Microsoft releases Surface Hub app to calibrate and customize the Surface Pro 3

Earlier this week, Microsoft releases a firmware update for the Surface Pro 3. The update was to enable a forthcoming app that would let users calibrate and customize the unique pen for Microsoft's latest tablet hybrid. Tonight, that app is now live in the Store.

Named Surface Hub, the app looks to be only for Surface Pro 3 owners, although anyone can install it on a Windows 8 machine. However, non-Surface owners are greeted with a 'coming soon' screen, as obviously this week's new firmware is what 'activates' it for the right equipment.

The app itself is modest, although it has growth potential, which is why Microsoft made it an app and not part of the OS. After launching the app, users can pan over to various screens, including an introduction, settings, feedback to Microsoft, and your Surface information.

The settings are perhaps the most exciting, breaking down into two categories for now:

  1. Pen Pressure Sensitivity
  2. Pen Top Button

The first option allows users calibrate the pen to their liking while the second lets users set the top button for either One Note Modern (default) or One Note Desktop. As of now, users cannot reassign the two lower buttons, although Microsoft is reportedly considering it for a later update.

Although Surface Hub looks promising, at least on our Surface, the pen is not detected. Likewise, for someone else who already left a negative review of the new app. Perhaps Microsoft is still working out some issues, so we will wait awhile longer to see if anything changes.

[Update: after a few minutes, the app finally recognized our pen and we are now able to adjust the pressure sensitivity]

The Feedback to Microsoft screen lets users rate the Surface on how likely they are to recommend it to a friend or colleague on a scale of one through ten. Users can also add an explanation to that score, which can then be sent to Microsoft.

Surface Hub is still very green for Microsoft and the Surface team, but the app has the potential to grow into an interesting configurator for users in the future. In that sense, Surface Hub is more rousing in its potential than its current form.

Thanks, Anidexlu, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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