It looks like Microsoft may be introducing a new default Hero wallpaper for Windows 10 Cloud, as the latest Cloud builds seem to include a slightly revamped wallpaper, updated from the one first introduced back in 2015. It's a little less Neon-y and a little more Windows 7-y if you ask us.

The wallpaper looks to be the new "default" wallpaper for Windows 10 Cloud machines, and it could also show up on normal Windows 10 too. You can find this wallpaper yourself on build 15046 Cloud by navigating to the location in which Windows stores default wallpapers. You can navigate to "C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows" and find the wallpaper called "img0." Make sure you switch out "C:\" for the drive in which Windows 10 is installed!

We personally like the revamped wallpaper, it looks a little more clean and a little more blue which makes sense with the rest of Windows 10's branding. Let us know what you think!