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Microsoft pledges to keep adding new features to Windows 10's Mail and Calendar apps

The combined Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile have seen a number of updates and new features added since the app officially launched in late July 2015. Microsoft says that it will continue to add new improvements to the app, and has already added two ways for users to check on its latest features.

In a blog post, Rachel Sirkin and Vivek Kumar from the Mail and Calendar apps teams go over some of the improvements that have been added to the app since launch. They include Linked Inboxes for multiple accounts, more customiztion options and better integration with Windows 10 features such as Cortana, live tiles and more. It also lists some additional features that were included recently for Windows Insiders:

  • Drag and drop attachments into your email messages
  • Print week view in Calendar (more views are coming soon)
  • Turn off message preview text in the message list
  • Get rid of junk email with right-click 'Move to Junk'
  • Let others know "I'll be late" directly from meeting notifications

Microsoft also added two new features to the apps that were designed specifically to give more information about updates for users:

  • Spotlight: We added a new in-app feature called Spotlight, that gives you the highlights in major updates. Here we will showcase our top new features that we hope you'll check out.
  • What's New: For those of you who like more detail, check out the What's New page under Settings with the app. Here we'll note the latest features and improvements released early to Windows Insiders as well as those that have been released to everyone.

What additional features do you think should be included in future updates for Mail and Calendar on Window 10? Let us know in the comments!

Download Mail and Calendar from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

  • Lots of stuff but no Rich Text/HTML signature yet.... :( That makes it quite hard to use Windows 10's Mail in corporate environments.
  • Yeah, but honestly should probably be using the Office programs instead for =[
  • NM, this is about mobile isn't it? =s
  • Weren't we used to be able to edit our comments in this app before..? O.o
  • That's the old app
  • I could swear I remember doing it here in the new one...I must be going crazy lol @-@
  • Yeah you are lol
  • What if you have nipped off to lunch or coffee?
  • No Outlook anywhere for exchange. And bad part is no alternate apps like cloud magic!!
  • Here's an idea. FIX THE BUGS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just curious, what bugs are you seeing?
  • Here lately, it's been notifying me of unread messages like they are new emails. But my bigger problems with it are the notifications. If I have show a notification banner unchecked, I get no audio notifications and nothing in the Action Center. New emails just don't sync at all unless I do it manually. And the notifications don't come in as they arrive either like they used too. And unrelated to the Mail app, Cortana crashes on me all the time, custom audio text messages don't work and a bunch of other problems. I've done the normal, reset to factory, roll back to 8.1, ect. On a 920 & 830.
  • Yikes, not upgrading here!
  • I hear ya. I had the notifications issue (not coming in... then the app stopped working all together) until I did a fresh reinstall (no backup restore), then reset again with backup restore. I did this with the latest build I can get on my HTC One M8 (build 10586.164) and now all seems to be well again...
  • I don't get banner or sound notifications
  • Funny I'm using Outlook for Android and I'm always getting notifications, you guys should quit Windows Mobile, wait until Redstone is released in 2017 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My major problem, which wasn't there before (faced by colleagues as well), is that my outlook account no longer syncs when connected to a network with a proxy. Only my Gmail accounts sync, I get an error 0x85010008 which I found out means the proxy server my institution uses is incompatible with my device. Happens on laptop, tablet and phone.
  • Wow.. None of those issues on my 950xl.
  • Hmm,I have none of these issues you have described above on L435 or even my half dead L635 with 512 MB ram. Outlook literally has no bugs that I could see. You say you did recovery tool adn back and still see the issue? Have you tried to switch between fast slow ring and back?
  • Just now one of my calendars dissapeared from the app. Still there online and on mobile.
  • If I book an exchange appointment on my Lumia 830 with WP10, most of the times it'll dissapear from the phone after a few minutes. The funny thing is it's random. It looks like sometimes it reaches the server and sometimes doesn't. For anyone using a phone as a bussiness tool, this feature is fundamental! I would like to have a reliable calendar. If this is not fixed soon I'll have to switch plattforms to iOS or Android :( 
  • Bugs, Windows 10 Calendar snooze feature hasn't worked since day one, mobile and PC.        
  • @barleyman, Here's one example, logging out and not able to log back in again.
  • There's a massive bug in the rendering of HTML e-mail.  I receive a daily e-mail comprising of posts from a forum I subscribe to, and the e-mail refreshes so slowly when I scroll, it is virtually unreadable on my 640XL, even after the latest update.  This same e-mail renders fine on Windows Phone 8.1mail...
  • Factory reset with restoring from a backup?
  • With their track record, more promises they will probably drop after promising.
  • but its coming soon™
  • GOT: Winter is coming
    MS: But fixes are coming. - Using windows 10 on Lumia 730(10586.164)
  • I see GOT fever has officially hit. Makes it into every conversation. Lol
  • Please enlighten us on ur bugs rant?
  • See above
  • rant is when I ***** about placement and design of "check for updates" and "update all" in the store... Wanting a calendar and mail app that don't trigger a wish to tear out my eyes is preeeety low expectation. But it appears msft seems to think otherwise...
  • you still didb't say what bugs ur talking about...but whatever..
  • I did: "Just now one of my calendars dissapeared from the app. Still there online and on mobile.​"
  • Some e-mails' pics pasted aren't showing up (received). Grayed out... Any tip?
  • lots of stuff coming to this one by the second redstone wave, just today I believe the android and ios versions got wanderlust and evernote support and integration I think
  • Not the same app, so don't expect the same feature set.
  • Well, sure, but remember that MS now owns Wunderlist. So hopefully they should be able to integrate it. And this is necessary, because Tasks aren't a thing in Outlook Mail/Calendar for Windows.
  • I think awesmdiver was talking about the Windows vs iOS/Android versions of Outlook, the latter of which are based on the Accompli acquisition. The former Accompli CEO is now running all of Outlook, including Outlook for desktop and outlook on the web, so I expect feature parity at some point.
  • "android and ios versions got wanderlust" LOL
  • Support for Alias I think should be a pretty basic feature!!
  • Yes.
  • Need that real bad.
  • Amen! +950 XL DS NAM CV Windows 10 Mobile
  • +1 Agree
  • Yes, Yes, and Yes!!!
    (Plus an easy-filter-creation wizard)
  • THIS ∞ This feature, together with Outlook Categories and Folder Management should've been part of the Mail app since day one. I have to keep using just to use these essential features while Mail app stubbornly lacks.
  • Or folder management (creating, renaming, moving, deleting)... this is probably my biggest complaint at this point...
  • Yes indeed
  • How about fixing posts in week view for calender!? This problem has been the latest 4 months but no fix.
    Then why not CAPS letter att start of note?
  • NEED access to shared and group calendars on office 365 business accounts.
  • Yes, this would be huge for corporations I think. And I think just shared anything, really, including shared inboxes - both the "shared inbox" type and inboxes that are shared by coworkers.
  • Custom folder notifications.
  • How about the basics:  Import from another eMail program (like Outlook) and message rules. 
  • Fabulous. Yeah, that would be sweet.
  • Anyone remember the same promise being made for Xbox Music? Dont worry, we believe you, Microsoft.... :)
  • And all windows 8.x phones to get 10.
  • They never made that promise.
  • So first thing, the person I replied to said ALL 8.x phones. The link you supplied says all Lumias, so my statement is still 100% correct according to your source. Second, you can still join insider if you're on 8 and have 512MB, which does fall in line with the statement that "there will be upgrades for all Lumia Windows phone 8 devices.
  • You going to post this in every damn thread multiple times? Because its really annoying and nobody cares.
  • Honestly, I find it odd that they would feel like they even have to give such a promise about something that should be pretty given. Outlook (all flavored) will remain such an important product for them for many years to come, obviously they'll need to keep improving it in terms of stability, bugs and new features. I recently migrated my father to Windows 10. He is still using the Windows Live Mail and I just couldn't get myself to recommend him to switch to the new UWP app. It still needs work.
  • There were numerous improvements for mobile copy and paste coming in the next one.
  • Amazing. They've actually fixed the kerning in those header fonts now. Wonders will never cease. Posted on a L950XL with Fingers 10
  • agenda view on PC. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10.
  • I would double thumbs up this if I could :)
  • You can.
  • Amen to that!
  • Quiet hours when busy in calendar? How about that....
  • View .eml
    View .eml
    View .eml
  • 1. Ability to choose email address when composing a message.
    2. Multiple events on calendar live tile.
  • Yes, this. I have had times where it would have been nice to reply using a different account on my device, but couldn't...
  • It seems the calendar one would be easy to implement: Use the live tile's flip feature to cycle through daily events.
  • How bout MSFT makes the mail and calendar NOT SUCK, cause they both pretty horrible and I just use both in a browser, much better this way.
  • Tasks like in full Outlook! And HTML-signature. Sent from Windows 10 Mobile
  • I'll take that a step further and just call for full feature parity with Outlook x86.
  • Definitely need to have this synced either to the Mail and Calendar app or going to Cortana. Either way, I need to be able to check things off without opening my desktop Outlook!
  • Wonderlist is an option, maybe?
  • Why did they need to make a pledge? It's productivity software that MS prides itself on and is a core part od the office experience so, wouldn't it be a given that they would continuously improve it going forward?! Should I be worried now? Posted with Windows Central for Windows 10
  • The standard email client on my Note 4 has a reading pane when the phone is in landscape mode. Makes it VERY handy and more like my PC. For someone who is always on the go and trying to manage 100 employees, this is a godsend. Would love to see this included for Outlook mobile. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This works already if your screen is large enough or you have your display scaling turned down. A lot of the apps are responsive and work well in landscape mode on Windows 10. The messaging app and Outlook both support the split view, which makes managing everything a bit easier to read and nicer to look at. That's the joy of universal apps, they can adapt to the display so when I'm in landscape mode... it looks and behaves a heck of a lot like the desktop versions of the app (because it's the same app)
  • That's good to hear. I have a Lumia 822, which would certainly NOT have a big enough screen for this. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Received an update yesterday on Mobile, UI changes as well as new fesatures added are nice. Hope it continues.
  • All I want is for the app to reliably display HTML emails and to download the rest of the email faster. There are times I have to wait 5 minutes to download the remainder of an email. That's just a few kilobytes of data. It shouldn't take that long.
  • THIS!
  • How about being able to show the reading pane at bottom of list instead of fixed to the right. In Windows Live Mail you can configure the reading pane to the bottom or right. Also, have the ability to manage your folders. What other phone would you be using beside the L640? I'm just sayin.... *One Windows*
  • Just want Collaborative Inbox from the former Accompli now Outlook iOS app functionality brought to UWP.
  • I have to admit, I agree with people saying they should fix the bugs first. My top 2: 1) Fix syncing - The Mail app doesn't sync when opened, rarely syncs on it's own, and should be just as fast in terms of automatically syncing new content like every other mail app on the planet. I really don't understand how this hasn't already been addressed by MS, makers of Office. 2) Unread count - Across 3 devices, I have different "unread" counters for my Junk Mail folder. And there are zero messages in the junk mail folder. This is kind of baffling to see. The Apps for Windows 10 seem to be the weakest offering so far. They're even more terrible on Windows 10 Mobile, which is why people are leaving it in droves. So, new features? Not really interested. How about some additional polish?
  • Dark theme of message detail support please !
  • how about adding a native CalDav support for user who needto use OwnCloud calender for work (since W10M should be a business OS)
  • 1) Why can't I have the email fully download prior to opening it? 2) When I receive an email with an attachment (so far PDF only) and I click to download and open it, it always, always, always fails to open unless I close outlook, reopen it, and reselect the same attachment again (despite the fact I can see the downloaded file size so I know it's finished downloading).
  • How about support for mail clients with the ability to enter detailed info to setup those accounts, like server and port numbers.
  • Oh, where to begin. By now it is a recurring list for me at this point for months:
    1. Support for folder management within the app, such as copy/paste/cut/add email folder. I gently can only do this via web app, a mailing experience.
    2. A couple simple rules to automatically love emails to dedicated folders.
    3. To be able to drag and drop event and/or appointment emails to calendar. I now have to type over events manually from email. But in outlook desktop you can do this easier with drag and drop to calendar.
    4. "True" dark mode, where also the email body and titlebar menu is dark. Right now the look and feel is only 50% dark, something like what nextgen reader can do.
    5. Interactive live tiles with chasesble tiles for new emails and interactive tile email toast notifications on the live tile.
    6. Larger live tile for email and calendar for an even better glanceable view from the start screen, like double large and double wide large.
  • Please add translator to Outlook Mail app. I receive a lot of emails in German. This is keeping me away from Outlook Mail app.
  • I quite enjoy the mail and calendar experience but for one issue.  As of a few weeks ago, just before W10M went RTM, mail and calendar stopped synchronizing my Hotmail/ accounts.  My work gmail and emergency personal gmail accounts sync just fine.  How about they work on that?  It is a common problem judging by the feedback app.  Please fix it, it was working just fine for months.  It is becomming a big problem for me. ​I've: Removed and readded the accounts I've reset my phone several times Twice using "backups" Twice "from scratch"    
  • I love this app! Using it in white & orange color. ^^
  • Lot of people saying there are bugs that I just don't get. Lucky I guess.
  • This is all well and fine but how about the most basic of things. Phones numbers being links in mail and calendar
  • if they could accept feedback from users on user country's holidays would be better. MS is failing to update other countries' holidays on the calendar, a deed done by Chronos Calendar where the developer would quickly respond to any valid feedback that were given/raised by any user.
  • Outlook for iOS and Android also got a new update today with Wunderlist, Evernote and Facebook calendar integration. Thanks Microsoft :)
  • How about they pledge to fix Skype?
  • Gmail labels would be first on my list (after bug fixes)
  • How about the atutomatic BCC for pop/imap like in WP8.x . I really miss that.
  • No bugs one my laptop, nor on my phone. But one feature I'd like to see is filters for emails. Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • Only if their calender live tile showed day and date on the tile,rather than the icon
  • Pledges (promises) mean nothing when speaking of Microsoft and its mobile division, so please, Microsoft, don't waste my time and your gasps of dying mobile breath.
  • I wish they would finally add Tasks, until then I can't use Outlook for my work. In Gmail I can open a mail, create a task associated with that mail and add a deadline that is automatically added to calendar. All that in one window, with a few clicks.
  • Totally agree! Tons of posts asking for Tasks on Mobile Insider feedback, too.
  • How about taking me to the exact email I click on for the Windows 10 desktop notification panel? Now it just opens the inbox and the first email in it.
  • I have a couple bugs fixes.  I have reported these many times and added to many of the issues on the same problem on Windows Feedback.   Is MS really looking at Win Feedback?? 1)  In mobile calendar, when in week view,  expand a date to see schedule,  touch the "+" add and the date in the new event is wrong.  It should be the date of the expanded day.  There are many Win Feedback items on this.  How hard could it be to fix???? 2) Many times in PC email the list of emails is not up to date.  You touch sync and there are still messages missing.  I notice mostly with Gmail.  If I go to the Gmail web site the messages are there.  What is more strange is the mobile email will often get the new message almost instantly and the PC email still won't see it even after syncing. 3) And please, please give us the ability to set a default font for emails.  The current default Calibri 11 is too small.  I have to manually change it to 12 on every email I write.  
  • How bout drag and drop appointments on the desktop like OSX calendar has done for years. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Oh no... Please just fix all the fcking bugs first before introducing more bugs.
  • " sorry can't complete the download please try again later" download in progress, continue anyway?" For every effin email with a poxy 50k signature jpeg. Taking 2 minutes to search for an email when scrolling down it's 5 items down on list. Dots scrolling across screen..Arghhhh!!! Pants utter pants
  • outlook Mobile is almost worthless. when you compare it to outlook on ios and android it is even more embarrassing. You cant even print an email on the mobile app, you cant send to one note on either pc or mobile, you cant schedule emails on either. they can continue to add but they will always be behind......why cant they port the ios version of outlook or something.
  • oh and i forgot, allow different font and a graphic for signiature on both
  • oh dont forget task integration................. how about being able to dial a phone number by clicking on it in it takes you to maps
  • Different types of ringtones for different accounts
  • In 8.1 version, when adding an event to calendar, I could begin typing in a location such as a venue or restaurant and ?Bing? would provide the address. Likewise, if I began typing an address in the name of the venue or restaurant would appear. Also, my previous location were somehow saved so that after typing 3 or 4 letters of the name, the full name along with it's address would appear. In 10 there is no connection with Cortana/Bing so that none of the above occurs when adding a location for an event.
  • Does MS Mail support POP3 accounts. I work for a small business and they only asign the employees POP3 mail accounts.
  • More false promises.
  • In other news, Microsoft actually add feature to Outlook for Android and iOS in production build of the os
  • I'm using Outlook app on Windows 10 Mobile (Lumia 640XL).  Clutter filter is not working. Everything is going to my primary inbox, which makes the mail almost unusuable. "Inbox for Gmail" on Android sorts all your "clutter" email into appropriate subfolders (promotions, social...) and your primary inbox only has a few "real" emails. Outlook has clutter folder which is supposed to do the same but is just not working. I've tried manually moving some emails to clutter, but the next email still goes to main inbox. Am I missing something here? Is this working for others?  May sound trivial, but on Android I had like 5 emails a day, on WM I get a hundred. It is a big deal for users. 
  • Add a way to email contact groups. I can't find a way to do it, from either the to/cc/bcc fields inside the mail app or from the actual group in the people app.
  • Yes, this would be great!!
  • Windows-Feedback:?contextid=259&feedbackid=494f462f-2af4-4c1b-b5e5-41c0dc08ef08&form=2&src=2
  • I would like to see much much less about new this and new that this feature that feature all coming. MS needs to stop coming up with new stuff for oh lets say 3 months and make everything they already have work right and smooth with minimal to zero glitches. If I were to jaz up my truck I'd start with the mechanical parts and make sure everything it has runs right then add paint and wheels.
  • Fix the damn html email rendering man... whats the point of keep adding features but you dont fix what is fundamental.
  • I won't take my 1520 to WM 10 until the mail is fixed. It is vital for my productivity daily.
  • Honestly, ability to compose/send mails from various aliases linked with the primary Microsoft account. It's missing even today.
  • I use Outlook 2016 for the desktop, so this is about the mobile version - how about adding the ability to move to the next item when deleting or moving a message?  MS has been talking up being the "most productive platform", but having to watch a deleted message close, then the inbox message list view show up, then scanning for which e-mail I open, then tapping it, then waiting for it to open.....  I've become a single-issue voter on this one, repeatedly rating the app as 1-star until the feature appears.  This is not productive in any way, shape, or form.
  • I had a notification bug with the previous outlook version , sound of notification but no banner and nothing in the action centre. It was gone after I updated And the formatting has become much nicer in this version.
  • For me here is my wish list: alias support, rich notifications (like mark as read, trash, archive, inline reply) like on other platforms, panes configurable on the PC version, sync of categories from, unread view for all folders.    
  • But beside all good features, still missing Outlook tasks, full integrated and not just additional app with no drag-and-drop and other UI
  • I have seen they dropped some features on Calender, e.g. 1. No more Alternative Calender in Settings. 2. No more Month View. 3. With latest update, there is no more buttons on left side so I am not able to go to setting    
  • Sort.  By.  From.  Please.
  • The ability to use mailnickname AD attributes in the address fields (to/cc/bcc). Worked up to WP8.1, not possible in WM10 outlook mobile unfortunately.
  • I believe this app will reach the level of outlook for iOS in 2-3 months. I love it already.
  • Can we have Task/To-Do integration with Office365 please. Its incomplete for business without this integration.
  • I like to have the possibility to open attached mails. Louis
  • How about adding support for Quiet Hours to pick up busy appointments from the Calendar again!!?!
  • I love the small weather icon that appears in the calendar app. What I would really like though is to get a weather notification from the location of where my next appointment is before I have to leave for that appointment so I am dressed appropriately. Maybe having the option to put in whether an appointment location is indoors or outdoors and the outdoors option would then give you the weather notification. Having sporting events to attend this time of year in the Chicagoland area can be a logistics nightmare. ​
  • I am sorely missing the ability to send/forward to my groups from the to/cc/bcc fields, which I use daily in 8.1... I have two Lumia's and keep one on 8.1 just for this feature. The only way to send to a group now is to start at a group and then compose and send. This precludes forward to group and starting from an attachment (share photo/doc, send to group).
  • I would like Cortana to turn on quiet hours for appointments as she did in 8.1 and I would like Mail to support groups as it never did in 8.1.
  • What an idea ....i should clap for microsoft thinking.....seriously are u working on this app calander and mails ........the windowsphone public wants the apps actually millions of apps n games that is not coming for months ago and you disgusting microsoft people consentrating in this common app
  • The mail and calendar apps are some of the worst apps Microsoft has developed.  They are both hideous to look at.  I always use the web based versions over the app versions.
  • I love most of the WIndows 10 app like Groove, Edge Calendar, Mail and even the Calculator on my tablet specially their dark theme. I just have really one major problem with the Mail app, I receive a few emails everyday but it never ever notified me of anything. They pop on the Action Center but I want it to be like the facebook app where there is a little notification slide that will show when I get my emails and a sound notification.There is also the problem that it doesn't auto-sync.
  • The most important feature still missing is the support for ALIAS, in several business environment it is FUNDAMENTAL. It is absurd that the ios and android apps are way more advance then their OSs' version...
  • Aliases.
  • I'd like to be able to copy a picture or text from a document or webstite and paste it directly into an email. At the moment I can do this once and then it keeps the same thing in clipboard instead of clearing for the next item. I have to save the item and then insert it, a messy way of doing things. I would also like to be able to adjust column widths so you can see more of the email in one go. I don't have these problems with Windows Live Mail (soon to be killed off) or Mailbird.   I like the ability to switch between email accounts fairly easily. This is a big improvement on   I find the syncing of new messages is very slow and mostly manual. It doesn't seem to autosync very often.