has (/is) driven developers to other platforms. If even MS employees would rather develop for other platforms, MS has a problem.
  • Bing Search would be a perfect example
  • Yeah this is true I am not upset with this decision at all
  • Why waste time and resources for such things, instead of that improving the plaform can make much more difference. Developers are already coming and building uwp from scratch.
  • For apps, maybe, but games don't differ. I AM STILL saying that they should have kept the bridge but limited it to GAMES ONLY. I've ran Clash of Clans with literally just a press of a button. This is madness, and this will only make users more frustrated. A very, very bad decision! The game ran flawlessly! No lag, no stutters, nothing! I mean come on MS!
  • Too bad about the performance hit W10m took by running the emulator then. I'm glad they're staying as far as possible from anything Google-related. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Xamarin will still be used to port Android though?
  • Xamarin isn't about porting, it is about developing a shared code base for all platforms. So unless you've developed with it from the start, your app won't suddenly start working on other platforms.
  • besides, historically OS or companies that offer ported android app all ended up deceased. so i assume MS don't want to follow that curse.
  • Soon they will cancel the ios plan too !!
  • No they won't.