Microsoft officially increases free OneDrive space to 15GB for everyone

As promised last month, Microsoft has now turned on the switch and has expanded the free storage space on its OneDrive service from 7GB to 15GB for everyone who has an account.

The decision to double the free space on OneDrive was announced back in June but was not implemented at the time. Today's move means that anyone with a free Microsoft Account can access 15GB of space for storing documents, photos and videos and share them with others.

Microsoft will also let anyone purchase 100GB of OneDrive space for $1.99 a month and 200GB of space can be bought for $3.99 a month.

Today's move follows Microsoft's decision on Wednesday to activate the promised 1TB of free OneDrive storage space for anyone who has a paid Office 365 subscription.

Thanks to akak84 for the tip!

John Callaham