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Microsoft responds to Windows 10 OneDrive 'selective sync' controversy

The Windows 10 Technical Preview had a significant update earlier this week with many new changes. One of them is causing a bit of a stir as it involves OneDrive and the new 'selective sync' feature.

According to Microsoft's blog post on the Windows 10 changes, the OneDrive team was responding to user feedback about how OneDrive used so-called placeholders for data that was available on OneDrive but not synced locally. In short, they said such a design caused confusion as people had to "learn" the difference between a placeholder file and the real file that was synchronized on their local PC.

Windows 10 build 9879 "solves" this problem by introducing "selective sync", which only shows the files that are synced to your PC via OneDrive, no more, no less.

In theory, this move makes sense but it did not take long to see people complaining about the change. In fact, on the Windows UserVoice page, an 'Add an advanced option to restore showing ALL OneDrive files in Explorer, synced or not' proposal has become the #3 requested feature change. That suggestion was made within the last two days and garnered 2,435 votes from users.

Today, the OneDrive team has formally responded to the suggestion. Here is the meat of the reply:

"The changes we made are significant. We didn't just "turn off" placeholders – we're making fundamental improvements to how Sync works, focusing on reliability in all scenarios, bringing together OneDrive and OneDrive for Business in one sync engine, and making sure we have a model that can scale to unlimited storage. In Windows 10, that means we'll use selective sync instead of placeholders. But we're adding additional capabilities, so the experience you get in Windows 10 build 9879 is just the beginning. For instance, you'll be able to search all of your files on OneDrive – even those that aren't sync'ed to your PC – and access those files directly from the search results. And we'll solve for the scenario of having a large photo collection in the cloud but limited disk space on your PC."

Indeed, giving users unlimited OneDrive access does cause a potential problem as computers have finite local storage. The ability to search for OneDrive files, which can then be accessed directly could go a long way to fixing the fix.

Finally, the OneDrive team notes "Longer term, we'll continue to improve the experience of OneDrive in Windows File Explorer, including bringing back key features of placeholders." So there is certainly more to come.

What do you think of the changes to OneDrive in Windows 10? Will those future refinements by the OneDrive team makeup for the lack of file placeholders?

Source: Windows UserVoice; via @GabeAul

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • I really relied on the place holders.  It worked very well on my Surface, and eliminated the need to keep my files locally on the device.
  • I was so pissed after seeing the new changes. The new system is disastrous for power users. Microsoft has never done anything to anger me until now!! This is ridiculous that they even thought this was better.  
  • And this is why they're doing a public preview, so that issues like this are dealt with. How can you be angry at a change in an early preview?
  • Because they said this is the new direction. And if we don't voice our opinions, they will assume we are fine with these stupid ideas. If they fix this, i would never be angry that they tried it in a preview. But i will not just sit back and let them ruin one of Microsoft's best products. OneDrive went from being my favorite thing in the world to being just another stupid product. If I wanted dumbed down software, I’d be using apple stuff.   
  • Exactly. Having placeholders is a great way to browse the files on OneDrive without having to download them locally or open the OneDrive app to see the files. It helped save a lot of steps and bandwidth for me. I consider removing the placeholders a step back.
  • I'm in complete agreement. This is a VERY big mistake. Unlimited storage is MUCH less useful when it appears in this manner. Clearly it should simply be an option. I understand the technical difference... technically it is much easier and more efficient to pull off the sync if you know exactly which folders must be synced and disallow the flexibility of placing a file anywhere. But this is why we have powerful devices... to provide us with the convenience.
  • This isn't a problem for my main PC but on my tablet this makes it unusable almost.
  • Again Microsoft dumbs down its product because of confused (stupid) people.
  • That sad thing is the "stupid" people are that they are technical people that were just overthinking things and wanting them to work in old fashioned ways.   
  • It looks like they are headed in the right direction. The existing sync engine is not very good at all for syncing large file collections. I have over 150k files on an external drive, and with the current engine, a full resync is required if the drive drops or powers off... the resync takes nearly a full day. It sounds like everyone is jumping the gun a bit. This is a OS technical preview, not the final version, so don't get your panties in a knot until the final product delivers.
  • They asked for feedback, they got feedback. What's the problem?
  • You are right that the sync'ing doesn't work very well. Dropbox is much more active in syncing and then notifying across the devices. Regarding this issue, Microsoft should stay strong on "always-on-always-connected" ideology, which syncd, non-syncd files/folders depict. There is no "learning curve" to understand that in cloud drive (like any network drive), the files are initially not located on local harddrive but residing on another machine. OneDrive folder has this extra feature; that you can sync files/folder on your harddrive locally. Now by that analogy, Windows team never thought about hiding the files/folders from network-drive, because they are just placeholders and not actually present on local drive. It is almost like saying, some naieve people don't get the concept of files, folders, library and junctions, so we should drop all of them and show them what they want to see. Now, if Microsoft only make effort on the productive features rather than this non-sense hide and seek game, OneDrive will render itself more useful than DropBox. For instance, sync file/folder attributes with cloud (such as archive and hidden attributes), that is small feature but bring positive value to the product. I posted this thread two years ago, by aggregating my ideas, other folks feedback on Windows blogs and varied sources into a single thread:, but that couldn't excite them much! :(
  • Yep. I rely entirely on placeholders. They need this feature or I will stay on Windows 8. I can't give that feature up.
  • Right. Explain it to me. You have a list of files. Without placeholders, you can see local files. If you are disconnected, then you can't get access to the fiels anyway, so why the need to see them. When you _are_ connected, you can either browse directly the OneDrive, or Search and access the file directly from the search results. Seems very clean. Why are the angry techies get their panties in a bunch, Can someone explain a grown up scenario why this doesn't work (i.e. not emotional nonsense on its a change, and you are human and don't like change.) In what way doesn;'t it "work". Genuine question.
  • Example: You run a design business. You have 20 client folders, full of sub-folders, full of various files that are catalogued for you to easily find them. This all totals 750GB. When you are out visiting a client you find you need an image or file you hadn't pre-empted needing, and hadn't downloaded it on your tablet before you left. Are you going to remember that files name to run a search? Not a chance! How long would a tablet take to scan 750GB of data? With placeholders you could visually navigate to the one you needed. With 3G, 4G, phone tethering, free WIFI spots and clients own broadband, who doesn't have access to the internet 95% of the time? When you're out and about you may not need to see a placeholder for images of your holiday in Barbados 2 years ago, but for business users this has killed the outstanding benefit of OneDrive. Add to that, it's now December 2015 and we STILL can't view or access our online only files, STILL can't use an app to view them, and have to go back to logging in on a web browser all the time - it is little short of cretinous of Microsoft to have done this. DropBox is offering a better, more functional online storage solution on Microsoft Windows than Microsoft itself is!
  • What about us dinosaurs that do not want any of our files stored in the "f*n Cloud"? I am stuck with very slow ISP and syncing uses a lot of my bandwidth for big files. Besides, it's a privacy issue. They are my g-d files and should have complete control of them at all times, not forced to have copies all over the place. I swear, when the time comes where 10 is forced upon me, I will switch to Linux!! Microf*n$oft thinks they know what's best for everybody, the a$$wipes!
  • Wut
  • I enjoyed the place holders. Now everything has to sync and I'm not a fan.
  • MS doesn't seem to understand that users don't always remember the file names. So sometimes we BROWSE for those files, not search for it. Removing the placeholders mean that we have to browse our files through the OneDrive app or again. Like prehistoric times.
  • This.
  • While I can appreciate the comment, it doesn't quite follow for me.  By your logic I would gather that we should stop using search engines to find what we need.  Instead, we should return to remembering a directory of available websites and then proceed to peruse their website until we find the specific page we want.  We don't have an placeholder index of all available websites, pages, and content on our computers. We just open up Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc, and type stuff in. I believe this is what they are trying to achieve with their search capabilities and OneDrive.  They want and always connected desktop computing experience to be the same as the way people interact with the web.  You put stuff somewhere (anywhere), and search will find it for you.  If, by chance, you remember precisely where it is, then fantastic. Navigate there on your own and open the file.  This isn't the first time they have reached for a unified and standardized experience.  Just look at Windows Phone, Windows, and XBOX.  Windows 8 UI across device types. Whether they are correct, of course, is the important thing...  I am an argent Windows user, but I'm much more forgiving and adaptable than many others.  I won't form an opinion on this until the OS is released in all its glory and working as finally intended.
  • Same here. It seems as though this is inline with many of there other attempts to unintegrate things and make many aspects of their services more like their less integrated competition. Windows explorer worked for everything, but now we'll need to open the OneDrive app to do some of the things we once could do on file explorer?
  • It's a tech preview. This is the first step.
  • Yes, the first wrong step :(
  • I'm completely and totally opposed to this change.
  • What's placeholder?
  • It's a representation of a file that's on OneDrive but not on your PC. Now they're gone so you can't see files there aren't synced with your computer.
  • Just sync you device to one drive and it will show you what you got. Not ever one has unlimited data or highest speed data so streaming stuff from one drive is less preferable then keeping files locally. Plus movies and music always play better locally then they do steamed
  • the thing is in the past we had a choice - you could keep local, or sync to the cloud and remove local copies with a stub.  Makes use on a tablet not very useful.
  • That was representative :)
  • So you think that if someone uploads 5gb of mp3 files from one drvice, its better they have to sync them from a 2nd device, instead of just using the online copy? How about if an mp3 collection is stored on a computer, but i want to use it on a tablet also. Copying them into the onedrive directory effectively creates 2 copies on the computer. How is that an effective use of hard-drive space? I myself spent last night uploading my mp3 collection from my tablet, on the basis that the tablet was charging anyway. This mp3 collection is an exact copy of my existing collection on computer minus about 10 mp3s. So after that finished uploading, I go to my computer and copy those few mp3s to the onedrive directory. Lo and behold, onedrive is now downloading the cloud stored mp3s to my computer, even though they are already on it. I thought onedrive was supposed to make my files available on all my devices, but it actually seems merely to copy them instead, effectively just becomming a temporary storage area. Not exactly the best way to use cloud storage, which should among other things, save hard drive space, not use up extra space. 
  • The fact that they are very aware of user feedbacks and the one drive team also well aware of what the change they made is causing is good sign..
  • I worried they didn't say they would bring placeholders back or make it an option. They said they would bring back the features of placeholders.
  • Yea that was weird when I first launched OneDrive after the upgrade. Still I think placeholders were working fine and I'd like to see them implemented again..
  • Not satisfied by the response at all, but I guess at least they're aware of it and working on it.
  • I'm not liking the tone of their statement "bring back key features of placeholders" just give us the option to use them! I don't know the name of some random ass jpeg I saved to my mobile uploads folder, and I may not want the entire folder on my hard drive, but I want to be able to see it and *then* select it to download.
  • This exactly.
    SEEING ALL the files is very important, because you might not remember appropriate keywords to search for a file you need to find.
  • I'm sure it's a super easy fix /s
  • I have to agree, this is one of those features that can decide if I ever upgrade to Windows 10 I use my computer for speed not mass storage, I could see if it is at least able to be moved to an external drive but that still doesn't fix the issue of my surface needing to see the files as well.
  • Yes!! Search isn't always a viable option for finding stuff. Sometimes I need to browse to find something. Hope they add an option to "Show or hide placeholders".
  • I think it's a good move. This is exactly how Dropbox works as well.
  • It's a bad move. It's how Skydrive worked THREE FUCKING YEARS AGO. It's a massive step backwards.
  • Also how OneDrive works on the Mac and I find it unusable.
  • Yeah, WTF Microsoft, some time ago you were bragging about offline\online files being an innovative differentiator and now you're regressing? This it's stupid. I hope they get it right for release.
  • Then why don't I just use DropBox? OneDrive now offers no advantage at all.
  • The *old* (8.1) way of accessing a huge file repository with only online shims is the proper way to access it. Enabling "search" for those same files is *not* the same. The real reasoning behind this is probably centered around the fact that they're integrating ODB and OD sync engines. ODB is based on Sharepoint - which probably wouldn't work with the placeholder tech. In other words - this is pure business - the old model was working fine.
  • ODB/sharepoint is stinking piece of dog shit. Looks like Microsoft's motto is "addition by subtraction". Stupid morons, I'm so fucking angry right now!
  • Being able to see all your files, even those represented by placeholders seems a much better solution than having to remember the file name to search for.
  • The changes are TERRIBLE. They've effectively rewound Onedrive to 2011. Fuck that.
  • I liked selective sync on win 7 client so I welcome this change.
  • Terrible decision...
  • I use placeholders a lot and it is a unique feature of OneDrive vs other cloud storage.  Nice that they hear us and hope they work on a way to have some sort of solution in the final release of Windows 10.
  • This is terrible. Just terrible. I totally regret going all in on OneDrive over the last few weeks. 200+GB of photos, 100GB music. all documents, all work stuff, etc... They botched it.
  • This is only on win10. Are you using that as your main OS?
  • No I'm not using it as my main OS, but intend to. But lets assume I (as well as others) hate this change so much that we didn't ugprade... this change is eventually going to come down to the OneDrive client on Windows 8. They need to hear the feedback.
  • What did they botch? Did OneDrive lose all your files?
  • Yeah. I just upgraded the tech preview last night and saw it was trying to download 40GB of data!!! WTF? I dont want my entire cloud downloaded!!! I want to see everything available, but it doesnt NEED to be available locally. Hope they change it back or give us the option to reverse it back.
  • +930
  • They are way out of touch on this. Plain and simple. Searching is not an answer.
  • If people don't like these changes, you can always choose not to use Windows 10. Do people understand what Preview means anymore? it means there are going to be changes and like they said IT"S THE BEGINNING. that means they will work on it. it's dumb to complain about something that is obvious not meant to be RTM. so if people don't like the changes Win10 will have, well they can choose to remove it and wait until final version, because I am sure Onedrive will be updated to be better than what we already have in Win8.
  • Agreed. They want feedback so its good you are giving it to them, but don't make it out like OneDrive is completely ruined forever.
  • Well that's why the feedback app exists, to improve onedrive so RTM will be a nice release, instead of complaining and asking it to be like Win8 which wasn't anything perfect or special. Windows 10 OneDrive should be really amazing, from being able to share from your computer (instead of going to web, which I didn't mind but it'e time for that) to be able to see shared folders, share folders with your friends and family and collaborate and be like... homegroup but with onedrive, something like that would be good. Instead of having what we do in Win8, becuase the only advantage between placeholders  and selective sync, it's that you can see thumbnails, once you open a photo or file, it will be downloaded, so in the end it was same to work with them. and while placeholders was interesting idea, and you could see the file structure, it wasn't the ultimate usefulness unless it was a photo in my opinion. also it was hard to know which files were offline and online unless you were in detail view.   but basically my point is, we are in a preview, there will be changes and if people can't stand that, and it breaks what they do, it;s easier to stay with Win8 or 7 and wait for RTM, where changes won't happen like this.
  • Already with Win8 you don't have to go on the web to share file with your friends, and don't need Selective Sync to achieve this
  • Where can you see the files people have shared with you if not online. I spent a while the other day trying to find them. Not even the OneDrive app was showing them. The web version is the only one where I could access them. It's strange, because the phone version of OneDrive works great with shared files and folders.
  • And obviously some people don't understand feedback, these are users testing something and making their voices heard so that the next OS won't be like the original Win8 was for the Win 7 users but it also won't lose all the great features that windows 8.1 users fell in love with and use on a daily basis.
  • It is a Preview of what is to come... It is dumb not to complain.  This is when and where stuff get fixed.  It would be stupid to think that everything is just going to magically be perfect when the final version comes out when every step of the preview back peddling.
  • I know what Preview means. The Preview was released by Microsoft to allow users to give their feedback, so Microsoft can take into account. So if we don't give our feedback, how Microsoft can know what the users like and what not? The UserVoice site was made exactly for this! What we are doing is exactly this, we say to Microsoft that we prefer the previous behaviour, so Microsoft could fix this for the RTM or in the future releases. If we don't do this Microsoft could think that the Selective Sync is the way, but now Microsoft know that a big part of the users prefer the Smart Files
  • My concern is they didn't say they would put it back or make it an option based on this feedback. They said they got feedback that placeholders were confusing from non-technical users so they took the ability away from power users.
  • Were I them, I would put more emphasis on the availability indicator. Right now it says Offline/Online in the bottom pane, which is easy to miss. Make it more out there, more in your face.
  • Just don't. Please.
  • I hate to say this, but I'm starting to see how the Windows 7 holdouts feel. Windows 10 seems to be backtracking much of what made Windows 8 better. Unless things change, I might just have to stay on 8.1 fire awhile. :(
  • The problem is, once this is finalized, these updates will come to Windows 8.1
  • Then let's hope, it doesn't come to this...
  • I am surprised this was such a big deal.  I had a different problem.  The Windows app reported that OneDrive was disabled by my organization.  I almost caused a scene with IT when I read that (I'm technical preview for enterprise AND our IT team is in the processing of migrating our company over to Google Office stuff /sigh-grumble-sigh).  Then I realized this must have been part of the update I let get applied the day before. When I checked my files were there and synchronization was fine.  Checking a few forums and blogs made me realize the app seems to be deprecated or less important on Windows 10 (enterprise/desktop) mode than it was.  It's a good thing!  But I wasn't expecting it and the UI didn't reflect or comment on those changes in the various places OneDrive settings are configured.   As far as this article and the issue at hand... placeholders are great but I can still see new users being confused with or without them.  You'd have to have the placeholders be transparent with a cloud on to return them in conjunction with selective sync.  Personally, I love that they are exploring and accepting feedback.  While I knew about selective sync, I didn't know the full extent of the changes and so was a little lost for a moment.  Change log for big features like this might be in order (assuming I didn't miss that, either).
  • The Windows Store Apps aren't deprecated or less important in Windows 10, indeed are so improtant that Microsoft puts the Windows Store apps even in the start menu and break the barrier of the "full-screen only" and they can run also in resized windows, so are more usable for some users
  • I'm very disapointed, Smart File are very usefull!
  • Placeholders are awesome. Fully integrated OneDrive. Otherwise it is just like dropbox or whatever.
  • They should have kept the placeholders and added selective sync. Can't believe people had a hard time knowing which files were online or offline. A simple giant green V like the one there is now, would have been sufficient to label a file as offline available.
    But great kudos for the quick respons by the team!
  • Wow. This change means a lot to different people. I could go either way really.
  • They're not apologizing, so I doubt that we'll see the return of placeholders, ever. Kind of like when they disabled wireless ActiveSync and "promised" it would come back in some form later.
  • Did I miss read the article, they said long term they will bring back placeholders. Win10 is still in preview.
  • "Bring key features of placeholders". It means "there will be no placeholders ever".
  • I'm not sure how greying out unsynced files would be confusing? The beauty of OneDrive is that I can click on a file that isn't synced and sync it instantly! Now I have to go through a bunch of menus and other BS, at that point I should just use another service all together. How does this change give OneDrive any difference over any other service? It's a HUGE step backwards. Seriously, this is the main reason I use OneDrive; because I don't have to tread through a bunch of BS to sync files between my machines. They will have totally botched and ruined OneDrive if they don't actually listen to the users..who use OneDrive more than anyone. I have gigs of data on OneDrive, I use it every single day. People aren't complaining about this because we hate change, we're complaining because it doesn't make any sense at all. I usually defend Microsoft to the death, but this move is just stupid all around. Sure add an option to sync files like this, but just grey out files that aren't synced in the file explorer. That's not confusing at all. Listen.
  • I like the change, the placeholders was ok but I had to keep checking for which one was synced, I say just grey them out but still let it be seen, problem solved or put a tiny icon the one drive only files.
  • Why the need to check? As soon as you try to do anything with the file it will sync. If you need to function offline, set the whole thing to offline.
  • You can manage files without syncing them. Preview, rename, move to other folder, delete.
  • I don't get the anger here. This is preview software and we don't know how it will look in the end yet. Working with several software programs, I have had huge issues with the placeholder files not working which was frustrating. I can see how they would want to rework it.
  • It's bothersome because they are bragging about this being a feature and so far have not shown a lot of support for the idea of what the community is telling them. I like some of the features he talked about adding, but why strip out what is arguably the best feature and then brag about it as a feature because that was "confusing." So with the way they are angling this, so far it's "we hear you but too bad, this is how we are going forward." That mentality has not worked well for Microsoft in the past, and it won't well here either.
  • Oh hell naw.
  • This is stupid. The original design was brilliant and simple. People were just over thinking things too much.
  • Regardless this adding and removing features on OneDrive the bottom line is that the best iteration was the original one: MESH.
  • I still think they should go back. Smart Files were really, well, smart. Unique to OneDrive, and I absolutely adore it. It made so much sense, really clever. At least make it available in the system settings for "power users."
  • Isn't it a huge security hole if I can browse to another user's onedrive folder through explorer? I thought this was odd the first time I logged in to Windows 8.1 as a different admin account and could see my own onedrive files in the c:\users directory.
  • If only Windows had mechanisms to encrypt user data!
  • great news! The recent change is welcome especially with more features to come. the placeholders were a long-term mess (although i appreciate that some liked them better)
  • Man, I feel bad for Microsoft.... Imagine working your ass off all the time and all people ever do is complain about what you do. I'd probably kill myself lol
  • It's probably a managerial decision, not a decision of people who are actually working their asses off doing sprints.
  • I think it only seems like people complain all the time. The thing is no matter what you produce (software, hardware, etc...) there'll be always lovers and haters. The problem is, only the haters take the time to complain. People who love the product often just use it and are happy. They don't feel the need to tell everyone about it. That's probably why the comments are always so negative^^
  • Not a satisfactory answer. They need to strongly and up front pledge to bring back the ability to browse non-synced filters from the file explorer. I don't care if the architecture is improved if the user experience is totally downgraded! That one feature is the thing I most use to promote Windows 8.1! ​ ​ ​
  • Not much of a point for accessing OneDrive using File Explorer if I can't see all the files. If there is no longer a Metro OneDrive app does that mean I would have to use a browser to see all the files I have stored? Currently I use File Explorer on my primary desktop PC to manage my OneDirve because it works well. I am syncing my entire OneDrive to the HDD on my primary desktop PC and only download files as needed on my Surface Pro and Lumia 2520.
  • Sucks how they have to cater to the ignorant and easily confused...seriously.. they should have different defaults for normal consumers and the advanced/power users. Make things optional - and let the user decide how they want things to work.
  • Why does this entire thing give me deja vu? Oh yeah, it's the same tone that the Xbox Music team had when they killed off the native app!
  • "One step forward, two steps backward" What about managing non synced files? Will this work from "search"? 
  • It looks like windows and windows phone users of OneDrive will continue to suffer from the crossplatformness of this service. "Placeholders are not possible on ios and android, so lets simply kill them on windows" This is completely in line with the latest WP Onedrive app being android port. ps: And one can imagine what future office updates will bring. Killing Visual Basic for "security" reasons? Why not.
  • I didn't realize that they did this. I don't like it at all. Seems like Windows 10 is ruining/backtracking on every improvement we got with Windows 8.
  • The placeholder scheme was nice but I think it came with performance hit if you happen to have ton of files. All devices need to keep track of all of them even if you don't sync most of them on a given device. I have over 15000 files on OneDrive and my portable Windows devices seem to take a while to update/refresh the listing every time I log in. I wish it updates modified files faster under the new scheme. At the same time, I hope they still give us a way to quickly view the listing of files that are not synched.
  •   At startup a brief 'What Changed' is run, and this is handled by NTFS and journalling, so even with 500,000 files, it is maybe a couple of seconds. The user profile roaming features of Windows 8 (host settings sync) to keep the wallpaper and colors and tiles the same takes more time.   To compare this, the Google Update that runs for Chrome on login, even if there is not an update, takes nearly 20-30 seconds and almost consumes a full 99% of one CPU core during that time.  
  • Microsoft is being run by morons. Just because SOME people didn't understand place holders instead of telling those IDIOTS what they were they took out a feature MOST of us loved. Hopefully they'll bring it back but if they don't then I'm sticking to Windows 8.1 already removed the preview because of this mess.
  • Modern one drive app was one of the easiest way to access and manage all my files. Plus it was front and center on all pcs. Now no one knows if one drove even exist just buy looking at the start screen. Who wants to use the browser all the time? Just give me back the modern app. Stop taking a step backward
  • Before people go nuts it looks like the OneDrive team isn't cutting out placeholders to just simplify the experience, but that a fundemental change in the service required a redesign. Having unlimited storage, and also the way current app was made, is forcing a rethink which if needed needs to be done now in Preview as opposed to launch. Honestly most of you seem to have come here to bitch about something only available in a beta; its not out yet.
  • They wanted feedback, they are getting feedback. Why are you complaining about it?
  • I'm not; I am pointing out how a lot of people seemed to have not read the response posted here or om the User voice page.
  • Meh.
  • has anyone noticed that the actual windows app for OneDrive has disappeared from the Store as well as from my machine?
  • In summary of most of the comments "OMG I HAVE TO OPEN THE APP!" :P   Seems like it makes more sense for most non-power users so show what is offline and what is not. Maybe they could have done it a different way, but from a user support perspective this makes perfect sense.
  • Actually your summary is wrong cause the app is gone as well. Clicking on it now opens the one drive folder in explorer. Basically if i want to browse my 23GB pictures folder i now have to open in a web browser.