Microsoft pushes new firmware updates to Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 (Update)

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MS logo (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Another new batch of firmware updates is now available for the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. According to the release notes posted to the Surface update history page (opens in new tab), both devices have picked up minor stability improvements and bug fixes.

Both sets of release notes actually include the same changes, which you can check out below:

Update: As noted in the comments, these updates are only available if you've installed the Creators Update.

  • Surface driver update for Surface System Aggregator - Resolves screen brightness issue when devices comes out of sleep.
  • Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) Precise Touch Device - Improves system stability.
  • Surface driver update for Surface Integration - Adjusts system Hibernation defaults.

So far at least, the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book appear to be the only Surface devices to have picked up an update this month. If you own either, you should be able to grab these new firmware releases from Windows Update now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I got this firmware for my original, one and only Surface Pro...
  • I show that I installed a Surface Integration Update on 3.28. I am not seeing anything today though.
  • Your device have the Creators Update? From what Thurrott posted, these updates are only available on CU.
  • I do! Installed on 3.22. Moved back to RP yesterday though. Don't want to jump to a new branch yet.
  • Mine isnt on CU, and I still got it. SP4
  • I don't see any updates in Windows Update, but I do see an item in my history for "Surface driver update for Surface Integration." Missing the other two, though, it seems.
  • I hope this fixes the battery drain during sleep issues I have been seeing on my SB since getting the creators update on release preview ring a week or so ago.
  • Hoping the update turns my Surface Pro 4 into a Surface Book!
  • Such a troll I love it
  • Finally an firmware update for my 950 xl ....oh wait...
  • I wouldn't hold my breath.
  • Maybe he/she should. 
  • firmware update for what? what needs fixing with a firmware update?
  • The firms and the wares.
  • Not seeing it... SB i5 with dGPU and build 15063.14 any ideas?
  • Oh, the fuzzy screen... Please fix...
  • These seem to be the same driver and firmware updates I installed on my Surface Book at the beginning of March.
  • I hope this fixes the issue of my surface pro 4 suddenly feeling awkward that his old companion Lumia Icon can't get the CU love from Microsoft.
  • Funny 😁
  • Install RS2 on the Icon via Insider. Easy.
  • Can get I get some firmware update for my Lumia 1520 too, please :-)
  • Honestly getting board with the surface pro 4. No apps!
  • Bored
  • No apps? Best 2 in 1 come on the troll is bad!
  • No app?!?! You have to be a troll. Windows has more apps and games than iOS, Mac, and Android combined. Win32 and UWP, Steam, Origin. You can side load ANYTHING.
  • Anyone figure out how to keep the Surface from falling asleep on It's own? Regardless of power settings? I leave it sitting and it'll sleep even though its set to never sleep. Screws up my downloads all the time.
  • My Surface Book does the same thing.
  • Same with the surface book here, in addition the batteries discharge while its powered off by 3-4% every 24 hours.
  • Batteries in general discharge over time. Its normal.
  • Yeah. Sooo annoying. Right-click start and select Mobility Center. Turn on presentation. This guaranteed keeps it awake. But when you sign out or restart it'll turn off. I use this method. You can also right click on the battery on the taskbar and select "Windows Mobility Center". Or click start and start typing "Mobili...." And it'll come up. But id like something permanent.
  • Under the Power & sleep settings, do you have the option to 'Save me power when my device knows I'm away' turned ON? If yes, turn that OFF.
  • Turned off. Same result. I will try coffee timer tho.
  • That's a downside of the Connected Standby "feature". Sleep and screen-off are exactly the same state, all win32 programs get suspended. Windows apps can keep running though.. maybe try downloading with Edge?
  • Use coffee timer, it moves you mouse 1 pixel at a time to left then right
  • Wait though... What if I put the computer to sleep on purpose. Coffee Timer would presumably make that impossible wouldn't it? If I move the mouse it would normally turn back on. Haha. Is there a way to win?!?
  • So,when did the driver update became firmware update? It is missleading at least...
  • From the page linked to in the article: "When Surface updates are provided via the Windows Update service, they are delivered in stages to Surface customers. As a result, not every Surface will receive the update at the same time, but the update will be delivered to all devices. If you have not received the update, please manually check Windows Update later." I have the single driver update in my history (just updated to CU via Windows Upgrade Advisor) but nothing else coming through Windows Update.
  • No firmware updates for Lumia devices. Even Microsoft is lazy to update ffu files in WIndows Device Recovery tool.
  • Nothing through Windows Update for my SB. Then downloaded it manually. Told me I had it already. Strange!
  • My Surface Book did a "system update", the one with the yellow progress bar, as part of the CU update process so that may have been it. If you updated to CU recently you may have got it at the same time. I'm not having any problems with my Surface Book in CU.
  • Nothing for SB with creators update.
  • Anyone having problems with Surface 3 (not PRO) plugging into Dell U2715H monitor via mini Display Port after update?
  • Finally the surface dial works on, jk, of course it doesn't.
  • My SP4 is yet to see these updates on RS2 .14
  • I'm on Release Preview AND I used Media Creation Tool yet still no Creators Update on my SP4. What gives.
  • I just got a firmware on my Surface Pro 3 O.o