Surface Pro 3 update to bring improved pen pressure sensitivity coming in a few weeks

Microsoft is readying an update that will bring improved pressure sensitivity control to the Surface Pro 3 pen in a few weeks. This will come by way of a control panel app that will be available in the Windows Store in about two weeks. The update won't allow users to map the pen's side buttons, but that may be coming in a future update.

According to Surface Pro Artist, Surface Audience Marketing manager Markus Weickenmeier said that the update will add these features:

I was surprised to learn that the control panel will actually be a Windows Store app that will allow you to set the tip's initial activation force, edit the pen's pressure curve and map the cap button to either the desktop or Modern flavor of One Note.

A firmware update rolled out by Microsoft earlier this week will help pave the way for the new control panel. Making the tool a Store app enables Microsoft to do more dynamic and frequent updates, including adding new features in the future.

Are you excited about improved pressure sensitivity to the Surface Pro 3?

Source: Surface Pro Artist