Surface Pro gets new firmware update with fix for hibernation issue

Microsoft has issued a new firmware update for the recently released Surface Pro. According to the update's release notes, the update contains a single fix related to system power reporting, but it's not clear if this is related to the hibernation issues that many Surface Pro owners have been encountering since launch.

Microsoft categorizes this as a reliability update with the following change:

  • Surface – Firmware –233.1763.257.0: Surface System Aggregator - 233.1763.257.0 revises system power reporting.

To recap, a number of users have complained of a bug that would cause the Surface Pro to abruptly go into a sleep state seemingly randomly. Earlier this week, Microsoft noted that it had identified the issue and was working on a fix that would be issued at some point via Windows Update. It's not entirely clear from the release notes whether this update is that fix, but it seems highly likely.

We'll update this post with more should Microsoft comment on the fix. In the meantime, if you're using a Surface Pro, chime in and let us know if you notice any changes after applying the update.

Updated June 14, 2017: Microsoft has now confirmed on its Answers forum that this update indeed fixes the hibernation issue. From Microsoft:

  • 7/14 Update: The fix for this issue has completed testing and is now live, please go update your Surface Pro via Windows Update to get the latest download. You can obtain this fix by checking Settings > Update & security > Windows Update
Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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