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Microsoft Rewards now rolling out in Canada

Microsoft has been teasing the change (opens in new tab) for some time, but Microsoft Rewards is now available in Canada. This is part of a transition that sees the previous Xbox Live Rewards changing over to Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft has started alerting people of the change via email and inviting Canadian fans to try Microsoft Rewards.

If you were previously an Xbox Live Rewards member, you shouldn't have to take any action; the service should simply transition to Microsoft Rewards. However, you'll now be able to earn points when shopping at the Microsoft Store or searching with Bing. You'll also still earn points when purchasing games, movies, and TV shows in the Xbox Store. Points can then be redeemed for contest entries, Xbox gift cards, and more.

Microsoft has been gradually expanding Microsoft Rewards over the past several months, including to Australia and the UK. If you live in Canada, you should be able to sign up or check out your rewards dashboard at Microsoft now{.nofollow}.

Thanks to Eric, Tanner, and Andrew for the tips!

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  • Crazy, I've had it for a few weeks now. Been bringing in some serious points
  • That's awesome!
  • The real take away here is Canada finally got internet!
  • When in I..taly? :D
  • Cool
  • Enjoy while you can. You will get banned within a year of use.
  • Really I haven't gotten banned yet...
  • Huh lol
  • Well... Ask I can say is pick me! Come on Colorado
  • I've been growing my rewards using Bing on my Canadian Microsoft account while connected to our corporate VPN in the States for quite some time... Now it's time to see what I can get with 20,000 plus points.
  • Congrats, rewards is actually really great. Also the points required for a year of live is really cheap relative to the rest of the options so it's my go to, I'll never have to pay for live again, and still be able to snap up the occasional gift card here and there.
  • FINALLY!  It's about time!!!!
  • Awesome, hope they ramp up the roll out to more countries sooner than later.
  • YAY...