Microsoft OneDrive is now a progressive web app

Onedrive Web
Onedrive Web (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's OneDrive website is now a progressive web app.
  • Becoming a PWA allows OneDrive to open in its own window and launch automatically when a PC is turned on.
  • The web version of OneDrive does not act as a sync client.

Microsoft's OneDrive is now a progressive web app (PWA). The move allows the website to feel a bit more like a native app. It can now be "installed" through Microsoft Edge to open in its own window. The OneDrive PWA can also be set to launch automatically when a PC is turned on. People can also pin the PWA to their Start menu or Taskbar on Windows.

Aaron Gustafson, principal program manager of the Microsoft Edge team, shared the news on Twitter.

Gustafson's image shows the PWA on a Mac, but a similar message appears when navigating to the site on a Windows 10 PC.

Just like the OneDrive website, the PWA doesn't replace the OneDrive sync client. If a person wants OneDrive files to appear and sync through the File Explorer, they'll have to use the OneDrive sync client that ships with Windows 10.

Microsoft also has a OneDrive app in the Microsoft Store that provides much of the same functionality as the OneDrive progressive web app.

Interestingly, Gustafson discusses an upcoming Filesystem Access API. This could be used to allow the OneDrive PWA to sync files on PCs, but the team behind OneDrive may not choose to use it.

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You can install the OneDrive PWA by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the icon within the address bar that looks like a grid with a plus icon.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)
  1. Click Install

While there are already several ways to use OneDrive, its progressive web app could be useful in situations in which a person is blocked from installing apps through the Microsoft Store.

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  • Then what about the UWP version which is on the Microsoft Store???
  • What about it? Use whatever you prefer.
  • Y doubth was wether they r gonaa replace the UWP version with the PWA???
  • I hope not. The store version lets me switch easily between a consumer and professional account.
  • I was wondering this. I'm already using the UWP. Wouldn't be surprised if the UWP is removed to see the PWA on the Store.
  • How does it handle documents that you open? Do they open in the OneDrive PWA window, or as a new tab on Edge (separate window)? Thank you
  • I hope syncing of PWA's (& their config/settings) between devices using the same MSA profile, is coming. It is the only major PITA thing that remains, WRT syncing... Does anyone knows if it's on the agenda & coming very soon, or is there some sort of hard limitation? Hmm, might post this query on the relevant subreddits...
  • Yeah they got extension sync working which is awesome. But the pwas would be a nice touch. Actually if pwas go to the store it would be nice if all apps could easily be restored. That would require widespread developer adoption of the store though I imagine.